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If by "people are dying" you mean "fewer people are dying than in a normal year," you're right.

For all you doom-and-gloomers: check out the excess mortality statistics for Japan in 2020.

Note that there were 25 causes of death that killed more people in 2020. Covid was responsible for .3% deaths in that year.

As it happens, I have to go the the hospital a lot, probably about 40 times in the past year. In none of the major university hospitals I have seen are the bodies piling up. Nor is the funeral home down the street from me storing bodies in the parking lot out back.

I'm not saying that we should be complacent, but stop misrepresenting the current situation.

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@JJ Jetplane

Stop the presses: Jetplane just uncovered the key to how America fudges the numbers up to 1,900 BILLION dollars of manufactured goods when really it produces VERY LITTLE! Paging QAnon.

Get back to English teaching. America produces 18% of the world's goods. China, 20. Japan, 10. You are WRONG.

The link you sent is just quibbling over trade DEFICIT, which has nothing to do with how much a country produces, except in comparison to how much it CONSUMES.

Too many (probably unqualified) English teachers masquerading on this site's comment section as economists and immunologists.

Japan has done a great job with the virus. America is a huge player in the world economy. Two things can be true at once.

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@JJ Jetplane

America is the 2nd largest manufacturer in the world, producing only a little less than China. It manufactures nearly twice what Japan does (less by capita, but still...).

Also, the American government's policies on international travel restrictions is very comparable to other countries, and was in some ways earlier and more aggressive. . I'm no fan of Trump but I don't know how you can say that a January 31 ban on China closely followed by Europe. How that constitutes a "push" to keep things open is revisionist history.

There have also been plenty of business "bailouts" in Japan.

You are just making things up.

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The constant posts about low testing on this site are insane. The test positive rate is exactly what the WHO says to shoot for. The fact is that there are few tests conducted because few people meet the criteria because few people are getting seriously ill from Covid-19 in Japan. There have already been reports of low rates of excess deaths in Japan that confirm that the virus has had less of an impact here, not that you conspiracy theorists care about facts.

Anecdotally, for what it's worth, I can confirm the same thing.

My daughter has a disability and I take her to two major university hospitals several times a month. Guess what? People are not dying in the halls. Every day I walk by a funeral home in my neighborhood when getting some fresh air and enjoying the weather. Guess what? The parking lot is not crowded with mourners.

And that's a good thing!

I repeat: people are not dying in droves. Japan must remain vigilant, but the conspiracies need to stop.

Aso may be a dunce, but he's not wrong...

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