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All this fear-mongering is based on a zero percent understanding of how business and nuclear power works. People think energy companies are out to destroy the world. They ignore coal and natural gas producing carbon emissions. Nuclear power has zero emissions. They cite renewable resources but those are cost ineffective right now and space ineffective. There's not enough space in japan for renewable to work. There's no room to put wind farms or enough space to put solar energy panels. You could put the on the roof s but solar energy only accounts for .04% of energy produced. Nuclear power is clean but you don't want to hear that. You want to hear the fear-mongering. You want to hear that nuclear energy makes bajillions of dollars for greedy executives that hate you and hate Japan. I say reject sensationalism! People want their energy at rock bottom prices but dont want them to use the most productive means. Enjoy drilling the seafloor for more oil Greenpeace. That's what powers your Greenpeace ships.

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Yeah if a meteor hits the reactor what will they do?!??! People want to sensationalize nuclear reactors but totally ignore the crap that coal and natural gas have been spewing out because its slow moving even though it has killed thousands due to air pollution. Renewables are great but expensive and "space intensive." Where will you put them in japan? France is 70% nuclear power. What have you heard from them. Nothing because it works. Stop the fearmongering against nuclear power.

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