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Posted in: N Korean missile fears in Japan: 'Whatever will be, will be' See in context

U.S. should pull all soldiers out of S. Korea, close all bases in Japan, and let Japan, S. Korea either find a way to defend their own nations--or let those nations play extortionist Kim Jong-Un's game by supplying N. Korea enough food and technology to stay safe for another year or two.

Eventually, Japan, S. Korea will have to surrender to Kim under threat of nuclear annihilation or fight Kim on their own. Why should U.S. fight Japan/S. Korea's war?

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Posted in: Babies crawl and bawl to finish line in race See in context

If my memory still serves me, there is an element in Japanese culture Japanese call: "Kaze-no-ko." It's the idea that a moderate degree of hardship, such as some exposure to the weather, toughens a child to become a better, healthier person. Maybe it's a reason why there are still Japanese.

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Posted in: Stalker jailed for 22 years for killing ex-girlfriend See in context

Why should Japanese taxpayers pay for one additional minute of this scumbag's life? Hanging is too good for this creep!

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Posted in: 63-year-old man held for murder of company president in Chiba See in context

Aren't there legal channels to resolve "business deal" disagreements?

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Posted in: Man hit by train, flung into commuters on platform See in context

Suicides become especially evil when the "jerk" doesn't take precautions to make sure that no one else is injured or traumatized by his/her actions. Just saying "I don't care!" doesn't give you the right to hurt other people.

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@Stewart Gale: Well, can you blame the editors for wanting personal descriptions to be within what they deem to be foreign guidelines of political correctness? (I wonder if a Japanese newspaper version of this report was somewhat more informative in reporting the older ladies' descriptions of the suspect... Agreed that the Japanese version couldn't have been much less specific!)

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Posted in: Inoki leaves for N Korea See in context

If Inoki can't sing as well as Rodman, that's okay. He can find another way to lick boots and please the "great leader."

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Posted in: Abe's shrine visit raises risk of conflict, analysts say See in context

Let China tear down its Mao Tse-Dong statues and posters before deprecating the affairs of other nations. Mao slaughtered and starved far more people than all the war mongers entombed at Yasukuni combined.

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Posted in: Review: Reeves comes off bogus in 'Ronin' See in context

Too much self-sacrifice in evidence for me to get interested in seeing it.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan review nuclear deterrence amid N Korea crisis See in context

U.S. will urge Japan to do nothing if nuked by N.K. Better to give more food to N.K. and allow N.K. to develop more sophisticated weapons.

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