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voiceofokinawaAug. 27  11:43 pm JST


How in the world do you dare say I am pro-relocation? I am a visceral anti-relocation contender for three reasons:

Firstly, relocating Futenma's function to Henoko with lots of new facilities and functions added won't help the Marines deal with contingencies should they ever occur over the Senkaku Islands.

Secondly, Tokyo and Washington have agreed that JSDF will have a primary responsibility to deal with such events.

Thirdly, the Marines are using Futenma as illegal squatters that have no inherent right to demand a replacement be provided in exchange of its return. The base must be returned unconditionally.

Anyone that is in the know realizes that the infrastructure on Schwab was completed years ago. The only thing remaining to complete is the flight line.

Squatters? Lol, you do realize that it’s also a NATO base as well correct?

Unconditionally? Bruh, both the Okinawa government and the GOJ slapped the table on the deal back in 96.

I can’t take you seriously.

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GOJ: Yo we’re gonna use your money to fund a memorial for a politician you never voted for.

Citizen: Can I come?

GoJ: No, sorry, invite only.

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William BjornsonAug. 26  02:43 pm JST

The police will certainly be grilling him about THIS...

bruh, I read most of your stuff with tongue in cheek, but this is pure gold!

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Yubaru is on point within the debate of these comments for the most part.

VoA is basically subjective in context.

After 22 years of living here (the last 9 of which living on local economy). The base issue has been a geopolitical & economical pawn.

Things one must keep clear when discussing the subject in order for your argument to retain any validity:

1 Camp Schwab is NOT a “new base” 2 It is FACT that many protestors are paid, transported, and provided sustenance during gatherings and events. This was the case during the Osprey fiasco as it is now in Henoko and northern trading areas near Yanbaru. 3 Chinas emergence and economical growth over the last 30 years has had an impact on the current situation. With increased revenue stream from land acquisition, jobs provided, and tourist income, the bases are not the only show in town anymore. Ota and Denny both have tapped into this new economic well. 4 The Okinawans in general are just as much in dissent by being shunned by the central GOJ as they are by the military presence. The entire debate could be taken down a few notches if the GOJ would allow for the relocation to another prefecture, but this will NEVER happen. No other prefecture would allow it so Okinawa is stuck in this regard. 5 Refrain from labeling the military as “occupiers”. To do this is to render any argument you present as invalid. They are there at the request of the GOJ, and as an international security measure. The GOJ could send them packing just like the Philippines did. Again, this will NEVER happen. With no valid defense of their own, the Japanese pay for their protection instead of providing it. It’s a large part of why they are a leading developed nation. 6 Just stop with all this “Declare Ryuku independence” nonsense. Anyone with half a brain will not be able to take you seriously or entertain any debate with you. It’s impossible for the island to do so.

While there are other parameters involved, these are the big ones.

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LindsayAug. 14  05:52 pm JST

No doubt there will be a corresponding spike in covid cases next week.

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I was thinking ‘em the same thing. Here comes the 8th wave.

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theloniusToday  09:27 am JST

It’s funny to think they were hoping it would.

The people of Japan deserve so much better.

Why? It’s the Japanese people that vote for them.

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GarthgoyleToday  08:11 am JST

Abe's killer will not go down history only as a murderer and the life he took. But also as the guy who opened Pandora's box.

Honestly the guy won. He’s getting exactly what he was aiming for. Scrutiny on a massive scale on the institute that he was targeting. Killing Abe arguably brought more attention to the cult than if he would have killed its leader. Had the leader of the church been a victim, this wouldn’t be news today.

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JTCAug. 12  10:31 pm JST

Why can't they recycle the accumulated water back to the reactors ?

I don’t know if they can or not but one would think the worlds brightest minds would have suggested such a course of action if it was possible

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Mark Mcquire, Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa did it, but I don't think Ohtani could match that feat!!

and every single one of them have an asterisk next to the stat or have some shady dealings associated with their performances.

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A polar bear is white, but it’s skin is black. We could debate this all day. Common sense isn’t always a common virtue. While outside in extreme heat my mask is down but if I pass near someone, I pull it up as a curtesy. Work, don’t work is irrelevant. I am a foreigner, therefore, I play the game. When in Rome I guess.

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Peter NeilAug. 5  06:28 pm JST

Fine, but congress doesn’t make foreign policy. The Administrative branch does.

Administrative branch? Exactly what is this magical branch? Last time I checked there was the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches.

You can’t be expected to be taken seriously when you can’t even debate at an elementary school level.

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wallaceToday  09:08 am JST


you accused Biden of being weak on China.

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Because he is. He denounced her visit. Or have you read anything pertaining to the subject?

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MattToday  08:56 am JST

Take your masks off!

Some people just follow like sheep.

Sheep are the fools who don't follow science.

I think some here thought I meant to not wear masks at all. Not what I meant.

Take your masks off 'when outside and not in close conversation with others.'

See the link I gave to governmental guidelines (next down post).

I wear a mask all day at school, in public places inside and outside when in close proximity to others.

In my car, places with no other people, outside not in close proximity to others: no mask!

But it’s ok while standing in a mist while the virus is spread by vapor? (Scratches head)

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NemoToday  08:22

If you are not on medication, you should consider it. And this is not off-topic or impolite. This kind of statement is unhinged lunacy and could be deemed evidence of a mental break.

The same could be said for half the replies here. Arm chair quarterbacks that don’t know their head from their …. especially on matters of the US military in Japan.

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Look, ignorance = lack or absence of knowledge. Stupidity = having knowledge but ignoring it.

The Regan was in the Philippines. It’s Home port is Yokosuka. The path back and forth takes it through the area all the freaking time.

It was in the area before Pelo even left the US ffs.

To get all riled up about this is like getting triggered because the mail man delivered mail on a Wednesday.

Of course the media would take this coincidence and make it something it’s not, and of course a majority of sheep eat it like it’s a bloody soy patch.

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haha. I am no fan of Pelosi far from it. but I gotta give credit where credit is due. She’s got a bigger set of brass ones than Biden does. It’s either one of two things. She felt like she had to finally do something in her career, or she’s truly as ignorant as I’ve always thought she was. Either way, bravo ma’am, well played.

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How bad do the Angels have to be to loose with both Detmers AND Ohtani on the roster. In a loss to the Rangers of all teams ffs.

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Posted in: Kishida Cabinet support sags to record low 51% after Abe funeral plan See in context

Too late. You voted for em’ now eat your pie. You’ll only vote for em again next time. You have the government you deserve.

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Posted in: Japanese man detained by Myanmar police at anti-coup protest See in context

Play with fire, expect to get burned.

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Posted in: Japan diving shop sorry after customers pose on sunken U.S. warship See in context

The amount of comments infused with sheer ignorance on this topic blows my mind. I give up. Anyways, here’s a good video of the site at night.


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am WattersToday  08:17 am JST

The “male member” who took offense is a “male tool” who needs to lighten up. I have been wreck diving in Truk lagoon and taken numerous photos on and in the wrecks of Japanese planes and ships. It what divers do. On my next dive trip to Okinawa, I am going to specifically dive down to that ship and post the photos I take on the net in the hopes that a steady stream ‘disrespect’ might help this immature and oversensitive brat grow up.

I’m willing to bet you didn’t take those photos while “sitting” on them. I’d almost guarantee you didn’t.

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canigetawhatwhatToday  08:09 am JST

How many innocent Okinawans died from the US soldiers? Where's the uproar there?

If company posted photos of Americans sitting on Okinawa tombs, I’m sure there would be a plethora of uproar.

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Desert TortoiseToday  07:59 am JST

I see no offense in the photo. I do not understand why anyone is bothered by it. Divers have had their photos taken on countless sunken ships. This is just another. People just look for reasons to be offended. Lighten up.

You are obviously not a diver, and have never been to the site.

First off, you don’t touch anything while on a dive much less sit on it. That’s a big eco no no. Second it’s the equivalent of sitting on the tomb of the unknown soldier. Try that at Arlington and let me know how it works out for you. Third how would you feel if someone was sitting on your grandfathers grave while posing for a photo op? There’s a huge plaque at midship with names of all that perished or went missing when the ship went down.

Also, while the ship was hit by kamikaze pilots, it was ultimately sunk by a fellow US vessel the next day in order to keep it from falling into enemy hands.

I have done many dives on the site, with the most amazing being at night.

It’s not a dive for amateurs and usually requires a deep dive certification by most reputable instructors/guides that bring accompany divers to the site. Point is, the divers if not the company should have known better.

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Posted in: Japan reports 233,094 coronavirus cases; record high 40,406 for Tokyo See in context

Quasi lockdowns - low # cases

post lock downs - cases skyrocket


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NemoToday  10:10 am JST

Whats wrong gaijin can't take a punch?

Come on over and punch me little sheep.


Um, Mods? 

Are you on the longest smoke break in JT history?

Did you say "Screw it" and start day-drinking early? (Half-jealous as I have gone dry and half-understanding)

Elementary School yard taunting and juvenile invitations to engage in a dust-up not worthy of moderation?

I was thinking the same thing! I get post sniped for much less! Heck, this post response will probably disappear too!

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If any nation needs this it’s Japan. It’s better than all the stories we see about infants dumped in the trash, public toilets, coin lockers, or thrown from roofs.

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Rocket LeesJuly 21  04:59 pm JST

What I don't understand is why the city is suddenly testing enough people for the numbers to be high. During the first two years of the pandemic, it was unusual for Tokyo to test more than 10,000 a day. What changed?

Duh, elections are over

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Posted in: Japanese junior high school girl removed from class for three days for grooming her eyebrows See in context

School is for education, it’s not intended to be used as a catwalk

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JamesJuly 19  08:50 pm JST

Forgot to mention Abe wasn't VIP enough to deserve security like everybody is talking about he was the head of state. He wasn't even PM nor was he even a cabinet member. lame to expect more than just mediocre security.

Your post is horribly incorrect and inaccurate. Abe was the sitting leader of the largest faction of the LDP at the time of his death. He was a also a member of the House of Representatives. Representing Yamaguchi 4th District.

Please at least post credible statements when attempting to debate your position on an issue.

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Posted in: Maximum caution needed as COVID cases surge: Kishida See in context

close borders, double masks, stay home!

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