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Without testing en-masse, without contextual reading, these daily numbers mean nothing.

Well, here is some context:

Japan 985 deaths,

USA 140,000 deaths,

here is some context:

There have no covid 19 deaths in Japan in three weeks. 

In the USA 8000 in one day.

Japan does not reliably test post mortem and if they do they label COD as the complication caused by COVID-19 and not the actual disease itself.

When it comes to COVID numbers, Death stats in Japan are no more reliable than the infection ones.

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Here’s a bit of shocking news to some. It is not on Abe, Trump, any government to deal with this. It is on you, me, and every individual on this planet to do OUR job as individuals to stem the spread of this annoying pandemic! Individual accountability! It starts there! You do your part! Essential movements only! Get out of the bars, cut leisure activities, reduce and consolidate essential daily tasks, be over vigilant in social distance, be overzealous in personal hygiene, wear a mask! Let government worry about the treatment capabilities, and R&D for immunization. EVERYONE plays a part. Until this happens, this will not stop!

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Posted in: After 2 years, still no clues to death of Japanese 'Don Juan’ See in context

My hero! Lived your life your way and did it in one of the most difficult of cultures to do so. RIP brother!

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Posted in: I am sorry to tell you this but Okinawa is under a state of emergency. There is no way we can provide the very best ‘omotenashi’ (hospitality). See in context

So just how long do you ppl that are avid about this lockdown expect everyone to stay home???? You realize the virus will still be there when you come out right? You realize that there hasn’t been an effective immunization for a novelty virus in over 200 years of vaccinations? You realize that as of right now there is no known immunity to this? You do realize That there are cases where people are already being identified as being reinfected right? You can’t be naive enough to think that if you hide that it will just go away do you? Seriously people, get over your overwhelming sense of self importance and use common sense, be safe as you can but don’t expect the world to stop turning and people to stop going about their lives.

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