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theResidentToday  07:44 am JST

Why waste money on testing now? It's too late in the Pandemic. Ramp the vaccination pace up even more.

Just one question, how can you evaluate the effectiveness of vaccines without testing?

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Man that photo really hits the soul. Love the happiness displayed!

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While I never totally trust the numbers, a nationwide total that is below what Tokyo alone had this time last month, it’s kinda hard for even the most die hard of the catastrophe prone to deny that this is an improvement. Enoshima was packed with surfers today! It was nice to get out and about for a stroll! Can’t wait until I can have a beer with my food.

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Surfers out in droves at Enoshima!!!!

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Censorship? Interesting. This Kono guy definitely seems par for the course. Can’t be no worse than a certain publication continually banning my critical posts

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Konos reputation is anything but stellar, that said, he’s more of a PR stunt & sacrificial lamb than a true candidate that will bring true change. I almost feel sorry for him should he get approved.

Well played LDP, well played.

I’m making a direct comparison of offices here, replacing Suga with Kono in Japan would be like replacing Biden with Fauci in the US.

The similarities are striking.

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Seriously? A LAW is required for this? California is the epitome of ridiculous laws and regulations. One could enjoy more freedom in Iran at this point.

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Myst have realized that actually MORE people are currently congregating at cafes then bars and took the common sense approach of equality over safety?

I mean, I’m all about easing it. It’s just the logic that has me scratching my head.

Par for the course I guess.

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I’m with the many others. You keep the cafes open but close bars? We simply can’t take any sort of mandate seriously with that lvl of blatant hypocrisy.

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Thousands of people swarm daily on public transportation to Tokyo, ironically creating dense crowds at risk of spreading the virus as the government wonders why and media attempts to defect by reporting a story blaming the public for the spread of the Corona virus.

There, fixed.

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John-SanToday  08:16 am JST

the horn and they would turn around look at the bus and then move to the side. So I was for ever stopping and starting. I soon leant that if I just nudge the walkers with the bus they would automatically jump to the side without turning around and looking at the bus and then move to the side. This avoid me from stopping and starting and never did I had a incident by nudging, and abuse was less.

Vehicular assault much?

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sakurasukiToday  06:45 am JST

adding that the athlete was not holding a cane and there was a traffic-control guard at the crossing.

That person holding no cane, so bus operator can not tell whether he is visually impaired or not, also there is traffic control guard that don't do nothing while he was crossing.

the bus automatically stopped but the operators pressed the start button as they did not think he would walk out on to the road.

Even an operator will hard to tell whether that person will cross or not.

I simply can’t believe you are blaming the victim. It’s asinine. The operators are automatically at fault in any accident involving pedestrians. It’s that way in most leading nations. By law they are required to stop, remain stopped, or be ready to stop as long as there are people in the intersection.

Driving is considered a profession in Japan. Think about if this was a train operator that said “he had no cane” or “I thought he would move”.

HE WAS IN A CROSSWALK! No cane required. It’s irrelevant!

2a. Last I checked you don’t need a license to be a pedestrian, you do however need one to operate most vehicles. Not sure what training they needed for an auto bus. Maybe that will be looked at in the investigation?

THERE WAS A CROSSING GUARD. This guy is as much at fault as the operator(s) plural.

IT’S THE PARALYMPICS!! IN THE OLYMPIC VILLAGE!!!! The place is literally full of imparted people. It’s equivalent to speeding in a school zone ffs. Let me guess, if a child ran in the street on their way to school and gets hit it’s their own fault? No, it will 99.99999% always be the drivers fault! It’s called failure to control your vehicle or professional negligence.

You can bet the operators & guard will face some sort of repercussions for their negligence, and rightfully so.

I pray you don’t actively drive in Japan.

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Meh, at this point, I’m kinda mute to it all to be honest. Could care less at this point. My attention is better placed elsewhere.

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And you just know absolutely none of that ¥ will find it’s way to the pockets of the very people that are facilitating it lol

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Posted in: Japan halts use of 1.63 mil Moderna vaccine doses over contamination See in context

I wonder if the contamination silicone??????

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NumanToday  08:44 am JST

@David Brent

I was told by my doctor here in Japan to opt for Pfizer over Moderna if I had the choice. Glad I took his advice.

Tell your doctor to talk th Israeli government who also chose Pfizer, and has seen infection increase tenfolds with the delta variant.

*All research shows Moderna is the most effective. I am glad my two doses were Moderna*, so does the US military because they got Moderna, too.

That is misinformation and not true! They have the option of both. Yokosuka, Okinawa I know for a fact offer choices, as I’ve got a Pfizer shot at each location.

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Ok, so here’s an idea. Right along lines of how if Japan doesnt want to do something, instead of flat out saying no, they just make it ridiculously difficult.

So you’re saying you can’t stop the trains? But want to reduce foot traffic? Constitution prevents you from enforcing SOE? Hmmm ok, just hike the fares up during the pandemic lol. Let’s say 3-5x hike. You’ll more than likely get the unnecessary traffic off the trains, telework will seem more appealing to companies that fund travel, extra income can go to R&D & supporting the medical system to better deal. I mean, I’m simply thinking out of the box here.

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First breath:

The opening ceremony, which begins at 8 p.m., will come with Tokyo and 12 other regions under a virus state of emergency that largely limits the opening hours of bars and restaurants and asks them to stop selling alcohol.

Second breath (albeit much shorter):

though a school program bringing children to some events is going ahead.

Not just a couple of children, but thousands.

Even the children attending could see the hypocrisy in this. I don’t think there is anyone that can’t see this as asinine.

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If we’re gonna get ridiculous, how about just installing O2 on trains like the airplanes. I mean if your not gonna limit passengers might as well make the best of it. Grab a quick whif on your way to the crowded office. Daijobu yo.

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It’s not as much about what the possible results of of such actions, or the asinine level of hypocrisy, it’s the lack of risk management that kills me. It’s your one job and the one thing you CAN control in battling corona and you are totally ignoring it and taking an opposite action.

Then you have the sheer gall to tell the public to stay home? Ok so the hypocrisy is just as bad.

I gotta stay away from these articles, y’know risk management of my blood pressure and all.

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This right here is why no one with half a brain are taking any SOE seriously. Hypocrisy has a way of shutting down even the most responsible of people. Y’now what? I don’t even blame the 20 something demographic anymore. If I was in that group, I’d extent a solitary middle finger well, as I drank the night away too. This is complete BS! Vaccine no vac, mask no mask, doesn’t matter. With this single action, you are knowingly and purposely placing lives at risk. I’m not saying it will/will not result in negative results, but it’s FACT that there is unnecessary risk, even the most BASIC ORM plan would identify it as such. This is the ONE risk you can TRULY mitigate, and you are REFUSING to do so, actually ENCOURAGING it!

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You couldn’t have chose a worse candidate if you tried. I REALLY tried to give Biden a chance. It’s just been one blunder after another. He’s set America back 20+ years in only 6mo. Before all you come here saying he’s just dealing with residual Trump policy, it doesn’t matter. A Commanding Officer doesn’t get fired for the actions of the guy he relieved. He gets fired in the merits of HIS own actions. Joe has the ball and has fumbled it multiple times. Rahm is one of the worst people in American Politics. Place him right up there with Pelosi, McConnell, Karl Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney, & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Career politicians, About 200 collective years of the same nonsensical policy that has consistently resulted in negative effects on America in all aspects. I never thought I’d say this, but I’d almost rather have Gen Z take over at this point.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,386 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally hits record 23,917 See in context

Oooohhh Brace yourselves for a 6k Thursday? Thursdays always seem to be high days.

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Posted in: Japan extends virus emergency to Sept 12; weighs legal options to enforce restrictions See in context

Meanwhile, commercial facilities with 1,000 or more square meters of floor space such as department stores and shopping malls will be asked to limit the number of customers allowed in at the same time

Well, you finally figured that out?

He called on the public to reduce outings to crowded areas by 50 percent to curb the spread of infections

Maybe they’d be better equipped to meet your request if establishment hours were extended instead of shortened. Combine that with ALL establishments to limit capacity to 50%.

imIt spreads people out over more time so people can get what they need do do while allowing businesses to remain afloat.

How the heck you are expecting people to cut activity by half when you cut their ability to do so by half is beyond me. It appears the stats agree. I’ve been saying this for months.

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Aren't there class A war criminals enshrined there?

So? Aren’t there 2.4 million fallen Japanese others as well?

America honors Vietnam, another unpopular war where atrocities occurred, you don’t see the world in revolt for the plethora of ceremonies held at Arlington.

Its not uncommon for any nation to honor their dead. You don’t have to like it, but it’s more than likely that the only thing harmed by such an event is feelings of those with ulterior motives or political agendas. Most could care less.

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Japan is still under occupation.

You do realize that your so called “occupiers” are bought and paid for by the very Japanese government you state is “occupied”. You know, the people that the Japanese public continue to vote for and continue to keep in office.

Please either get an education or cease and desist your pungent stench of misinformation.

If there is any occupation (which there’s not) it’s self inflicted.

I for one thing the entire deal was a tragedy on all sides. Normal people blindly pointed in a direction and let loose to kill or be killed.

Japan bit off more than it could chew, was put back in a box, America got luck on more than one occasion and here we are today.

Remember the past in hopes of a better future, but don’t dwell on it but become better because of it.

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Close all bars and restaurants at 6pm. Last drinks at 5pm.

So let me get this straight, your answer to slowing the spread is to increase the density of people in establishments?

Isn't that just more of an extreme idea the government has been using the last year?

Hows that working out right now?

Oh yeah, that’s right, Japan’s breaking records on the daily.

Here’s a solution: Extend business hours, maintain the non alcohol policy, and request business owners to limit capacity to 50% of normal. This spreads people out, provides a bandaid for the economy, people, virus. Everyone wins.

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As I read these articles and the comments, the viscosity of hypocrisy causes me to scratch my head.

Now, governments are definitely not without fault, they’ve had more than ample time to access this and enact effective measures, but in Japans case, government continues to throw the same preverbal feces at the wall and hope it sticks while the pile continues to grow.

That said, many of the people chastising the government are the very ones that feel they are above containment measures themselves.

If you are not doing your job as an individual citizen to slow the spread of this virus, you are just as much as fault as the government if not more so. Yep, I said it, if you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Quit expecting the government to solve your problems if you are not willing to make small inconvenient sacrifices in your own life for the better of everyone else.

Getting on the other side of this will truly the largest global team effort humanity has ever seen on an individual level. Good luck with that.

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After hundreds of years of non stop war, Hideyoshi went west with ambitions of taking China via Korea. Japan was pushed back. They tried expanding again some 350 years later. Pushed back again. I guess they saw the light, , , twice.

Seriously tho, the war was not as one sided as many would have you believe. The two bombs probably caused less casualties (on both sides) than what the numbers would have been in a full scale invasion attempt of the mainland. Both sides knew this and it played a role in the final surrender.

The major reason these get more attention than other arguably greater atrocities is the simple fact their atomic weapons of instant mass destruction. We’re not talking days or weeks, or months we’re talking in an instant.

Its like comparing the Battle of Jabiim to the Destruction of Alderaan.

With that in mind, imagine if the Tokyo fire bombing were nuclear?

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At the ongoing Tokyo Olympics, athletes and officials have not been asked to observe a moment of silence despite requests from the Hiroshima city government and other groups for them to participate "in spirit."

So let me see if I understand this correctly. You’ll allow athletes to kneel in protest, but we’re not going to even ask them observe a moment of silence for a much greater atrocity that occurred in the very nation that’s hosting???

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