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Posted in: Trump: I'll run America like my business See in context

If Trump were as fraudulent and corrupt as you say then he'd be in jail, no?

The fact that you can't see the hypocrisy in a statement like this boggles the mind. Trump isn't in jail therefore he must not be a criminal...? Hillary also isn't in jail but you scream from the roof tops about her being a criminal. So, right back at you...

If Hillary were as fraudulent and corrupt as you say then she'd be in jail, no?

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Posted in: Trump: I'll run America like my business See in context

Trump knows how to use the loopholes

No he doesn't. It's his lawyers and accountants who know the loopholes. Maybe you should vote for them in the election.

The key to this story is, "I'll run America like MY Business". His business. Not a business where the people of America are the bosses, but one where he's the boss and everyone works for him. Sounds like paradise!

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Posted in: Japan finds costs ballooning to dismantle Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

"Nuclear; the safe, clean energy" (tm)

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Posted in: Trump mocks critics: I'll accept election results - if I win See in context

Donald Trump pledged Thursday to fully accept the outcome of next month’s presidential election — if he wins.


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Posted in: 'Japan: Guilty Until Proven Innocent' documentary shines light on controversial legal system See in context

Great wonder what Keiko Aoki purchased life-insurance not against herself but against the death of her daughter (and her son) for?

That's a pretty common life insurance policy here. I have that for my kids since it is bundled together as an education/ health fund as well.

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Posted in: Trump calls accusers 'horrible horrible liars' See in context

He promised to sue his media critics

He will never do this because of the discovery phase of a trail. His 'media critics' would be able to expose his entire history of sexual indiscretion. They'd also be able to subpoena things like the video from The Apprentice, Trump's entire history of litigation and settlements and most importantly, women who may have been silenced by legal threats, for example, who would be compelled to testify and Trump wouldn't be able to sue them for their depositions.

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Posted in: 18-year-old man arrested after fatal car crash See in context

The 42-year-old man driving the other car was uninjured.


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Posted in: Yamaguchi rescues Japan against Iraq in World Cup qualifier See in context

At this point it might be better if Japan didn't qualify. They need a major shake up. It might be better to get a Japanese manager who can play to the team's strength. At least someone who has managed in the J-league. I don't really understand the obsession with foreign coaches...

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Posted in: Trump calls tax avoidance smart; most Americans call it selfish and unpatriotic, poll shows See in context

most people wouldn't understand anything about the tax code especially when you run a corporation or a business owner.

Are you honestly trying to make us believe that Trump does his own taxes? Maybe his tax lawyers and accountants should be running for president since they are the real 'geniuses' behind his tax dodging.

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Posted in: Supporters defend Trump in wake of tax revelations See in context

But the taxes in question are Trump`s own personal income taxes, not the taxes of any corporation that he was managing. He owes nobody any duty with regard to them.

This is the first thing to came to mind when reading defenses of his PERSONAL income tax rate.

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Posted in: Trump goes after Bill Clinton See in context

How many of his opponents spouses has he gone after now?

These kind of accusations are pretty rich coming from someone who has been married three times, has had countless affairs and publicly trashed his first wife (and mother of his children) in the media while prancing around with and eventually marrying his mistress.

Nevermind the fact that Hillary was the victim of a cheating spouse, not the cheater herself.

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Posted in: Despite harsh reviews, Trump resists new debate approach See in context

I'll say it again; a beauty queen is not supposed to pork out on tortillas, black beans, and louisiana sausage.

Quick quiz. As an employer, you find your 18 year old employee in breach of their contract. Do you:

A - Remind the employee of their contractual obligations

B - Fire them

C - Humiliate them by making disparaging and racist comments about them

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Posted in: Despite harsh reviews, Trump resists new debate approach See in context

I'm more worried about a woman who lies about getting shot, lies about the reason for the attack in Benghazi, lies about her emails and is EXTREMELY CARELESS, and her people all get immunity.

This is the real problem, isn't it. That a woman did all of these things. In this election Trump has lied at a (conservative) rate of 4:1 compared to Hillary. She is held to a different standard because she is a woman.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't panel to propose 3 Olympic venue changes as costs mount See in context

Cycling will take place in Shizuoka Prefecture, about 200 kilometers west of Tokyo

This is not true. Those events are in western Shizuoka Prefecture (in Izu), less than 100kms from Tokyo-to.

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