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Posted in: Trump makes 1st public appearance since his hospital stay See in context

Less tha a month to his humiliation!! Got the champagne on ice

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Posted in: At least 5 Kindai University soccer players used cannabis See in context

Bit of an over reaction!!

The whole team gets suspended over that.

Japan has some bizarre sporting customs.

If a team stopped playing everytime their players misbehave the England football team would never play again.

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Posted in: Over 100,000 march in Belarus against authoritarian leader See in context

Have to admire them.

Hopefully their efforts will pay off

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Posted in: One month out, battered Trump campaign faces big challenges See in context

Think the line where they say his ability to spread disinformation remains formidable, sums him up.

A snake oil salesman if ever there was.

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Posted in: Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi, 40, found dead at home in apparent suicide See in context

I have a suicidal wife and this is not helping

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Posted in: Speaking positively about marijuana online leads to arrest of Japanese man and woman See in context

I'm curious. I have a t shirt that has a hemp adidas logo and says cannabis. Could I get done technically for wearing it

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Posted in: Abe and cabinet resign, clearing way for successor See in context

It was so uplifting to see one bunch of old foggies replaced by another bunch of old foggies.

Dynamic japan

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl apparently killed by grandfather in Fukui See in context

Before everyone jumps to conclusions.

It is tragic. But I have a 17 year old daughter who is being insane in her daily behaviour.

Stayed in a relatives, stole money.

Maybe grandpa popped. Maybe grandpa was attacked.

Just tragic.

I hope my road doesn't go that way

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Posted in: Actor Iseya arrested for alleged cannabis possession See in context

Just like Yubaru said if you say you were not selling it it was just for your own use you can get away with it.I knew that guy in Okinawa and he was caught with 50 huge plants.I couldnt believe he got away with it

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Posted in: China tries to flip the pandemic script, starring a 'reborn' Wuhan See in context

The Chinese govt might be able to control their own peoples thinking buy most of us outside aren't so gullible.

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Posted in: Japanese show support for Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow See in context

I'm surprised there are comments here praising the Chinese govt.

How can you praise a govt. that seems to arrest and disappear anyone who deviates against their dogma.

It is time to boycott China as much as possible.

Their behaviour is not acceptable

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Posted in: Japan's summer holiday begins quietly amid requests to avoid trips See in context

We cancelled our trip to Sapporo.

It was a hard call. We are in Aichi,

Sucks when you see so many mates of camping and not really caring.

Going to be a long week

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Posted in: Aichi governor declares state of emergency after virus spike See in context

I was out in Nagoya near the station on Saturday and Sunday for work and it was already a ghost town.

People are already abiding by the common sense rule.

The problem is you get a few who don't and then the clusters start.

I didn't see one person without a mask either.

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Posted in: Massive blast rips through Beirut, killing 78 and injuring thousands See in context

How tragic.

Lebanon has always been caught in a power play among the regional powers.

So sad for the normal people.

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Posted in: Court upholds Alex Jones sanctions in Sandy Hook case See in context

What a vile person that Jones is.

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Posted in: On 2nd day in UK court, Depp accuses Amber Heard of 'hoax' abuse claims See in context

To put it mildly, neither of them are coming out of this looking well.

Car crash watching on the small screen

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Posted in: England reopens pubs after lockdown See in context

Daily Mails headline was celebrating the fact that 15 million pints will be drunk.

Priorities eh.

Of course people are delighted to get some freedom.

Enjoy it responsibly

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Posted in: Police seen reenacting chokehold on Elijah McClain are fired See in context

Each day you think you can't be shocked any more and then something else comes along.

Absolutely vile.

What has happened in America. It's mad

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Posted in: Man City honor Liverpool - then hammer them 4-0 See in context

Hangover game.

Looking interesting for next year with Liverpool, City and a resurgent Man U.

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Posted in: Mandatory charging for plastic shopping bags starts in Japan See in context

I fully agree with this, but it's now hard to carry my usual 10 cans of beer and 3 bags of potato chips

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Posted in: Japan adds Algeria, 17 other nations to entry ban list over virus See in context

I read the EU had put Algeria on a list of countries that were OK.

What gives

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Posted in: Ireland's Micheál Martin to lead historic gov't coalition See in context

And the girl I was dating prior to coming to Japan has become a government minister!! She went onwards and upwards and I'm still saying a-ah-apple

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Posted in: As cases surge in U.S., rural areas seeing increases as well See in context

Half measures come back to bite you when you are dealing with a virus.

The lack of real leadership and clear messages have caused this mess.

Trump isn't able to handle this.

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Posted in: Liverpool is champion again after Man City loses at Chelsea See in context


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Posted in: Liverpool thrash Palace to close in on Premier League title See in context

30 years of waiting coming to an end.

30 years!!!!

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Posted in: Japanese start traveling en masse on 1st advisory-free weekend See in context

Aokiko in Hakuba that is

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Posted in: Japanese start traveling en masse on 1st advisory-free weekend See in context

After my wife and teenage daughter had another crazy row last night I swore I would drive up to Aoki Kong in Jakub, stay the night incommunicado.

Had no idea there were travel restrictions.

Lucky they didn't argue last week

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Posted in: Suspect on run after 1 New Zealand police officer killed, 1 wounded See in context

Yes I meant both the Irish and New Zealand police don't carry guns.

Even in the dark times of the IRA, they didn't need them. Even in a drug cartel murder feud they don't need them for their day to day work.

And no one in Ireland wants to see the police armed.

We don't need guns.

Only a sick society needs guns

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Posted in: Suspect on run after 1 New Zealand police officer killed, 1 wounded See in context

How very sad. A policeman was shot and killed in Ireland yesterday too.

Deepest sympathies to both men who died serving their communities.

And Mr Marx not one person in either country would wish the police to be armed in their everyday lives as a result.

Our societies don't require them.

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Posted in: Japanese companies developing cool face masks for summer See in context

I'm 50 but after a week of wearing masks I have the spotty chin of a teenager

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