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Posted in: Smoking diners to take it outside as Tokyo ban kicks in See in context

I've smoked for over 35 years but I haven't smoked in a restaurant in over 10 years. It's wrong.

And on a better note 10 days ago I started taking a prescribed drug that stops the nicotine activating the dope mine when I smoke. 8 days off now and painless enough. Here's hoping I can keep it up

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Posted in: Sydney's Bondi beach closed after crowds defy social distancing orders See in context

It is still gob smacking that people don't seem to be able to follow the advice.

I'm beginning to think they need to show footage inside Italian hospitals and the corpses to get the message.

So many people don't seem to give a damn.

You are been asked to stay inside, not go to war etc.

I'm sure you can sacrifice your sun, beer and etc for a month or so.

And what about the economic impact on your future. Have some long term vision

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Posted in: Actor, singer, 'The Gambler': Kenny Rogers dies at 81 See in context

Damn he picked a fine time to leave us!!!

When I was about 8 I think every kid in Ireland could sing coward of the county although we never knew what the Gatlin boys had really done to Becky

Thanks for the tunes Mr Rogers

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Posted in: When Irish eyes are absent: Virus subdues St Patrick's Day See in context

I'm Irish but no desire to be out celebrating this year.

We will all come back from this so may the spirit of "Irish " friendship and kindness go out to people every where

Go n'eiri and bothar libh go leir

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Posted in: Italy struggles to make room for onslaught of virus patients See in context

My heartt goes out to them all.

Hard to comprehend what is happening?

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Posted in: What's happening: Europe's cafes and bars shut amid virus outbreak See in context

Spare a thought for me. I have a wife and daughter going hammer and tongs arguing and fighting. No respite. Don't think even blow would help. This quarantine will kill one of us

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Posted in: Japanese mothers struggle to cope after virus shuts schools See in context

She is quite lucky,In the space of a week I have had pretty much my income cut to 20 percent of the usual.

Kids are social animals and will miss the ineteraction with their mates.If they cant go out how will they cope.And why are some schools open but others closed.Its so slipshod

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Posted in: Japan needs foster care rather than institutions: UK experts See in context

I have some personal experience of these places and here is what I found.

1.the children in these places have to wear clothes provided by the shelter even down to under wear.

No use of own clothes.

2.not allowed outside at all unless visiting a hospital or medical facility.

3.not allowed to attend normal school and few educational stimuli,.

Pretty much left to their own

4.regimented daily life

While the staff and social workers were wonderful in some ways it felt like the child in care was been punished for being in the facility even in the case of abusive parents.

It was a big eye opener.

Very little positive reinforcement just you are safe here attitude.

Very very behind the times compared to a European system.

Again the workers were wonderful but the system sucked big time sadly.

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Posted in: Outbreak, economic ills dim luster of Japan's Olympic year See in context

The perfect storm.

But this won't just affect Japan, the economic effects around the world will be huge. Another Lehman shock? And no doubt the rich will get richer out of this

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Posted in: Japan torn over whether to test all on cruise ship for coronavirus See in context

There's talk in England about a prison being infected.

Now that opens a whole new can of worms.

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Posted in: Sinn Fein establish clear lead in opinion poll ahead of Irish election See in context

Sad day for Ireland if that shower gets in.

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Posted in: Japanese businesses hope UK and EU will swiftly conclude trade pact See in context

Idiots needed karaoke style screens to teach them the words and they still couldn't sing in time.

Freedom from tyranny. Are you mad or what

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Posted in: Trump threatens big tariffs on car imports from EU See in context

Didn't they threaten the same thing to the EU over Iran. Just a bully and if you think that's fine serrano that's quite sad

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Posted in: Woman, 3 children found stabbed to death in car See in context

How can you manage to stab four people to death but not be able to do it to yourself.

What a bastard.

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Posted in: Australia calls for another mass evacuation as monster bushfires return See in context

Amazing how many (about 99%) of Japanese school kids who are completely unaware that these bushfires and the smoke pollution are even goi g on.

Shocking really but they do know that the Tokyo metropolitan building has cute Olympic lights.

Good old NHK news

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Posted in: Dozens excused from Weinstein jury as lawyers seek judge's removal See in context

Seeing Harvey shuffle into the court room who knew that he was actually the best actor.

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Posted in: Ghosn denies wrongdoing; says his arrest in Japan a conspiracy See in context

Compelling stuff.

Really smashed the Japanese legal system. The prosecutor pulls the strings. Sounds like Putins Russia. Haha. I'm loving this. But will ordinary Japanese people see this

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Posted in: No. of traffic-related deaths in Japan in 2019 falls to record low 3,215 See in context

I think I read during the week that Norway only had one.As a result of better education and more non vehicle options

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

Smells to high heaven. 2020 Olympics, can't have a trial.

It's not that easy leaving Japan

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Posted in: Japan to greet New Year with ‘Kohaku,’ shrine visits, shopping and snowstorms See in context

You can always turn off kohaku and watch 5 guys get their arses spanked if they laugh. I think I will join Derek.God the TV is awful.I 'd prefer an evening with jehovah witnesses

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Posted in: Bushfire 7-day state of emergency declared in Australian state See in context

My brother lives in Brisbane and he and his family have gone back to Ireland for Christmas. When I video called him his two daughters had such bad coughs as a result of the smoky air. Can't imagine what Sydney is like

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Posted in: Japan grapples with serving Fukushima food at 2020 Olympics See in context

Maybe they could wash the food with the safe water that they are about to release!! They can kill 2 birds with one stone.

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Posted in: Japan stays perfect on road to World Cup See in context

What in God's name are those shirt designs!!!

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire tear gas as chaos grips city See in context

Alexander Einz should the Chinese go to have crushed it earlier like they crushed and shot people in Tianamen Square?

Bit of mass murder should show them who's the boss eh

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Posted in: Australians take shelter from intense bushfires See in context

Stay safe Aussie friends

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Posted in: South Africa beat England 32-12 to win 3rd World Cup See in context

Christmas came early.. The English lost!!!

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Posted in: 39 people found dead in truck container in southeast England See in context

Jesus. Absolutely shocking

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

I have an English mate flying in from New York, Friday to Sunday just for the England France game. He must be gutted.

We did the Jet program in Shikoku and haven't met in over 20 years.

How sad. Wonder will he still come

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Posted in: EU sees hope in Brexit talks; Irish leader sees wide gaps See in context

Crash and burn from Boris and his minion Dom.

But they aren't going to win this.

The UK held to ransom by a bunch of over privileged delusionists.

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Posted in: Civilians flee Syrian border towns as Turkish warplanes, artillery begin offensive See in context

If you go around betraying your allies it will come back to bite you.

Especially when you are creating an atmosphere where everyone is waiting for your downfall.

A very sad individual.

No leadership at all despite having the deepest wisdom the world has ever seen

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