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Posted in: Johnson's office apologizes for party before royal funeral See in context

no great in Britain anymore.

As an Irish be person

40 years ago we liked on the UK as a place of world respect.

Now it's like a car crash

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Posted in: Johnson's office apologizes for party before royal funeral See in context

As one comedian said

"I'll need a few stiff work parties to get over this"

It seems like Downing Street has become London's top party spot.

Daily press conferences saying sorry for partying.

What a joke.

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Posted in: Johnson accused of breaking lockdown with garden party See in context

And still he is in power.

Shame on the UK

He was asked was he at this party.

All he had to do was say Yes or No

And he couldn't even do that.

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Posted in: Japan extends entry ban on non-resident foreigners until end of February: Kishida See in context

Also when you leave Japan in a trip, you see how a lot of other countries are carrying on.

Just pointing it out but maybe living here has made the abnormal feel normal.

In Europe flights are pretty normal,

If you have your pretest and vaccine proof you are set.

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Posted in: Japan extends entry ban on non-resident foreigners until end of February: Kishida See in context

I will finish my 14 day quarantine in 3 days.

From a Facebook group what I have found out is that there are a large number of separated spouses or families as a result of not allowing new visa holders in.

There also is an issue with permanent residents not being able to return as their re entry permits expired for different reasons.

So while I made a trip to see a aging parent and was able to cope with the quarantine requirements,

it is extremely hard for a lot of people, and difficult with the separation of family, having paid for tuition but can't travel,

This will just add to their stress.

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Posted in: Irish singer Sinead O'Connor's 17-year-old son found dead See in context

Poor lady has had a tragic life, from her childhood on.

I really doubt her choice of religion has anything to do with this.

Some times a tradedy is just that, a tragedy.

RIP young man

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Posted in: Discontent with Johnson as UK virus cases hit record high See in context


Here here as they would say in the House of Commons

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Posted in: New app to allow travelers paperless entry into Japan See in context

thank you to the people sharing their experiences of retuning.

I'm doing it next week and it seems so stressful.

Hopefully the new system helps.

Safe travels

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Posted in: Grief, despair in small Kentucky town after devastating tornadoes See in context

can I just express my deepest sympathies to all who have lost someone.


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Posted in: English Premier League top 3 all win to intensify title race See in context

Great that there is a close contest

if Chelsea winit would be demeaned.

Liverpool with Salah an City with Bernardo Silva are so much better

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Posted in: New UK mask rules start as Johnson under fire over parties See in context

All I want for Christmas is the demise of Johnson.

He is the epitome of everything that is wrong as a leader.

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Posted in: Johnson announces tighter restrictions to stem spread of Omicron in UK See in context

not that he had any to start with, but he has lost all his moral authority

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Posted in: Japanese tycoon takes off for International Space Station See in context

no masks

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Posted in: Kishida vows to 'prepare for worst' amid Omicron variant fears See in context

Tell- me-about -it.

You still going?

That's what I like to hear

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Posted in: Ireland: UK-EU deal on Brexit trade spat unlikely this year See in context

it's only rock-'n'-roll.

it's not the Irish who are trying to squirm out of the deal they agreed to.

This is just Johnson playing to the crowd again

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Posted in: Japan reverses halt of inbound flight bookings after criticism See in context

The resident

but the flight might be cancelled because of low passenger numbers, caused by this seesawing.

I read the article ,

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Posted in: Japan reverses halt of inbound flight bookings after criticism See in context

thanks for the stress all morning.

now will I be able to fly and return as planned?

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Posted in: Japan bars new foreign arrivals for 1 month over Omicron fears See in context

is this a ban even for permanent residents.

I'm supposed to be going home December 20th for a funeral rememberance

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Posted in: World on alert as more countries report cases of COVID-19 variant See in context


My father passed away a year ago.

I wish to travel to see his grave, console my mother not gallivant on a cruise ship.

I actually have tickets to go home at Christmas.

Now with this, it feels like a kick in the stomach.

I don't want to infect anyone but how long is this going to go on for.

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Posted in: 14-year-old who stabbed schoolmate held grudge against victim: police See in context

tragic on so many fronts.

The death of a boy, his family devasted for life.

The waste of both kids lives,

The devastation for the perpetrator's family as they search for reasons.

The devastation of the pupils in the school.

Tragic on so many levels

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Posted in: About 80 thieves ransack department store near San Francisco See in context

as someone said I think the problem is the amount of the theft not resulting in a prosecution of a more serious nature.

It has given them a license to steal

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store chain running out of fried chicken, takes precautions to save Christmas See in context

high school boys will be in a panic.

They survive on that.

personally it's way too oily

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Posted in: Rittenhouse, cleared in protester deaths, says self-defense 'not illegal' See in context

all it proves is what an absolute mess The United States of America is.

The real one to watch is the Ahmaud Armery case going on in Georgia

if those guys walk, the games over.

I remember when people used to admire the US, now it's just view Ed bemused contempt.

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Posted in: S Korea sees record virus jump as thousands take college exam See in context

but here in Japan, it's nearly eliminated.

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Posted in: UK tones down threats in N Ireland trade spat with EU See in context

the Brits have had their bluff called.

That's all.

Johnson and his lackeys have believed their own hype but are learning in the real world, it doesn't cut the mustard.

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Posted in: WTA chief says Peng Shuai email 'only raises' his safety concerns See in context

no tennis players should compete in China until she is shown to be safe.

Will the pros do that though.

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Posted in: Former Princess Mako, husband leave for New York See in context

They already look so relaxed.

I'm delighted for them.

Good luck with your new life and probably in a year's time we will be saying "Kei who?"

is it only the Japanese and British royals who have to put up with this.

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Posted in: Ireland knocks over All Blacks again 29-20 See in context

getting easy to do this now.

Some Irish kids are growing up not expecting to lose to the All blacks.

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Posted in: Sexton calls on Irish to avenge All Blacks World Cup thumping See in context

when Ireland beat the all blacks the first time I called my dad straight away. The phone answered and I shouted "we beat the all blacks!!".

""Yes we effin did" was the answer.

I was surprised as my dad never used bad language.

So I said" Who's this?" "it's Fergal""Who's this" he said. "It's Finbarr".

in my excitement I had dialed the wrong number.

it was midnight in Ireland but you both laughed our heads off.

I will never know who Fergal is but I will never forget the memory

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Posted in: Liverpool and Ajax reach Champions League last 16 See in context

Ajax and Liverpool, two teams with history, class and pedigree.

Not like Solskaers rabble

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