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Posted in: Only Tokyo could pull off these Games? Not everyone agrees See in context

Guess we will have to wait until after the games to see the full effect and if any variants are created.

But it has been slightly uplifting to see the events going ahead ( and I was very cynical).

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Posted in: Norway mourns 77 slain a decade ago in extremist attack See in context

If you read the indepth analysis of that persons motives.

You realize he was a nobody trying to be somebody.

The Norwegian govt have done the right thing.

Just shut him off.

At the end of the day he is some dude who went onto an island and shot up a load of defenseless kids.

Thinking it was a video game.

He is lucky he is alive.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony begins See in context

I watched the first ten minutes before going to my futsal game.

I was just going what in god's name was that.

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Posted in: Australian showjumper booted from Olympics after positive cocaine test See in context

He's lucky he wasn't in Japan when it was announced.

I remember the Nagano Olympics and the J cops arrested the Canadian snow board gold medalist because he tested positive for marijuana.

Even though he hadn't used in Japan.

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Posted in: Jeff Bezos blasts into space on own rocket See in context

Does your company pay taxes Mr.Bezos? The gall to thank all his Amazon workers as if he is some philanthropist.

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Posted in: Brisbane picked to host 2032 Olympics without a rival bid See in context

Poisoned chalice if ever there was one

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Posted in: Johnson resisted 2nd lockdown as 'most of those dying were over 80': ex-aide See in context

Desert Tortoise, Ireland ismnt a badly run English speaking county.

We are totally different to Boris and his Bullingham boys.

Tsk Tsk

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Posted in: England soccerplayer abused by racists slams social media giants See in context

Just because something was ok in the past doesn't mean it's ok now.


Poor 19 year old, misses a penalty and then has to be worried about his color.

And this happens after every premier league game too.

Some idiot with too many beers feels brave and when they get caught say their phone was hacked

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Posted in: Bach says canceling Tokyo Olympics not an option despite COVID See in context

Good to see athletes prioritized before us ordinary people.not

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Posted in: Racist abuse targets 3 English players who missed penalties See in context

All through the tournament this has been simmering.

I knew when the shootout finished that this was going to happen.

Too much booze and cheap cocaine leads to these clowns feeling brave.


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Posted in: 52 dead in Bangladesh factory fire as workers locked inside See in context

How many items of your clothing are made in Bangladesh?

Quite a few .

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Posted in: Euro 2020 final: England can finally end 55 years of misery See in context

Italians who when they lose, lose with grace, or English when they lose smash up the place.

Hard to choose.

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Posted in: Olympic flame arrives in Tokyo for no-spectator relay See in context

How exciting.

Jaysus even the weather was against it

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Posted in: 11 people in custody after hourslong armed standoff on I-95 in Massachusetts See in context

You have to laugh at white supremacists using the name moor!!

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Posted in: 50 years after his death, Paris remembers Jim Morrison See in context

It's really not difficult to find his grave

I've been there twice.

You just follow the obvious people who are looking for it.

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Posted in: UEFA blocks Euro tickets recently sold to UK-based England fans See in context

Maybe because the English fans are famous for drinking too much, causing trouble and generally being obnoxious.

They did this in Portugal for the champions league final.

Europe doesn't need the English behaving like that

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Posted in: Chinese people vexed by Communist Party's image among Japanese See in context

Wow the Uighur population must be all terrible drivers.

Hence the use of facial recognition technology to arrest them and put them in retraining camps.

Who knew.

I thought they were Ben arrested just for being Muslim

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Posted in: Americans apologize to Tokyo court for role in Ghosn escape See in context

So his prison warders greet him with a big friendly ohayo gozaimasu every morning??

A likey story.

I somehow doubt japanese prison staff are the friendliest people you can meet.

You're not allowed to even look them in the eye

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Posted in: Spain prevail in extra-time epic with Croatia to reach Euro 2020 last eight See in context

Fantastic games for viewers and how nice to see fans in the stadiums.

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Posted in: Tokyo marks 1 month until pandemic-hit Olympics open See in context

Not much has really changed since Tokyo marks six months to the start of the Olympics

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Posted in: Drink up, drink fast, drink alone? Tokyo to ease alcohol curbs See in context

I was in the hub in Nagoya and when I went to the restroom I stopped to say hello to a friend.

The manager ran over and told us we were to stop as it's not allowed to talk to people you didn't come in with.


Is there a point in going to a pubif you can't talk to people?

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Posted in: Bear shot dead after rampaging through Sapporo See in context

It's a bear, traumatized in a city.

Just shoot it.

It doesn't want to be your friend.

Sometimes life is tough.

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Posted in: Japan to lift state of emergency one month before Olympics See in context

Actually I did my own little test.

I put on my Olympics t shirt and went for a walk around Nagoya.

The shocked looks on people's faces didn't suggest massive support.

I'm surprised a few people didn't throw stones at me.

Must be the omotenashi

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Posted in: Biden, Johnson strike warm tone in first meeting See in context

As long as the Brits learn that they need to respect the agreements they signed up to

Don't dare mess Ireland up

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

They've been insinuating this for months now.

How they need to track foreign journalists as they will be likely spreaders.

Soft propaganda on NHK every night.

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Posted in: Boko Haram leader 'kills himself' in fight with rival jihadists in Nigeria See in context

Good riddance to bad rubbish

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Posted in: Nishimura says TPP to start talks on UK joining pact See in context

With no friends and a flunking economy, it's interesting to see UK pursuing these trade pacts in order to survive.

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Posted in: Department stores, cinemas reopen in Tokyo as some restrictions eased See in context

Another dose of pointlessness.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson weds in secret ceremony See in context

I wonder who paid for it??

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Posted in: Commercial facilities in Tokyo to reopen under extended emergency See in context

What a joke.

It's like an alcoholic saying I'll just drink beer.


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