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Posted in: School leaflet asks students to write down, turn in their social media passwords See in context

This happened to my son last year; except it was a teacher, not the school, asking for each student's personal email address & password. Some kids turned it in the day it was asked but most of the kids were like, "No way!" and informed parents when they got home. I'm one of them. Needless to say, I complained like hell (as did many parents). Teacher apologized and said it was a misunderstanding. He said he wanted to install an app on the kids' phones to help with school projects. Uh huh, yeah, right.

Unfortunately, this teacher is still around.....

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Posted in: Which is more popular in Japan: British English or American English? See in context

I'm not sure which is more popular but Japanese schools teach British English. We speak American English at home so the kids get confused because there are differences. For example, my son got marked wrong for writing "on the weekend" versus "at the weekend". It can be very frustrating. I had to tell the teacher (Japanese) once that "on the weekend" might not be British English but it's not incorrect English so mark it correct.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly wants boardroom, not criminal, trial See in context

After landing in Japan, he got in a van. The driver asked if he could pull over and make a call. Suddenly the van door opened, and several men rushed in, identifying themselves as prosecutors and a translator.

Kelly was taken to a detention center, handcuffed and searched, then led to an interrogation room, and questioned by prosecutors, initially without a lawyer present.

He was kept in solitary confinement for 35 days and interrogated daily.

Only in Japan can this be legal. Japan has a 99% conviction rate because of stunts like this. They mentally wear down the "criminal" to confess to a crime or have fake evidence stacked up against them...especially if they are foreigners.

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Posted in: Tropical depression drenching earthquake-stricken Haiti See in context

Feel so bad for them. They can't seem to catch a break with these powerful quakes. And to add bad weather is just heartbreaking :(

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Posted in: Japanese lawyer comments on legality of tattoo ban at hot springs See in context

Japan just needs to get with the times. Tattoos might have been associated with yakuza back in the day but it isn't anymore. If tattoo equals yakuza, then why are there so many ink shops?

Tats are a personal choice and so is looking at them. I can see how some might feel uncomfortable looking at them. But I don't think discriminating against those with tats is reasonable. They should be allowed to bathe too.

If onsens don't change their way, then the ones that allow tats will be reaping in the big bucks next year during the Olympics!

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Posted in: Gov't postpones debate on imperial succession as divide surfaces See in context

Why am I not surprised that Fumihito is announcing himself to be first in line to the throne? (I'm not a fan of this guy...)

I really hope that they change their ways and allow succession by women or by members in the maternal line.

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Posted in: Department store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry See in context

What an absurd idea!!

How about those going through menopause? Should they wear a 更年期 badge?

And...men don't get menses but there are PLENTY of men who have PMS symptoms! They should wear a badge too!

Again, what an absurd idea!

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Posted in: Stepfather gets 13 years in prison over fatal child abuse See in context

Not a very long sentence but I guess it's long for the Japanese judicial system. I'm glad the wife didn't get off easy. I hope they both feel remorse for what they did and find a way to rehabilitate themselves to be better human beings.

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Posted in: Man says he abused stepdaughter because efforts to discipline her didn't work See in context

He said he came home one day and found her sleeping instead of doing an assignment he had told her to do. He got pissed off. He got on top of her and punched her face repeatedly. Then he threw her in the bathtub and made her sit in cold water...

Makes me sick and so upset! What a loser!!!

I seriously hope he gets the harshest punishment (not the death penalty). He needs to pay for what he did!!

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Posted in: Parents arrested after 3-year-old daughter found dead at home See in context

What is wrong with all these parents?!

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Posted in: Man admits fatal abuse of 5-year-old stepdaughter See in context

I remember crying when I heard that she had written letters asking for forgiveness. My goodness, she was only 5.

I hope he gets the harshest punishment possible!!

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Posted in: Netflix announces fourth season of hit show 'Stranger Things' See in context

Can't wait!!

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit over same-surname after marriage rule See in context

Japan will always be stuck in their dinosaur ways. SMH

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Posted in: Parents of 7-year-old girl missing for 10 days at Yamanashi campsite speak of agony, hope See in context

I can't even imagine what the parents must be feeling.

Although the chances seem slim now, I do pray for a happy ending.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists in Kyoto reminded of etiquette via smartphones See in context

Shouldn't the same etiquette rules apply to Japanese people too?

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing mother after dinner menu argument See in context

Whether he goes to prison or a mental institution, he no longer has a choice in his meals!

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating son 'to discipline' him See in context

What a brave boy for going to the koban!

And with the rate of non-action by the cops recently, good on these cops for doing something about it!

I hope the boy won't suffer any repercussions by his dad for going to the cops though. They need to keep an eye on him.

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Posted in: Local gov'ts struggling to verify child abuse info in 48 hours See in context

48 hours is defnintely a challenge.

The government is finally seeing that something needs to be done to stop these senseless deaths by parents. But they aren't providing funds or manpower to help the local municipalities.

There should definitely be a constant line of open communication between the school, local municipalities and the police. But again, this leads back to lack of funding and manpower...

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Posted in: Suspect in Osaka police officer stabbing sent to prosecutors See in context

I've been following this news on TV. So scary that he was able to stab the cop seven times and take his gun away (not sure if that was the order in which it happened). They still don't know what the motive was.

I hope the cop survives.

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Posted in: Man indicted for dangerous driving over high-speed crash killing 4 See in context

How can he not know how fast he was going?! Even without looking at the speedometer, as a driver, I think he would have known he was totally exceeding the speed limit. I mean, 146 on a 60?! He had to have known!

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Posted in: 87-year-old driver in fatal Tokyo car crash to be referred to prosecutors See in context

Dude can barely walk. Even with a valid license, he should not have been behind the wheel at that condition. That right there alone should be a criminally negligent act.

Regardless, I don't know why the police haven't arrested him.

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Posted in: Japan's detention center gives foreign media a look See in context

Suspects in Japan are routinely questioned by prosecutors without a lawyer present and can be held up to 23 days per possible charge without possibility of bail. Prosecutors can add charges to prolong the detention.

This is the hostile Japan; where everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

My husband was taken to the police station once for looking "ayashii" (suspicious). They searched his car and found tools not put away in the tool box so they took it upon themselves to call it weapons.

They tried to blame him for recent burglaries and asked him why the tools weren't put away in the tool box. The tools, BTW, were hammers and screwdrivers. They insisted that he used it for break-ins and what not.

They interrogated him for 6 hours!! They didn't allow him to call me or anyone else. At the end, they made him write and sign a memo saying he won't leave tools unattended.

I feel sorry for anyone that gets taken into custody. I can only imagine how many are coerced into confessing for crimes they didn't commit.

People should have rights in detention centers. In Japan, it seems like they are treated the same as prisoners.

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Posted in: Male patient in his 80s found dead in hospital room with toilet paper stuffed in mouth and nose See in context

Yikes. So much for being safe.


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Posted in: Pilot vertigo likely cause of F-35A jet crash See in context

Vertigo is no joke. It comes on suddenly with no warning.

But we'll never know if that was really the reason.


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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

These men should wear heels too then. They wouldn't even last an hour.

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Posted in: Rapper Chris Brown skips Paris hearing over rape accusation See in context

If you go back to a room with a man you've just met, believe me, it's not a cup of tea you'll be getting, why don't women get this?


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