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If she were an animal the owners would be jailed for animal cruelty!!!

How could any company in their right minds advertise with her photo?!

I hope they paid her big bucks so she could eat.

Japan should feed the starving Japanese before sending food overseas.

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Posted in: Nick Baker sent back to Britain to finish jail sentence See in context

Japan sends a serious message to major drug smugglers, and their accomplices. I've got no sympathy for death merchants or financing murderous gangs.

In the West, our governments love to protect rights of criminals and the media loves to ignore the plight of victims. So of course, in the US no city of any size has not had innocent blood poured out on the streets and even children in their homes have been shot via "drive-by shootings." Henious acts due to drugs are normal in the "civilized West" who know how to "protect the rights of crimals."

Complaints about Japanese criminal justice, which actually works to protect their people, will continue to be slandered by the "civilized" West.

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Posted in: Idemitsu starts greenery business See in context

Really LOVED this article!! New grass that grows 10 times faster than normal grass at a THIRD of the cost is fantastic news!! More details would be appreciated. In the US people spend billions on grass and places with water shortages, such as Arizona, Nevada and southeast US would probably find this information of special interest. Would be interesting to know if this new form of grass would be good for animals!

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