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Posted in: Gov't suggests TEPCO freeze soil around Fukushima plant See in context

This might actually work if they did it correctly. There's a type of ice that acts like concrete and doesn't melt. Build tanks from that and maybe.... But I bet they mean just dump nitrogen on the ground...

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Posted in: Gov't draws up 19-point plan to promote 'Cool Japan' See in context

Points are not cool dude.

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Posted in: Hashimoto apologizes for comment on U.S. troops, but not 'comfort women' remarks See in context

I would have thought forced sexual slavery was rape... Guess I'm not using the same definition as hashimoto goons.

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Posted in: Defiant Hashimoto says U.S. troops abused women during occupation See in context

Should change defiant to "badly educated,xenophobic breacher of human rights Hashimoto"

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Posted in: S Korean media slam Abe's 731 jet photo See in context

Wow. He manages to sit in the plane with the number guaranteed to annoy all his neighbours. That's amazingly bad luck. Don't buy a lottery ticket!!

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Posted in: Man gored to death in bull ring See in context

Ummm. Is bull ring a good translation? I'm imagining matador types prancing around killing animals.

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Posted in: China says U.S. should be concerned about Japanese nationalism See in context

Chinas usual rhetoric, trying to curry favour and build mistrust. It's not gonna work. The rocks will stay as Japanese territory.

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Posted in: Could N Korea hit Japan, S Korea with nukes? No one seems to know See in context

@yuri. Can I just point out a fatal flaw in your argument of the age and effectiveness of NK arsenal. Done of the US B-52s are close to 50yrs old yet still fully operational. F-16s are upward of 20yrs old and still fully functional. The Vietcong fought the US with basically nothing (granted, that was on their home soil) the list can continue. Afghanistan. NK maybe out of date and obsolete in nearly every regard but don't be stupid enough to right them off with arrogance. NK would lose a conflict but people will die.

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Posted in: Fukushima to get 20,000 cherry trees on 190-km coast See in context

Try thinking even further down the line. How will this amazing waste of money help rebuild Fukushima or stop the next disaster? Instead of spouting gov rhetoric try thinking a little. These trees may look nice but serve no purpose and will not help rebuild things like homes, business's, schools or the like which are all needed more than this. I do like cherry trees though. They smell nice.

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Posted in: Fukushima to get 20,000 cherry trees on 190-km coast See in context

A wall would probably be a better investment but at least they'll be some firewood for after the next tsunami. This has to up there with "saving" a dead tree in wastes of money that could've provided housing for evacuees.

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Posted in: Contractor refuses to provide school lunches when faced with radiation checks See in context

Of course there's a cover up. They've probably been serving food from effected areas since prices dropped and although it maybe safe no one was given a choice. Japan, the country that would rather destroy its future generations than admit a fault.

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Posted in: Panel says there was no cover-up at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Yesterday I saw a pig flying! Of course there was and is a cover up. Give it a few mins and the gov paid bloggers will be on to shout out more rhetoric and make the "truth" heard.

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Posted in: WHO: Small cancer risk after Fukushima accident See in context

the bbc report on the issue. Do I trust NHK or bbc? Let me think. Potential increases. 6% increase in breast cancer of girls. 7% increase of luekimia in kids. 70% increase in thyroid cancer. Just to point to a few. Nasty stuff. Bad reading. Only time will tell if the numbers are right.

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Posted in: WHO: Small cancer risk after Fukushima accident See in context

I did read up;) maybe you should instead of dpouting NHK rhetoric. I'm pretty sure Japan dropped to 55th position in press freedom didn't it. The reasons Fukushima is worse are 1) no accurate data was released 2) the gov&tepco tried to cover up and shift blame 3) it's still on going, releasing radiation into the oceans,ground water and probably air (although that's not significant) 4) they used a tent to cover the reactors not entombing it like they should have. Food and water are all irradiated and without proper studies no one knows what will happen. They're finding cases of thyroid cancer among kids already up there but I never see it reported in the news...hmmm if its not true then why doesn't the gov prove it? I'm bored with listening to idiots. Wake up sheeple. It's bad and it's gonna stay bad a long time.

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Posted in: WHO: Small cancer risk after Fukushima accident See in context

No. Fukushima is not as bad as chynobel, it's much worse because its still continuing in a way chynobel didn't.

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Posted in: WHO: Small cancer risk after Fukushima accident See in context

How much did that verdict cost tepco&gov I wonder.

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Posted in: Panel recommends 'moral education' to counter school bullying, corporal punishment See in context

Lol. Moral education based on what morals?? The traditional Japanese ones where if you screw up you commit seppuku? Ones where a sword is tested on criminals? Ones where those in power and authority commit crimes receiving only suspended or zero sentences while a commoner is sentenced to a year in jail for taking 10¥ from a shrine?

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Posted in: U.S. court calls Sea Shepherd modern-day pirates See in context

Wrong analogy. Pirates take. Sea shepherd protect although I'm still on the fence about their methods.

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Posted in: Police sergeant arrested on underage sex charge See in context

Screening processes seem to be not working on these people who should protect!! I bet a marine is arrested within days on charges again to shift the focus. Always seems to happen.

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Posted in: AKB fan threatens sarin gas attack over commercial See in context

Potential terrorist threat. Hope they catch him/her soon. It's highly unlikely this idiot has sarin but could easily make some other type of deadly gas if they work in a commercial kitchen. Slightly scary this one.

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Posted in: Man held for slashing son, daughter with knife See in context

So he decides to leave them scarred for life?! What a piece of ¥&@$. Should've just put them into care and offed himself.

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Posted in: Renowned photographer Leslie Kee arrested in Japan over obscene photos See in context


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Posted in: Minister calls judo beatings Japan's worst sports crisis See in context

Of course it's comparable. It shows how much they were worth as a team to national pride. The fact that it was considered ok to do it shows an amazing injustice in the system. Tell you what lets just pick and choose between forms of bullying. This ones ok because... Well it's not that bad, that ones a definite no no because blah blah blah. I really do think that each instance is a good example of the management or lack there of in sports and society.

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Posted in: Minister calls judo beatings Japan's worst sports crisis See in context

Yep. Sending nadeshiko japan by economy class because theyre women, The hazings that killed a sumo trainee, the illegal gambling that nearly destroyed the sumo sport, the rape of a young girl by a gold medal winning judoka while at training camp. Yep. This is the worst. Idiot.

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Posted in: Gov't hints at issuing Y50,000 bills See in context

¥2000 note was such a success that and is trying to reinvent the failure with this stupid idea. Bet it'll be released. Some "average guy" on tv will tout its usefulness and every other person in Japan will refuse it because nowhere will accept it. I mean seriously, a conbini gets 3 people buying a can of coffee first thing in the morning and their float for the day is wiped out. Ridiculous!!

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Posted in: Man held for killing wife's friend who mediated in divorce talks See in context

Sounds like her fears were justified... Sadly. Where were the police in this? No one thought to consult them.

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Posted in: Softbank's takeover of Sprint hits U.S. security concerns See in context

Ummm. I think you'll find that softbank is a Japanese company started by a japan born man who happens to be of Korean desent. He was born in saga. A quick Wikipedia check can stop this stupidly racist thought. Off course they'll check security issues. Japan is a forign country. If it was Aussie or British they'd be the same checks.

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Posted in: NPA chief admits wrong people arrested over online death threats See in context

@resurfaced. You were very lucky. I can tell you that from my first hand experience I was wrongfully arrested, left without medical treatment for 4 days and then only recieved a cursory glance. I'm still half blind in one eye and to top or all off was forced to confess to a crime I did not commit. Even though all evidence and witnesses said I was the one being attacked. Jcops have no idea how to conduct a case and are racially abusive to boot. These guys were lucky that the truth wasn't shoved under the carpet.

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Posted in: Suicide jumpers disrupt train services at Gotanda, Shinjuku See in context

Ps. I got the thumbs down because people would rather blame than actually take a moment to think of someone else.

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Posted in: Suicide jumpers disrupt train services at Gotanda, Shinjuku See in context

@zen. Yeah. You got what I meant, as have others here. Get to the root and to do that you must change the way of thinking. Mrs buggerlugs asked me last night if it was something to do with the fact first names are not used. Kind of stunned me but thinking on it using only family names does kind of lack emotion, in England the family name is only used by angry teacher "buggerlugs, run round the playing field 5 times!!" I know this is not a good theory but...

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