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Posted in: U.N. envoy calls on Japan to ban extreme child manga porn See in context

Drawings are not children... There is no victim. Start banning one type of artistic expression and it's a slippery slope.

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Posted in: Nice offer See in context

What's with the "mom jeans?"

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Posted in: TSA has met the enemy — the people See in context

I am sure that the biggest complainers in the USA against TSA are druggies, drug mules etc..so all of these cry babies can go to hell, go back on welfare and take greyhound (the bus) of all of you not familiar with the USA.


Yes yes, let's allow the government to see through people's clothing and/or touch every square inch of their bodies, including genitals. For safety from terrorists who want to destroy our way of live because they hate our freedoms! Oh wait... our way of life HAS been changed significantly since 9/11 and we have less freedom now than before.

What happens when a terrorist smuggles a device in their rectum or vagina? Will the TSA be conducting full cavity searches to keep us safe? Full body x-rays with all the radiation that comes with them?

Also, former Dept. of Homeland Security head Micheal Chertoff is employed by a consulting company with Rapiscan (the manufacturer of these scanning machines) as one of their clients. No conflict of interest here, no siree!

But remember, citizen:


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Posted in: Face to Facebook See in context

Eh, I joined facebook back when you needed a college (.edu) email to get an account. It was nearly a dating site back then. What it had morphed into is something entirely different... but it is useful for sharing pictures and planning events. Oh and the kanjibox app is pretty sweet too.

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Posted in: Japan entering the age of living alone See in context

tax singles at a higher rate.

Yeah great idea....

How about instead of punishing undesirable behavior, we instead reward those who choose to start families? More tax breaks for having children, enforcement of labor laws (unpaid and expected overtime, I'm looking at you), more vacation time. That would be a good start.

But this problem isn't just confined to Japan. Even in the States, you have to be rich, crazy, dumb, or a combination of those three to want to start a family. Poor, working class, and even lower middle class families can barely afford to have kids these days.

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Posted in: Esprimo PC See in context

this is news?

this is one thing i didn't get about living in japan. personal computers were sooooooo far behind the times. at least a year or more compared to stuff i could get in the U.S. especially when it came to gaming PCs and PC parts. kind of dispelled the myth about japan being "high tech."

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Posted in: Marijuana discovered in apartment after reports of fire See in context

adaydream: I thought I laid on the sarcasm pretty thick there... maybe you were too high to notice =P Pass the bong, bro!

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Posted in: Marijuana discovered in apartment after reports of fire See in context

Great! Let's lock away this scumbag! He's destroying society with his "marijuana!" Can't have people enjoying themselves, no sir, no how! Why, first they'll smoke a little "weed," then they'll start watching TV and eating junk food... then we'd have total anarchy!

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Posted in: Elderly woman arrested for beating youth sitting in priority seat of bus See in context

I guess I'm in the minority here. Screw this old bag. She's not even that old. 66? I'd give up my seat for a granny who is obviously struggling, but c'mon she's barely "grandma" age.

Not only that, but she broke this kid's nose and "caused other injuries." What a lunatic. The kid may have been a selfish jerk, but that doesn't mean you get to assault him and destroy his face.

Lock her up just like you would any other criminal. If the laws aren't applied equally, what good are they?

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Posted in: S Korean, Japanese activists send leaflets by balloon toward N Korea See in context

They should be sending leaflets with pictures of supermarkets. Aisles and aisles of food there for the taking. Also some pictures of modern homes with all the amenities... I bet a picture of a flat screen TV would blow the mind of a poor North Korean farmer.

Show them the difference between their so-called "People's Republic" and a real democratic republic.

But good luck hoping the North Koreans rise up... it'd be a slaughter. Pitchforks and large sticks aren't much of a match for rifles, tanks, and machine guns. Outside interference is pretty much their only hope. Pretty sad.

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Posted in: Junior high school girls arrested for marijuana possession in Kobe See in context

I'm betting the follow-up story will inform us that the girls have led the police to the gaijin that sold them the pot. Of course, they will be charged to the full extent of the law, while the girls get a slap on the wrist. Kind of unbelievable that resources are still wasted on prosecuting potheads. But the salarymen still drink until last train and then puke all over the train platforms... that's fine.

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Posted in: Look at my body See in context

looks 'shooped. i can tell from the pixels and from 'shooping a few woops in my day.

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Posted in: Anime tourism experiences a boom See in context

Some people visit Paris or Florida just for Disney...what's the difference?

There are other things in Florida besides Disney? Wow.

Also, who goes to Paris for Disney? Serious question.

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