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Bumblejay comments

Posted in: Okayama woman sues over 'sexist' marriage laws See in context

This is a very sensitive topic.

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Posted in: Okayama woman sues over 'sexist' marriage laws See in context


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Posted in: Philippine president meets Muslim rebel chief secretly in Tokyo See in context

So much for a "secret" meeting!

@trinklets: so you mean to say that I will be considered a terrorist if I fight for freedom and rights of my religion?

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Posted in: Philippine Airlines flight to LA diverted to Japan See in context

Well, PAL must really changed some of their planes... They're getting old!

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Posted in: Okayama woman sues over 'sexist' marriage laws See in context

They're giving them 6 months to think about what they just did.

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Posted in: S Korean ferry operator bans Japanese passengers: Yonhap See in context

Another boring S. Korean news...

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Posted in: 3 Kanagawa teachers disciplined for various infractions See in context

Maybe they're being bullied in school...?

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Posted in: What part of a woman's face do men pay attention to most? See in context

This is one of the biggest reason why Japanese couples don't last... Why not try to more romantic like choosing the EYES OR LIPS...

Well, i guess they really know how to piss a girl...

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Posted in: S Korea military slams Japan in islands row See in context

Korea, korea, korea... Even the news is becoming 'hallyu'

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Posted in: 3 dead, 3 missing as heavy rains lash northeastern Japan See in context

May their souls rest in peace.

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Posted in: 7 injured as M6.4 quake shakes Fukushima See in context

Just hopr that the nuke plant will surpass all these trials...

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Posted in: NHK holds press conference on digital switchover See in context

Nothing changes...

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Posted in: Cirque du Soleil to end shows at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

But it's too expenasive... ToT

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Posted in: Nuclear safety agency under fire over fake questions See in context

Wow! That guy was on fire when he's giving his speech!

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Posted in: Train operators asked to install new braille block system after blind man falls to death at station See in context

Barriers. It's the only solution! I guess the train operators are accumulating deaths to support their "studies". How many dead people do they need for their "studies" to be finished?!

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