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Posted in: Masks outside not needed when not chatting: gov't panel See in context

There was never any science that proved mask were effective and it shows. We go to restaurants and see told to wear them inside

If masks were effective, the pandemic would have been stopped in its tracks. Instead, and three jabs later, we are still expected to muzzle ourselves. What a load of crock!

Japanese cannot do anything without someone further up the chain telling them what to do. Still, who cares about the thought processes of automatons?

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Posted in: 18,000 police officers to be mobilized during Biden's visit to Tokyo See in context

Cant these leaders use zoom or are they just hell-bent eating Kobe Gyu..

More pork than beef, IMHO.

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Posted in: Native American student told to remove feather at graduation See in context

Having a feathers of many (most?) birds in the US is a federal offense to pretty much everyone except Native Americans. Even if found on the ground, best not to pick it up, unless you'd like to be fined $15,000 or are 100% positive it isn't one of the many, many, species protected.

I am aware of legislation which prevents individuals from disturbing birds' nests, but this does strike me as a tad... extreme.

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Posted in: Ukraine filmmakers horrified by 'Top Gun' jet display at Cannes See in context

Well, yes, PTSD is a very real thing which is why it is necessary to seek support. Attempting to eliminate all possible triggers from one's life is a hopeless task, as is expecting others to participate in eliminating them.

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Posted in: 18,000 police officers to be mobilized during Biden's visit to Tokyo See in context

To protect against internal threats? Feels weird as I don't think of Japan as having an issue with terrorism.

The alphabet agencies have ridiculously stringent policies for safeguarding the POTUS such that would make Lady Godiva and the peeping Tom look mild in comparsion.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson gets on his mama-chari and rides the sleeper to Kyiv.

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Posted in: Native American student told to remove feather at graduation See in context

The letter included a 2019 letter from then-Attorney General Mike Hunter that an Indigenous student’s right to wear eagle feathers on their mortarboard is protected under the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act.

I guess that depends... was the feather still attached to the eagle?

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for upskirt filming admits having done it on at least 150 occasions: police See in context

One man riding the same escalators up and down all day behind school girls at the same station might have been the first clue for police present in the station.

IMHO the "trouser tent" would have been even more incriminating.

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Posted in: Man mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds gambles it all away See in context

He did - theft. In Japan, if you find money and don't turn it in, it's theft. This is the same thing.

Woo! I agree with @Strangerland (sniffs strong coffee).

It is indeed potentially a theft, as is the "finders keepers" schoolground reasoning being proffered by some. If you come into credit which was obviously not intended specifically for you, and you decide to keep it, those are potentially purloined funds. The same goes for wads of cash stuffed behind that second hand sofa or any sack of gold you might find at the end of a rainbow.

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Posted in: Daycare center employee arrested for molesting 9-year-old girl See in context

Well, a nine-year-old is not so "little" anymore, so she was likely both old enough to know what was going on and wise enough to report this nonce to the relevant people.

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Posted in: Man mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds gambles it all away See in context

The government cannot devote funds to keep tabs on him forever and he can retrieve the cash when the heat dies down. Is a pretty good plan.

If there is any government department you do NOT fool around with, it is the tax office. They will be watching him like a hawk until his dying days. You can be sure that his card is marked and any large financial transfer he makes - especially involving credit or property - will be thoroughly audited. The dude can sit on the money all he wants, but as soon as he starts spending it above a certain threshold, the IRS will come down on him like a tonne of bricks.

I am sure if the cops stake him out long enough they will find him at the keiba/keirin/pachinko laundering his money - unless he is really good and has links to criminal organizations who will launder the money for him - for a 95% cut!

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Posted in: UK raises stakes in EU feud with threat to break Brexit deal See in context

A few points.

Firstly, and for comparison, look at this website which contains a nice colour coded map of EU countries who have infringed EU legislation, and to what extent:


There is an EU-wide average of 31 cases of prosecution for infringement during the period of analysis, and, you've guessed it, all the usual suspects feature in the upper ranks of the league for naughty behaviour.

Secondly, contrary to popular EUrophile belief, treaties are not etched in stone; they are not infrequently renegotiated by the parties concerned (that is, if they are not simply disregarded - see above). The trade agreement between the EU and Britain contains mechanisms for revising the terms.

Thirdly, when major EU states and political figures are talking up a trade war with one of its former allies and partners, while simultaneously devising all sorts of wheezes (re gas and oil) to circumvent sanctions to do business with a genocidal, megalomaniacal tyrant bent on waging war in Europe Pac-man style, you just know that there has been a complete collapse of all moral authority in those states and institutions.

Whatever its many faults, under the circumstances I shall side with the current British administration.

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Posted in: 7-month-old boy dies from ruptured liver See in context

Before we burn the mother at stake before knowing the facts, this could very well have been an accident, and we don’t have sufficient information.

From the article:

Even before Arata’s birth, his mother was registered as an “expectant mother in need of extra support.”

Speaks for itself. This was a disaster in the making from the get go. The mother should never have gone through with the pregnacy, or put the child up for adoption.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

Who was supervising the child?

Precisely. A four year-old playing in the road is an accident waiting to happen.

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

put all of their account information on a floppy disk

Oh Japan...

Security by obscurity.

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

Certainly, in the U.K. this would fall under the Theft Act 1968 and be regarded as retaining wrongful credit. It absolutely is theft!

Go straight to gaol. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

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Posted in: Kremlin warns of retaliation after Finland moves toward NATO See in context

Finland signed an In Perpetuity agreement with Russia that they would always remain Neutral (or USSR). Then again in 1996 , Finland approved that USSRs existing agreements would be replaced as Russian Federations Existing Agreements, so they cannot use the argument that they signed with a different country.

Now In Perpetuity means Forever, not 73 years

Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Guffaw. Snort!

Cool story, Vlad!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving newborn baby in hotel room’s toilet bowl See in context

Use common sense, folks - of course she felt nothing for the child; it was the result of an encounter with a John with bragging dalls.

If I were in her shoes I'd be sure my clients were bagged up and I would be on the pill to boot. As for why she carried the child to term, i am guessing that she is probably not very smart.

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Posted in: Rand Paul stalls quick Senate OK of $40 bil Ukraine package See in context

A lot of people here do not seem to understand geopolitics, least of all Rand Paul. If you think the Ukranians are using American / NATO largesse to live the high life, I suggest a reality check.

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Posted in: Police continue search for girl who disappeared near campsite in 2019 See in context

So, a skull “believed” to belong to a child, and “similar” sneakers, but no “conclusive” evidence? Perhaps a clairvoyant could clear up this mystery?

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Posted in: Pelosi meets with Ukraine president in Kyiv See in context

He doesn't participation medals, he wants F-35s, F-22s

Never happen. Even 'Murica's bestest buddies do not get these (U.K. ponied up the green bigly for the '35s at the beginning of the program so they get a sniff).

Anyway, F-15s and F-16s are still good enough to see off Russia's crates. Heck, even the Tornado will do in a fighter/bomber role if the RAF still have any kicking around.

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Posted in: UK delays post-Brexit border checks until end of 2023 See in context

It’s almost as if Brexit was an incredibly stupid decision.

Not as stupid as certain EU states getting hooked on Russian gas...

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Posted in: EU defies gas 'blackmail' as Russia pushes deeper into Ukraine See in context

I think I'll offer to pay my next gas bill in dollars, see what happens there.

The contract the parties signed was for payment in Euros, genius. Ergo, by changing the terms unitaterally, Russia is in breach of contract.

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Posted in: Singapore executes disabled Malaysian convicted in drug case See in context

Nagaenthran’s supporters and lawyers said he had an IQ of 69 and was intellectually disabled

And there evidence for this is...?

Singapore's courts ruled, citing psychiatrists' testimony in court, that he was not mentally disabled and had understood his actions at the time of his crime.

Oh, there is none.

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Posted in: Human skull pieces found near campsite where 7-year-old girl disappeared in 2019 See in context

It was National headlines at the time, and police made extensive, massive searches in the area. Now 3 years later, some random hiker finds it 600 meters from the campsite. Incredible.

I have no evidence to prove this assertion, but it could be that the girl's corpse was not present at the time of the initial search and was in fact moved there at a later date.

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Posted in: 4 found from missing tourist boat off Hokkaido See in context

1) Who goes sightseeing in the middle of the night?

2) If everyone were wearing life jackets, dead or alive they would be floating.

3) Three hours to arrive after a distress signal for a ship sailing “off the northern tip”?

4) Transport secretary already speaking out and “confirming facts” even though nothing has been found?

There’s something very fishy about this.

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Posted in: German Chancellor Scholz to visit Japan next week See in context

*His visit is aimed at preparing for the summit, through which Germany is hoping to demonstrate the G7 countries' unity in *promoting common values such as democracy and freedom.

Unless you happen to live in Ukraine, obviously.

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Posted in: 'I’ll kill you!' says Japanese schoolgirl when convenience store won’t let her use toilet See in context

Sometimes you just really need to go for a tom tit.

More like wrong time of the month judging by her response. PMT/PMS is a real thing.

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Posted in: Britain to offer next-generation defense weapons to India See in context

So, it's all about selling weapons

Would you rather the Indians be dependent on Russia?

Modi is unlikely to warm to being lectured, and if he refuses the gesture we know which side of the fence India falls on and we can plan accordingly.

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Posted in: Narita airport deploys net traps to stop turtles infiltrating runway See in context

Shredder or Krang?

”Shredder” are those things slung under aircraft wings, and “Krang” is the noise they make when a turtle goes through one - hopefully not while I am a passenger.

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Posted in: Le Pen, Macron in bitter clash ahead of tight French election See in context

At least Herr Scholz saw the truth that is plainly in front of us and made an abrupt reversal of long standing German policy.

Scholz has done nothing but cultivate prevarication into an art form. The German SPD say one thing, then they say another, and finally they do something else altogether. I believe that Scholz personally has no love for Putin, but he and his predecessors have quite clearly deemed that Russian and German interests are intimately entwined, Ukraine be damned.

As for Le Pen; she will never be president.

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