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Posted in: Japan urged to outlaw LGBT+ discrimination before Olympics See in context

They’ll be campaigning for polygamy and consanguineous marriage next.

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Posted in: Australia doubles Pfizer vaccine order as AstraZeneca clotting worries upend rollout See in context

All of the current vaccines are largely untested, but it is only the AZ one which is coming under the microscope? Why?

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Posted in: Leukemia survivor Ikee wins another Olympic swimming berth See in context

As an athlete she has little to worry from the infection, but as a cancer survivor she knows that for patients currently under treatment the virus can mean certain death.

That's her choice to make, I guess.

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Posted in: 5 students arrested after putting glue on playground equipment See in context

Youth of today... In my day, we'd be lounging in the park sniffing the stuff!

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Posted in: 'Nomadland' director Zhao not ready to make China childhood film See in context

Do the Oscar panel weigh up this privilege when deciding which 'minority' group to award to this year?

Of course. It’s where the wealthy and connected all high-five each other irrespective of race.

Money has always basis main stage for discrimination; race is just a dog and pony show.

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Posted in: Suga to designate Tokyo for stronger anti-virus steps as infections spike See in context

Any chance that we can quasi-host the Olympics...?

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Posted in: Japanese karate official quits over bullying claim See in context

One might almost say that Kagawa got the chop.

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Posted in: Kofu City official gives speech telling new employees to 'play around' to fix birth rate issue See in context

For his next trick, Shimura will demonstrate in front of the audience using sock puppets.

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Posted in: Don't overhype Ikee's return, pleads Japan teammate Irie See in context

The risk of her mixing with athletes from many countries is not worth taking.

I am sure any decisions she has made have been taken in consultation with healthcare experts.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after woman clings to hood of car See in context

Interesting... an attempt to get mown down by a Buddhist monk would rather expedite one's funeral rites.

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Posted in: Virus emergency moniker 'manbo' criticized for lightheartedness See in context

Is it Manbo No. 5?

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Posted in: Australia short of 3 mil AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses See in context

3 million doses the EU is sitting on.

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Posted in: Man bitten by pet dog in serious condition See in context

Beagle? Well, I guess if he hadn’t fed it in weeks it might go for him...

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Posted in: Female monarchs to be debated as Japan looks to secure imperial line See in context

Japanese system'd rather allow to get several mistresses. 

Consorts, if you please. Kiko is rather splendid, but I'd encourage her to wear her hair over her ears.

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Posted in: Taiwan minister accepts responsibility for train crash as questions mount See in context

This one is on the contractors who were most certainly not following correct procedures. However, if this sort of negligence is systemic, then the transport minister will have some explaining to do.

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Posted in: Forklift driver arrested after hitting, killing pedestrian See in context

You’d think with all the keibiin around flapping their flags in semaphore or jabbing their light sabres, this sort of thing would not happen. Unfortunately both the driver and the woman exhibited poor situational awareness, and this is the result. Still, the onus was in the driver to ensure the way was clear before proceeding.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 355 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,472 See in context

How are the PCRs conducted in Japan? Oral? Nasal? Or do they call in the rectum inspector like the Chinese?

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

Why are some people intent on making every issue into radical right and left?

There is nothing radical about it let alone left or right. 

In today’s postmodern world there is a school of thought which denies absolutes, be they moral or based in scientific fact. In fact, the more “common sense” a belief is, the more likely it is to be challenged. This school of thought is known as “Cultural Marxism” and pervades academic thought from contemporaries in gender theory suck as Judith Butler through Foucault, Althusser, the Frankfurt School, Gramsci, and even Saussure’s theories are of signs (though he was no Marxist).

Much political theory, including gender theory, is steeped in the dogma of the political left.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

The bullying of this little boy stems from the narrow mindedness that other kids have been taught from their parents. . “He’s wearing feminine clothes, so I feel threatened and have a right to bully him.”

No. That’s just you projecting onto others.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

Nursery schools and kindergartens in Japan are struggling to teach preschoolers about sexual minorities, a challenge highlighted by the case of a 6-year-old boy who stopped attending a nursery after being bullied for dressing in girl's clothing.

And who dressed the boy before he left the house? Quite clearly, this boy is a victim of activist parents pushing an agenda at the expense of the wellbeing of their child.

Cf. Greta Thunberg.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman says she killed her ailing son at his request See in context

We only have the mother’s word for this, of course. There are other possible explanations...

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Posted in: Sony announces end of online, PlayStation Store support for PS3 and Vita See in context

Could Sony then be accused of theft ?

That is an interesting point. Do we actually own software in perpetuity these days, or do we simply own a licence to use it - one which can be revoked at any point? Owning physical media may not be the solution because of that “phones home” and the server does not respond, you are potentially in the same situation.

Bad news for retro and second hand gaming, but maybe that’s the point. It stinks.

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Posted in: Anger among UK musicians 'forgotten' in Brexit deal See in context

why should they be an exception while all other businesses have to adhere to these new inconvenient regulations? 

Because such musicians are usually white, upper-middle class, and extremely entitled. That’s why.

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Posted in: Saitama officially forbids walking up and down escalators See in context

Well, speed up the escalators, then! Japanese escalators move at the glacial speed of a lame sloth, unlike those in London or Singapore.

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Posted in: 4 dead, including child, in Orange, California office building shooting See in context

Another great victory for the GOP and the NRA.

Biden's America now.

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Posted in: ANA provides luxury meal experience on parked airplane in Tokyo See in context

60,000 is a tad steep though EVEN if they do offer the same wine/champagne choices. Has always been free flow Krug in ANA first

Boozing on a plane is a no-no.

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Posted in: Osaka's 23-match winning streak ends against Sakkari in Miami Open See in context

Oh dear, how sad, nevermind.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of common-law husband See in context

She’d had enough of his abuse and took action.

Pity she didn’t decide to take action before bearing four children to him.

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Posted in: ANA conducts COVID digital health passport trial at Tokyo airport See in context

This is nothing new at all. Seems that most of the posters here are too young to remember, or never used the yellow International Certificates of Vaccination book.

Quite so. I had one of those yellow books when I was a nipper and Papa Bungle took the family with him to the Middle East.

It will, however, be a first if we need to show the passport domestically.

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Posted in: Ship 'partially refloated,' but still stuck in Suez Canal See in context

The crew were fooling around with the ship tracking system while waiting outside Suez, describing a common smutty picture.

In the end they couldn’t get it up the “love” canal. Big disappointment for all concerned.

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