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Posted in: 2 sisters sent to prosecutors after keeping 40 cats in Nagoya apartment See in context

On a more serious note, animal hoarding is generally a sign of mental disorder.

Will they and their pets qualify for half-price flights in Japanese airlines, I wonder?

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Posted in: 2 sisters sent to prosecutors after keeping 40 cats in Nagoya apartment See in context

I'm surprised they could afford to feed them. 40 cats is a lot.

The sisters should consider themselves grateful that it didn't occur to the cats to eat them.

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Posted in: Japanese airlines to offer discount to people with mental disorders See in context

Re: aircraft doors

Given that most modern aircraft have plug-in doors, and that the aircraft is pressurised while in flight, I say good luck to anyone trying to open one.

Furthermore, I suspect it's the undiagnosed crazies we have to be concerned about rather than those individuals being medically treated or supervised.

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Posted in: 4 dead, 4 hospitalized after 4-car accident in Aomori Pref See in context

I've found that a lot of Japanese turn their high beams ON, not off, in oncoming traffic -- at least with me when I'm on my bike.

1 Bugbear with driving at night is with Japanese using fog lamps in all weather. From the driver’s perspective, they only throw light immediately in front of the car (meaning that they are next to useless in fair weather), but for oncoming traffic, having four sets of lights coming at you out of the dark is pretty dazzling, especially in the rain.

If it isn’t illegal to use fog lamps in clear weather, it should be.

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Posted in: Mother indicted after 1-year-old son dies after falling off electric bicycle See in context

You're right she broke the law but she wasn't holding an umbrella. It was hanging on her hand (wrist) and it got caught in the wheel. From that we can assume she was using both hands to ride the bike.

Then we can also assume that had it started raining, she would have held the umbrella while riding there bicycle.

Cyclists in Japan are notoriously cavalier in their attitude towards road safety, and I for one am happy to know that this feckless cyclist will be prosecuted.

Lets not forget she was a nursery school teacher... would you want a woman like her taking care of your kids? I wouldn’t.

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Posted in: 70-year-olds and above account for 20% of Japan's population for 1st time See in context

Calling a 65 year-old “elderly” is, frankly speaking, ridiculous.

The 65-75 age group would be better defined as “senior” rather than elderly.

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Posted in: Author Murakami withdraws from consideration for alternative Nobel award See in context

Beats me why Murakami is a feted writer. If his other novels are like 1Q84, they must be as dull as ditchwater.

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Posted in: Porsche explodes after crash on Kanagawa highway See in context

Police believe he may have been speeding at the time and lost control of the car.

You don’t say.

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Posted in: Death toll from Hokkaido quake revised to 9 See in context

Around 1.6 million households in the sparsely populated northern island of Hokkaido

How can a place have 1.6 million households and be “sparsely populated”? Is Hokkaido the size of Uranus?

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Posted in: Hokkaido quake disrupts business activities, hospitals See in context

Toyota Motor Corp said it halted daytime operations at its subsidiary's transmission manufacturing plant in Tomakomai, southern Hokkaido, and decided to suspend nighttime operations as well, as it is unclear when power will return to normal.


Seafood company Maruha Nichiro Corp stopped production of frozen and canned foods at a plant in the prefecture

I take it Toyota and Maruha haven’t heard of generators? Tsk tsk.

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Posted in: Domestic flights at Kansai airport to resume Friday after typhoon damage See in context

KIX is fine for the carrot-crunching, mikan-munching yokels in south Osaka and Wakayama, but what about the rest of us who live in civilisation? At best it’s an hour-and-a-half to Kyoto if you’re prepared to be price gouged. Who it their right sense would locate an airport there?

Plenty of pork in Wakayama, it seems.

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll reaches 11; thousands being transported from Kansai airport See in context

Part of the problem re: logistics is that Japanese hauliage companies opt for hard-sided trailers as opposed to the canvas ones used in Europe, where it is possible to stow the canvas walls thus permitting the wind to pass straight through an (unladen) trailer.

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Posted in: Tochigi man arrested for shoplifting animals from hardware store to feed to his cat See in context

He was going to feed his cat mosquito coils?

My rabbit eats mosquito coils. He’s yet to develop malaria.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka hits the streets of New York for U.S. Open boost See in context


Actually, it’s the father’s background that interests me. Haiti is one of the most impoverished and backwards countries in the planet and yet he could emigrate to the ‘States and enjoy a first world education. Later going to Japan he marries a Japanese woman and they then settle in the ‘States. Money never an object, he puts his daughters through tennis school, one of whom becomes a top class player. That’s some story.

Either we have been sold a lie about Haitians being dirt poor, or Naomi’s papa has friends in high places, hopefully, none of them called “Doc”.

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Posted in: 4 family members perish in Shizuoka house fire See in context

Scratch that last comment about no one getting out.

Only the homeowner made good his escape yet it was a neighbour who alerted the fire brigade. Suspicious, no?

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Posted in: 4 family members perish in Shizuoka house fire See in context

I don’t live an old timber house.

Unless you had a stonemason carve your furniture, fixtures, and fittings out of granite and have your linen woven entirely out of asbestos, then there will be a fire risk.

I would have thought at least one family member would have made it out alive. I hope this wasn’t murder/suicide.

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Posted in: 6 killed, 2 injured in motorcycle crash in Nara See in context

By Japanese law, the cops can't actively engage with bikes unless the bike has physically injured someone

I find that very hard to believe given that a pair of coppers had no problems issuing me with a ticket because they didn’t like the way I made a left turn.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as your copper acquaintance knows well enough.

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Posted in: Cash stolen from parked taxi in 11 seconds in Sapporo See in context

I am not sure if it is just me but if I have cash in the car, I lock the door. Anyone else?

It goes in the boot, too, as to be out of sight.

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Posted in: 6 killed, 2 injured in motorcycle crash in Nara See in context

How possible to be 3 on a motorbike ?

It's not - hence the fatalities.

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Posted in: 6 killed, 2 injured in motorcycle crash in Nara See in context

Of the six who died, four are... aged between 14 and 18...

Say no more. Case closed.

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Posted in: Basketballers who spent night with prostitutes get 1-year suspensions See in context

Make no mistake, it may only be a one year suspension officially, but these guys are done.

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Posted in: Controversial Fukushima statue of child in radiation suit to be removed See in context

Japanese really need to start moving away from these token crappy mascot thingies. I mean, can’t a nation of 127m people come up with something more meaningful than banal oversizeds plastic junk dolls?

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Posted in: Scorching heat continues for much of Japan See in context

Pools should not be allowed to get that crowded as it’s impossible for the lifeguard to monitor everyone simultaneously. Someone could easily drown unnoticed.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for abusing 1-month-old son See in context

Jesus wept. Reading this, I despair of humanity.

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Posted in: Why is anti-Japanese sentiment remaining from the World War II era almost non-existent in countries like Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, unlike in China and South Korea? See in context

As Taiwan and the Philippines didn’t fight back in any meaningful way, unlike Chinese and Koreans, they were spared some of Japan’s barbarism.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting guy he thought was a woman See in context

I’ve heard a lot of young Japanese men mistake erse for quim.

With apologies to the film Rob Roy.

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Posted in: Man suspected of terrorism attack on UK parliament after driving into pedestrians See in context

Terrorists are terrorists.


The effects of being blown to pieces by a bomb from the 'RA or a bomb from a white supremacist are pretty much as devestating as from an ISIS terrorist.

Describing the effects of terrorism is a complete non-sequitur. What we should be discussing is the risk of terrorism (probability x impact), and what can be done to minimize said terrorism.

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Posted in: Man suspected of terrorism attack on UK parliament after driving into pedestrians See in context

London has always been a target for violence, dissenters, and assasinations.

Not until very recently by Muslims, thou'.

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Posted in: Child statue in protective suit in Fukushima criticized See in context

There reports that after a group of elementary school kids were taken to see an exhibition of Yanobe’s works, some were seen leaving in tears while others were overheard discussing going back on acid.

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