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Posted in: Fresh protests erupt in China's Xinjiang region See in context

ensuring ‘‘stability and unity’’

Let me translate:

Having police shoot randomly at people protesting peacfully.

Installing surveillance software on every single computer in China (not yet, but soon http://is.gd/1pwl2 )

Their "monk shooting season" seems to be over mostly, but China is really living in "interesting times"...

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Posted in: You can learn a lot about Japanese culture from kindergarten classes See in context

So the country my children go to kindergarten is most likely not Japan.

Funny enough at our kindergarten the children are pretty well-behaved (as much as you could expect at that age) and our kindergarten even has a reputation of being far less strict than the others in the vicinity.

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Posted in: Man arrested after taking taxi from Tokyo to Fukuoka and refusing to pay Y359,230 fare See in context

I'd say the twat is the taxi driver, he should have smelt something fishy there. Or at least told the customer that he could fly the same distance for a tenth of the amount he was going to charge him...

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Posted in: Japan warming to cheap foreign gadgets amid slump See in context

Yes Seiyu is owned by Wal-mart now, but it was bought in. You could as well have said a few years ago "at Chrysler - as Mercedes-Benz is called in the US"... or Get the gist? This is just plain wrong, just because one company has bought another one it doesn't make the two all the same.

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Posted in: A little English and big heart go a long way for Moe Oshikiri See in context

Moe is so braindead she turns me of in spite of her somewhat cute face.

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Posted in: Modern working conditions a throwback to '20s, '30s See in context

The problem is that labour laws are enforced far too rarely, and if you complain or insist on your rights as a worker you're often looked at as a difficult "demanding" and ungrateful guy, somehow betraying your company...

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Posted in: Nissan to dismiss 780 temp workers See in context

I guess with Temp workers they meant "haken shaiin" (派遣社員). Most of which have contracts of about a year which will or will not be renewed then.

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Posted in: Miss World Japan goes for the crown See in context

We she was probably the one woman who could speak at least some English so she could go to an international beauty contest...

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Posted in: USB memory with virus scan See in context

Stop sucking up to Microsoft. With other operating systems you don't need that.

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Posted in: Judicial reforms on the horizon causing much anxiety See in context

I always wondered what is so great about a bunch of common folks, who are so easily (mis)guided by a well-prepared emotional speech by a tricky lawyer judging about the outcome of a trial at court?

This will just open the doors to prejudice-motivated randomness in the juidicial system in Japan. Why on earth should Japan parrot one of the most screwed law systems in the world anyway?

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Posted in: Cold calling is waste of time See in context

Look at it this way: for every client you won via cold calling you have probably tainted your name and pissed off 5 or more people, making sure those people will never ever buy anything from you.

Does cold calling really make sense if you look at it this way? Branding wise I think it's suicide.

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Posted in: Overzealous mothers prep their infants too early for school See in context

Our son is 4 1/2, we never had him watch TV until he was two or so. Even now he's only allowed to watch very few programmes and DVDs and we're always watching together, to help him understand the things he sees there.

We have never tried to make him learn anything. Rather we've been trying to listen very closely to what he's interested in, what he wants to know and give him as much support, input and stimulation as possible according to his very own needs.

Now he can read Hiragana and starts learning Katakana, without either me or my wife ever having tought him how to (OK with the Katakana he's now using practice books, but he wanted us to buy them for him). He says he just picked it up, same with the Latin alphabet, I showed him the table with the letters a few times, but then he just somehow picked it up and he can read an write the German alphabet just as well (he still doesn't get how to form words out of the single letters yet, though, for that matter Japanese syllabaries are much more straight forward, I guess).

Self motivated learning is the best way to learn stuff. The point is how to keep the motivation going, because children are like a sponges soaking up information, when they're ready to do so. There's no point in trying to squeeze anything into a sponge...

I've learned 70% of what I know outside of school, because I wanted to know. Same with the kids.

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Posted in: Microsoft slashes Xbox 360 prices in Japan See in context

Despite the fact, that Microsoft is already bleeding money for their Xbox they are going to slash their prices?

Isn't it nice if one of your monopolies helps you not only to get into other markets but also covers losses the size of small countries budgets?

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Posted in: Sex crimes rising with thermometer See in context

What my daddy always said (however in German) "Get your appetite outdoors, but always eat at home"

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Posted in: Hakkeijima See in context

The most obvious visible difference between dolphins and porpoises is that porpoises have flattened, spade-shaped teeth distinct from the conical teeth of dolphins, and shorter beaks.

However the animal depicted is not a porpoise, but a beluga whale.

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Posted in: Life is one rule after another for taxi drivers See in context

There are countries where fastening seatbelts on the back seats is mandatory and WILL be fined in every case (e.g. Germany).

C'mon taxi drivers stop whining. I mean it's not like you even care much about traffic regulations either, we'd all appreciate if they'd follow at least some rules.

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Posted in: Tokyo won't be able to cope with Katrina-like flooding See in context

Title should say, Tokyo won't be able to cope with Katrina-like flooding EITHER ;-)

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Posted in: Shiseido See in context

It's not only you, my first reaction, too, to this photo was: "who's that 婆 to the right?"

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy falls to death from 7th floor apartment in Osaka See in context

Judging from the age of the mother, his brother most likely couldn't be old enough to really look after his little brother all alone. This is simply another very sad example of totally irresponsible parents.

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Posted in: Italians amazed at fallout in Japan over graffiti See in context

"just adding to the graffiti that was already there, in other words it was already defaced"

Aha, so if everyone else is doing it it's OK, but if you happen to be the first one it is not? So if two people beat up one person and you kick him, too, it wouldn't count as physical injury, because the person was already beat up by others and already injured, too?

Great logic.

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Posted in: 18 schoolgirls' swimsuits stolen at primary school in Yamanashi See in context

Yes, I also just though, someone is going to make a good buck in Akihabara soon ;-)

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