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Posted in: New blue Mt Fuji beer and traditional cut glass lets you pour a snow covered Fuji See in context

Abashiri Brewing up in Hokkaido has been doing an identical "beer" for years - Okhotsk Blue Draft. They claim it contains melted ice from icebergs! Good for a once off novelty, its essentially run of the mill happoshu with blue colouring thrown in. I'd imagine this one is the same.

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Posted in: Qatar 'forcibly examined' women from aircraft, drawing angry diplomatic response See in context

Horrible airline, horrible place, zero human rights for foreigners. Let this be another example of why this part of the world - places like Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi - and their dodgy airlines must be avoided at all costs. Pay a bit more and avoid transiting through.

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Posted in: Trump no fan of Sacha Baron Cohen See in context

Awesome job again by Cohen! The fact that he has upset conservatives yet again (they are so dumb and easily fooled and outraged) means the movie is already a huge success!

As for greaseball Giuliani, he is a sick individual. At his age too, dirty, amoral old man.

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Posted in: 2 Melbourne schools shut after new virus cases emerge; 16 protesters arrested See in context

Scum protestors, thinking its so tough to smash poles into the faces of horses, sickening to watch. Fortunately the great majority of Melbournians are doing the right thing and condemn these violent trash.

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Posted in: Mute buttons and plexiglass: Inside the final 2020 debate See in context

Ha ha, Trump is really grasping at straws here, throwing punches that are missing by a mile.

He is a loser, just like all his low-education supporters.

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Posted in: Halloween revelry in Japan to take new forms during pandemic See in context

IDK why Japanese people like Halloween, since it's a foreign culture. 

I am embarrassed Japanese people jump to foreign traditional events without thoughts. What are we?

Yeah, why do they like Halloween, Christmas parties, presents and cake, Western-style weddings and dresses, western clothing ...even foreign food and drinks! How dare Japanese people, its all foreign culture!

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Posted in: Borat is back, and this time he fits right in See in context

I look forward to seeing greaseball Giuliani humiliated. Apparently thought he was going to get some action by heading to the bed and undoing his pants. Would've been his first time for him without paying hundreds of bucks!

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Posted in: Decapitated body of man found in apartment in Niigata Prefecture See in context

Is it gang related? A follow up would be good.

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Posted in: Ardern wins landslide victory in New Zealand See in context

Ha ha, the CONservatives have already conceded! 27% vote, LOL! That is a hiding!!

Well done Labour, well done Kiwis!

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Posted in: Ardern wins landslide victory in New Zealand See in context

Well done Labour, congrats to Ms Ardern. Destroyed the hapless, hopeless Nationals in a landslide! Too easy!

What a rabble CON-servatives are. Bunker boy Trump is next against the wall.

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Posted in: Melania Trump lashes out at media about friend's tell-all book See in context

and refers to Stormy Daniels as the “porn hooker.”

Actually sounds like Melanias CV too!

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Posted in: Facebook shuts NZ political party's page before polls over COVID-19 misinformation See in context

“This is a cynical example of election interference by an American-owned social media outlet that has no business performing any such operation in our sovereign nation," party co-leader Billy Te Kahika said in a statement.

Actually, yes they do. If you dont like the platform, stop posting and use/start another one.

I wonder if Te Kahika understands that if this virus hits his community - sadly far from the healthiest in NZ - it will be impacted more than probably any other. Stop spreading rubbish in a desperate attempt to win a couple of votes.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 166 new coronavirus cases See in context

@ Akula

Numbers staying low. 

Testing numbers staying low.

Fixed it for you.

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Posted in: Trump to spend a few days in hospital as virus diagnosis rocks presidential campaign See in context

wearing a mask will not guarantee that you won't get the virus

Sigh. I think we've all had just about enough of this idiocy. A seatbelt also does not guarantee you will survive a car crash, but it has been proven to reduce the risk of injury and death.

As for Trumps Presidency, well it is now a smoking car wreck where the occupants refused to buckle up.

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Posted in: Suga faces backlash after refusing to appoint 6 science council members See in context

Any dissent shown in the one-party state will be punished.

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Posted in: 'Will you shut up, man?' Repeated interruptions, insults mark fiery debate between Trump and Biden See in context

Game, set, match to DJT. Well played, sir.

LOL. This comment proves my suspicion. The only people who believe Bunker coward Trump won that are the perpetually enraged, white, low educated males. ie the cowards base.

Shouting over the top of moderators and opponents, deflecting and refusing to answer questions does NOT constitute a win in debates.

Bunker Coward is finished.

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Posted in: Virus cases in hard-hit Australian state reach lowest in months See in context

Australia's case fatality rate is 3.4% . Japan's is 1.9%. Australia's deaths per 100,000 is 3.49. Japan's is 1.22.

Yet Australia is relatively successful but Japan isn't?

Who is saying Japan has not also been relatively successful up to now? No one in this report. Both nations have so far managed to keep the death toll low - though quite a few regional neighbours have done better than them : NZ, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

Unfortunately there is still be a long way to go, I for one wont be patting ourselves on the back just yet.

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Posted in: Australian PM Morrison may visit Japan in November See in context

@ AG - there are currently 23,000 Aussies overseas registered as wanting to come home. Don't know where this "hundreds of thousands" figure comes from. Lets not dramatize things. The vast majority of Aussies overseas have lives, jobs and families and are staying put.

Having said that, the gov't absolutely should be doing more to get stranded ones back from far-flung places like South America where there are no commercial flights.


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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics consulting firm paid $370,000 to IOC member's son See in context

Further proof - if it was needed - that Japanese corruption and bribery bought the doomed Olympics. And the taxpayer will keep paying for decades!

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Posted in: Abe tweets that he has visited Yasukuni Shrine See in context

He's now a private person and he's twitting on his own account and there are still bashers.

@ trinklets - Get your facts right. Abe is a politician NOT a private citizen. While he is a publicly well-funded figure, his activities warrant public scrutiny.

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Posted in: Abe tweets that he has visited Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Abe said on Twitter that he visited the Yasukuni Shrine “and reported to the souls of the war dead” that he'd resigned as prime minister.

The ghosts of war criminals will be happy their biggest fan is back!

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Posted in: Seven dead, dozens infected after 'superspreader' wedding in rural U.S. See in context

Likely Trump supporters with that low level of IQ.

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Posted in: As sports embraces activism, what should Tokyo Olympics permit? See in context

Politics has as much place in sports as it does in music, which is to say, lots. The more the merrier.

I'm sure you would have adored the '36 Games! Plenty of wonderful politics in there, the more the merrier eh?!

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Posted in: 86-year-old man admits killing 16-year-old granddaughter but says he was drunk See in context

Old man -

The old "I blacked out and don't remember killing him/her" excuse.

Told you all down voters this was a shady as hell living arrangement.

One case of a grandparent killing their grandchild in an apparent fit of drunken rage, and suddenly grandchildren living with their grandparents - for whatever reason - becomes "shady"?

Get a grip old man, its one rare incident. Surely youd be safe around your grandkids?!

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Posted in: Abe and cabinet resign, clearing way for successor See in context

it brings new faces , new perspectives

The recycled septuagenarian men coming in are definitely not new faces with new perspectives, thats the problem!

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Posted in: Australia's COVID-19 epicenter reports no deaths from virus for first time in 2 months See in context

Just open its borders to its citizens and residents - as Japan did

Australia is open to citizens and partners, residents and other visa holders. Some are unable to get in due to hardly any flights in (and those that are, are extortionately pricey. )

Where are you getting this misinformation that Australian borders are not open to residents?

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Posted in: New Zealand to lift coronavirus curbs in most of country on Sept 21 See in context

Well done Kiwis, well done PM Ardern. Showing the world how things should be done, with common-sense.

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Posted in: Australian state chief health officer under police guard over death threats See in context

Playing the victim card.... how does she feel for putting the population under house arrest and sending the cops to break down the doors of wrong-thinkers? Pure hypocrisy.

Laughable comment. Since when have Queenslanders been under "house arrest" or any hard lockdown? Please do a little more research before throwing wild misinformation around.

The same type of people attack medical experts - as seen with Fauci also - but fail to do any basic reading on the issues. Thankfully the majority of us take the experts advice.

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Posted in: Dozens arrested at Melbourne anti-lockdown protest See in context

Not a shock to see on the news here that more than a few of these covidiots were wearing Trump t-shirts. I'm afraid with these lunatic conspiracy nuts, Melbourne is likely to have a 3rd wave once the lockdowns come off in a couple of weeks.

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Posted in: 40 cars vandalized in Yokohama parking lots See in context

On a daily basis now we read about these sorts of random crimes, and others more violent and frightening. Clearly, some people are in denial about how worse things have gotten over the decades.

This crime spree was also clearly inspired by anime and dastardly "Western influences" I guess, Old Man?

I'm guessing when they catch the perp, he'll put it down to "wanting to let off some steam after being bullied at work."

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