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Posted in: Suga, Koike agree Olympics going 'very smoothly' See in context

Next up :

"Suga, Koike declare Tokyo 2020 the best Olympics ever!"

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Posted in: Only Tokyo could pull off these Games? Not everyone agrees See in context

Any wealthy nation with a government prepared to ignore the wishes of the majority of her citizens, and not listen to the pleas of medical experts, could hold an olympics in the middle of a pandemic.

Sadly, this is nothing to be proud of.

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Posted in: Thousands protest lockdown in Sydney; several arrested See in context

It wasn’t long ago that everyone was praising wonderful Australia and New Zealand, but it was a disastrous policy , shortsighted and doomed from the start

Yet they've managed to keep their death tolls among the lowest in the world, with their economies roaring throughout the pandemic.

Unlike your nation, sadly.

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Posted in: Japan's explanation of Korean wartime forced labor insufficient: UNESCO See in context

Show me any World Cultural heritage site that isn’t based on a certain kind of forced labor. 

The Sydney Opera House.

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Posted in: Death rates soar in Southeast Asia as virus wave spreads See in context

Amazing how Japan has dodged the bullet so far.

Not so sure about "dodging a bullet". Compared to the disasters of the Americas and Europe - definitely. But Japan has a higher death rate than many regional neighbors, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Aus, NZ, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong. Many with higher population densities.

And heaven knows what this olympics and the movement of people everywhere is going to do to the numbers over the next couple of months. Hopefully vax will be ramped up again after dropping off recently. More supplies needed.

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia 8-1 in softball as Tokyo Olympic competition opens See in context

Poor Australians, unfair advantage to the Japanese team who have led a normal life whilst the Australian team could not train in lockdowned Australia and the restricted closed up bubble after arriving in Japan. Plus they are not used to this type of heat the poor things.

anyhow no problem there is always 2032 in Brisbane as long as Australia is still not lockdowned then still trying for zero covid cases

Wow. You sound really bitter.

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Posted in: South Australia locks down after 5 virus cases detected; 14 mil nationwide under lockdown See in context

Yesterday, in the UK we could finally dispense with wearing masks in most places.

Lockdowns a thing of the past 

Australia needs to change tack

Very easy to say that when close to 70 percent of the UK has been fully vaccinated. As opposed to 11 percent of Australians.

Many of us are not happy with any restrictions, and are angry at our third-world vaccine rollout. But we would take the shorter restrictions and 915 deaths as opposed to the UKs many months long lockdowns and approaching 130,000 tragic deaths. I would anyway.

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Posted in: South Australia locks down after 5 virus cases detected; 14 mil nationwide under lockdown See in context

11% is ridiculously low at this stage of the pandemic. 

Youre not wrong. Worst in the developed world.

I applauded Australia earlier on for its competence but this figure is pathetic.

We have a religious nutter/advertising executive Conservative PM who parrotted the line "vaccination is not a race" for a year or more. Sadly, where we are now is no shock to us.

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Posted in: South Korean president to skip Olympics See in context

IOC prohibits each countries to bring in and set up food servicing area within Olympic village.

I am not sure of the accuracy of this. I know for a fact the Australian team are supplying their own food for their approximately 500 athletes, for the duration of the Games. No one is permitted to eat in the village cafeteria/restaurants.

I imagine many other nations are supplying their own food to their athletes, too. Certainly not just South Korea.

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Posted in: Brisbane tipped to be awarded 2032 Olympics See in context

Will they still be under hard lockdown?

I guess they could always run it to empty venues, Japan style!

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Posted in: Brisbane tipped to be awarded 2032 Olympics See in context

It says it all that there are NO other contenders who actually want this nonsense.

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Posted in: Multiple people shot in series of incidents in Tucson, Arizona See in context

A 35-year-old man is accused of opening fire on an ambulance crew 

shooting at firefighters and neighbors trying to douse the flames

One neighbor was shot in the head and died.

When you combine tens of millions of morons with hundreds of millions of guns, sadly this is the result.

Sorry, I see no hope for the USA under either political party. No one will ever reform the gun madness there.

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Posted in: Australia to deport British commentator Hopkins for quarantine breach boast See in context

Shame on the Australian government for allowing such dubious foreign individuals as Hopkins and Caitlyn Jenner into the country in the first place to film a rubbish TV show, when there are still 34,000 Aussies waiting for a flight and quarantine slot to return home.

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Posted in: Suga vows safe Olympics after decision to ban spectators at most venues See in context

"The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be a celebration of humanity's victory over the pandemic." - Shinzo Abe, 2020.

That aged well.

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Posted in: Sydney tightens lockdown as Delta outbreak intensifies See in context

What a difference of attitude between countries when it comes to the Covid response

You seem to have a short memory.

Much of Europes "Covid response" was to have far, far tougher and lengthier lockdowns than Australian regions have had. And sadly they were generally too late, ending up with a death greater than 50 times that of Australia.

Soccer fans at Wembley and in Europe must laugh.

No one laughs at other nations or people over the pandemic except for psychopaths.

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Posted in: JR East to inspect baggage at Tokyo stations during Olympics See in context

Not sure if the cops should/would be focussed on foreigners. Considering the terror attacks in Japan have always been committed by Japanese ie the multiple Aum terror attacks.

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Posted in: Australians trapped in vaccine 'Hunger Games,' says top official See in context

Japan can /should and give (I think ) if asked 50M shots of the not so desirable AZ vaccine to Australia.

Umm, Australia has been donating AZ vaccines to her neighbours in SE Asia and Pacific. Not really sure they are after Japans excess supplies!

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Posted in: Japan seeks to have vaccine passports accepted by over 10 nations See in context

Of course all countries will accept Japan's vaccine passport because Japan has a squeaky clean reputation. 

LOL. Thanks for the Monday morning laugh to start the week!

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Posted in: Sydney put into two-week hard lockdown as Delta COVID-19 cases grow See in context

Let’s the madness and the hygienist repression continue in the country of fearful people. So stupid.

Hygienist repression? What you have typed doesn't even make sense.

One thing is certain. Australia will emerge with a stronger economy plus lower covid death toll than your country.

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Posted in: Japan cash handout discriminated against Korean students: U.N. experts See in context

And downvoting is not a proper response.

Anyone else getting tired of reading this?

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Posted in: Australian deputy PM loses job in government climate split See in context

Australian politics is starting to sound more secretive, authoritarian and backward looking than the CCP. What is going on in Australia?

Its called the Westminster-style parliament. Leaders get ousted, and have for well over a century. Look it up.

Only a matter of time before beetroot head Joyce implodes spectacularly yet again!

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Posted in: With Kane struggling, Scotland holds England to 0-0 draw See in context

sublime dribbling, energetic heading, and furious running up and down. Well played Scotland and well played England.

Sublime? Energetic? Well played?

You must have watched a different game!

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Posted in: Australia temporarily releases Sri Lankan asylum seeker family after two years island detention See in context

Looks like Australia is returning to it's racist past. Thus only supporting those who seek the possibility of immigration or migration and must be of light complexion. Australia is surrounded and has always been inhabited by non-white people. Give it up Aussies and face the fact you stole the land from Non-Europeans and want to keep out anyone who does not meet the color-code.

Inflammatory rubbish.

The majority of immigrants to Australia are non-caucasian. This has been the case for many years. Before you go off on an unsubstantiated rant, do a little research.

FWIW, I am glad commonsense has prevailed, and hope this family can stay permanently. They have connections to their rural community, and the two little girls were born in Australia. I'm sure they will have a great future.

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Posted in: Crowdfunding opens on Japanese version of a gadget that makes any canned beer easier to drink See in context

Yona-Yona is the best beer in Japan. (and their Aoni IPA is the best in class here as well)

Totally agreed! I miss the days of popping into a conveni for a few cans of Yona-Yona and Aoni! They make awesome beer, just a little more expensive than the bland megaswill from the majors.

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Posted in: Olympic chiefs propose Brisbane as host of 2032 Summer Games See in context

More fool the Queensland and Australian governments. Surely the fact basically no other country wants this thing would set off alarm bells? Watch the costs run into tens of billions of taxpayers dollars.

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Posted in: Saitama police chief arrested for stealing rolls of toilet paper See in context

Didn't old Shinzo Abe resign twice over a similar "medical condition"? This police chief is in good company!

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Posted in: Osaka man charged with spitting in front of same pickle shop for most of 2020 See in context

Spitting in public is frowned upon in Japan, and doing so in places where people gather is a violation of the Minor Crimes Act

My understanding is that spitting in public in Japan was declared illegal by the US Occupation, and has since stuck. Apparently it had been a problem traditionally.

Anyway, Im just glad this nasty old man is not my neighbour! He must be horrible if he gets that wound up by a flamin' points card!

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria state posts lowest rise in daily COVID-19 cases in a week See in context

Victoria Police State


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Posted in: Sympathy for Osaka in Japan over French Open withdrawal See in context

It's fascinating the connection the Japanese feel for an athlete that has practically never lived in their country and barely speaks the language or really understands the culture. Osaka is breaking all traditional boundaries of nationality.

I suspect winning 4 Majors probably has something to do with it!

Good luck to her. I'd put money on her skipping the planned Olympics, that would be pressure she likely couldnt cope with at this point. Japanese media interest will be crushing.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pulls out of French Open, citing mental health issues See in context

Social media users who attack others should attach their pictures and CVs to allow others to comment on them.

She could also, you know, step back from social media if that media is also contributing to her issues. Quite a few athletes are doing this.

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