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there is no one to repair ruins,

Ruins? The facades of a couple of old buildings crumbled.

Please keep it in perspective.

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Posted in: Hundreds arrested, police injured at anti-lockdown protests in Australia See in context

Same old rubbish from these freedumbers who will simply end up spreading the virus. Same old banners recycled from last time - "Trump was right", "No one has died from Covid", "Masks are Communist" etc

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It is planned that the first nuclear submarine could be in the fleet in 2040. If So Australia will be the eighth nation to operate nuclear submarines after US, Russia, China, UK, France, India and Brazil who have already begun construction on their first nuclear sub.

@ Peter14 - Wow - 2040. Thats longer than I thought!

The media here reported South Korea has a nuclear sub programme in the works so we will likely be behind them at least? Clearly its an enormous and time-consuming national project.

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What happened to the massively upvoted posters from two days ago proclaiming Australia a "Communist Chinese vassal state" or some such nonsense, due to the Covid response?!

Now its all a big love-in for us!

No shock China is throwing a mini tantrum. Interesting to see how this plays out. We are talking long term here until the subs are launched. Sorry to say but we dont have a stellar record of building our subs here. There is still no known design and no contract in place for these subs. The French-designed ones were supposed to be launched in the early 2030s, so the earliest for the nuclear-powered ones will be mid to late 2030s.

Of course Biden forgot his name. That bumbling mess can barely push out a coherent sentence.

Bit harsh on Biden. Scotty isnt super memorable, to be fair.

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Posted in: Former women's empowerment minister Noda to run for LDP leadership See in context

@ Jay - fair enough then mate.

I'm a fan of jobs on merit, not gender, colour, quotas etc. Cant see how this Noda is qualified. Having said that, all the options are pretty ordinary!

Eventually there will surely be a decent woman candidate for the top job in Japan.

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Have you looked at a map?

Every accepted definition of Australia and NZ is that they are Western nations.

You realise the term "Western" in this context is not purely geographic, right?

BTW, seems from your posts you are very angry. Chill out mate, its almost the weekend!

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Western countries control a lot of the information flow and do a good job convincing people that they are excelling, but the US, UK, Canada (and Australia even though it's not Western)

@ Jay - Australia is not a Western nation? When did this happen? Very curious to hear your take on this.

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Hopefully, women's tennis is now turning a new page brimming with high energy, charisma and positivity.

It did a few years back with Ash! She ticks all those boxes.

Awesome job by Emma! Surely one to watch at home in Wimbledon 2022!

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Hypocritical, backtracking, nasty government

Welcome to the Conservative NSW govt, led by Gladys "I will never lock this state down" Berejiklian.

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No other country could have put this all together but Japan! It was difficult, it was controversial, it was polarizing, but if it had been a different country, it would have been the worst ever. Luckily it was in Japan.


No other nation, with the exception of China, would go ahead and put on an Olympics in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

Why on earth would you?

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it sounds so casual, like an after thought or something. It begs the question, why was Australia at the back of the queue so to speak? Was it because of a horrid arrogant government perhaps..

Pretty much. Our conservative gov't threw its lot in with AZ from the start - it was "cheaper" after all, and it is being made here unlike Pfizer and Moderna. Then several members of the gov't (and their right wing media supporters) actively undermined the vaxxine in the public's mind. Add to that Morrison's mantra of "its not a race" about vaccination.

Basically, Australia should be 70-80% fully vaxxed by now, but is only just about to hit 40%. So much time was squandered while the federal govt endlessly talked up the brilliance of "the Australia way".

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Very impressive young lady! All the best to her.

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Posted in: Australia to acquire 500,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine from Singapore See in context

A backwards country, and the laughing stock of the world

The only people who would obsess over and laugh at other nations and their Covid situation would be sociopaths.

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Not shocked at all to read about Rangers supporters stooping this low. Sadly it seems to be their form.

Kyogo is playing brilliantly! Excellent signing by Ange. I remember the days of Nakamura playing for Celtic, he was great to watch too.

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How do you arrive at that conclusion?

Probably because the govt has now stated the new outbreak came in via a traveller returning from Sydney.

NZ needs to work out if they will now close off to everyone - both Kiwi and foreigner. If not, they need to get their border measures against Covid sorted. Shame to see all the hard work and the best freedom in the world undone by Covid cases leaking out from returned travellers into the largely unvaxxed population.

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These violent anti-vax, covid-denialist "protesters" are Anti-Australian filth. Fortunately the vast majority of people are against them.

It is telling that a number of them were seen wearing nazi symbols like iron crosses on their t-shirts, and sticking hundreds of anti-semitic stickers around Melbourne. Unmasked, spitting on police, throwing flares, chanting that "vaccines kill", holding "9/11 conspiracy" banners and "Covid is a hoax" signs.

The problem is the authorities are way too soft and let these scum proceed and spread the virus everywhere.

New Zealand is in LEVEL 4 NATION WIDE LOCKDOWN because of Australia.

We are a TEAM OF 5 MILLION, Aussies are selfish and arrogant.

The BIG PICTURE eludes these people.

NZ is on a lockdown because of the incompetence of the quarantine system there - as well as having the LOWEST vaccination rate in the developed world. Even Australia's is better, and thats saying something. If NZ are going to continue to allow any planes to fly in, they need to fix these things - fast.

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People around the world have had enough as seen by protests both large and small, violent and semi-violent. It is time to move on.

"I'm tired of Covid. Lets just pretend it's no longer an issue."

Sorry. Im pretty sure wishing viruses away because "youve had enough" of them does not work.

Further, those unmasked, moronic protesters you mention are likely to be spreading the virus around - thus extending the lockdowns and restrictions.

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I don’t think the taliban are going to look the other way while China wages a domestic genocide against Muslims. 

Pretty clear the Taliban couldnt care less about the Muslims in their own nation, let alone ones in China.

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Posted in: Palau loses virus-free status with first COVID cases See in context

If 80% of the people are vaccinated, then why would they need to quarantine positive visitors?

You dont know the answer to that by now? Surprised you arent embarrassed even asking the question.

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Posted in: New Zealand cancels Springbok tests amid COVID-19 lockdown See in context

Saved the Wannabies from yet another hiding!

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Posted in: Vaccine checks beginning at San Francisco eateries, bars See in context

This is going to have those on the extreme right throwing tantrums.

Great news!

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Posted in: Sydney extends lockdown for another month; imposes partial curfew See in context

I'm betting the same folks that run U.S. elections run NZ elections, too.

You believe the Federal Election Commission of the US also runs NZ elections?

Wow - you really do have some reading to catch up on.

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Posted in: Boy Scouts get conditional approval of $850 mil bankruptcy deal See in context

The Boy Scouts - probably the sleaziest and most discredited organisation in the world - after the Catholic Church, of course.

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Incredible this small island nation cannot come up with a plan that stops COVID

Name ANY nation small or big that has "stopped" Covid. Exactly, you cant.

NZ has gone closer than anywhere else, and the odds are good they will continue to minimise deaths more than anwhere else. 26 deaths so far among 5 Million people is spectacular.

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The usual haters and misogynists are triggered - yet again. Attacking PM Ardern. Yet again.

NZ nationally has been lockdown free for 15 months, has by far the lowest death rate in the developed world, does not have a medical system on the verge of collapse - and odds are they will be out of the lockdown soon. (Yes, the vax programme really needs stepping up)

When that happens, expect the usual little misogynist haters to keep on hating from their basements. Waa waa!

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Cool...draconian, nanny state living is the new place to be

@ Joffy - You clearly know zero about what you are talking about.

Yesterday you were claiming the Australian gov't is progressive! Still making that claim!?

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The countries with the most progressive governments will be the last to give freedom back to their residents. If you live in Japan, thank your lucky stars. I do everyday.

Are you describing the Conservative Morrison government of Australia as progressive? Really?

Thanks for the laugh, we can all use one right now!

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I feel sorry for the folks in NZ people in other countries are getting on with their lives.

Dont feel sorry for them. Kiwis have had more freedom and less deaths than anywhere for the past year and a half.

Hope they get on top of this soon, ramp up that snail-paced vax programme, and get back to the full stadiums and pubs most of us envy.

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Crikey - I thought we in Australia were the worst in the developed world for vaccinations...then I read we have a contender :

But its vaccine rollout has been less stellar, with only around 20 percent of the population fully inoculated.

Get that vax rate ramped up. Fast!

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Posted in: U.S. states that had a grip on COVID now seeing a crush of cases See in context

I blame the virus, not the masks, or lack of.

Akin to saying "I blame the cancer, not the cigarettes"


Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Practice hygeine and distancing in public.

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