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Posted in: Naomi Osaka wins U.S. Open after Serena Williams penalized a game See in context

Well done to Naomi! Brilliant performance all through the tournament, and will be the first of many Majors for her I reckon.All class. And let's stop talking about what nationalities she has.

But what a petulant grub Williams is. Bringing up the child card out on the court "... I have a daughter you know..." while abusing the umpire, acting hysterically and smashing racquets was beyond low. The woman has zero class. Equally matched by the lowlife crowd booing Naomi and cheering on Williams.

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Posted in: Panasonic to move UK headquarters on Brexit fears See in context

I wish my company would transfer me to Amsterdam! Not sure I'd be very productive, though!

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Posted in: Trump, under pressure to honor McCain, orders flags to half-staff See in context

Trump showing yet again what a despicable and disgusting individual he is.

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Posted in: U.S. Senator John McCain dead at 81 See in context

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Donald J Trump


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Posted in: Honda says he put off retirement to sign A-League deal See in context

Bit harsh there, Smith! Honda will do well - Shinji Ono and even old “King” Kazu both performed well at Sydney FC in the A-League, attracting more local and Japanese fans. Honda should do the same in Melbourne, and hopefully boost the profile of soccer in Australia, which is in a slump it must be said. All seems positive here.

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Posted in: Canada to ask allies to help cool Saudi dispute; U.S. offers no assistance See in context

Saudi Arabia has also ordered roughly 15,000 Saudis studying in Canada to leave.

Surely a good thing for Canada. Let's hope they all end up in the U.S. No travel bans on Saudis remember, Trump loves that regime.

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Posted in: Envoys from 85 nations to attend Hiroshima A-bomb memorial ceremony See in context

Shame on the Japanese government for refusing to join the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Instead, all these hypocritical nations with nuclear weapons - who have no intention of giving them up - will be attending this event. Slap in the face from the Japanese government again to the hibakusha.

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Posted in: Japan hangs all 6 remaining Aum death row inmates See in context

Good riddance to the lot, should have been done years ago.

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Posted in: Diet OKs law to allow up to 3 casino resorts See in context

We all know Japan's Asian neighbours love to gamble

We all know that Japanese love to gamble - to a very worrying level - and THAT is the major issue here.

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Posted in: Trump criticizes May, London mayor, giant balloon mocking him See in context

Trump told The Sun newspaper that he felt unwelcome in London because of protests

Poor petal. Trump - you are not welcome pretty much ANYWHERE in the world (except for perhaps Israel) because you are a sleazy, creepy grub.

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Posted in: Croatia beats England 2-1 to reach World Cup final for 1st time See in context

Well done Croatia! Here’s hoping they are soon crowned World Champions! They dug deep and found 2 goals. Just glad it didnt go to penalties.

Great Cup from the Three Lions. With the youngest team tyere, they will only get better now and will be a big chance next time.

@ old man - time to let it go about the cleaning up, that story has had its 5 minutes and its become tedious

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Posted in: Body of executed Aum cult founder Asahara cremated in Tokyo See in context

Correction: it is the “other children” that are requesting his remains, not the fourth daughter.

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Posted in: Body of executed Aum cult founder Asahara cremated in Tokyo See in context

Rather disturbing that the daughter and wife want this monster’s remains. They should be disposed of by the government, lest he is turned into a martyr as Disillusioned suggests, or has some sort of shrine made for him.

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Posted in: England beats Sweden 2-0 to reach World Cup semifinals See in context

Well played to the three lions, they really are shaping up as a big chance. A lot to like anout them, AND they usually dont spend the whole game rolling around on the grass like other “big” teams. If they dont win it this time, how good are their kids going to be in 4 years?! I’m going with a France v England Final.

@ old man 13 -

Compare that to the Japanese fans, including the players, who spotlessly cleaned up their mess before leaving the stadium.

Can we really just let this go now? Everyone has read and heard enough.

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Posted in: Belgium eliminates Brazil from World Cup to reach semifinals See in context

Well done Belgium! Thoroughly deserved. Would be nice to see them hold the Cup for the first time.

Neymar pretty much spent the entire world cup writhing around on the ground like a worm! Happy we dont have to watch him any more.

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Posted in: England's Stones calls Colombia 'dirtiest team' he's faced See in context

They are a team of weak cheats and grubs, Stones is right. Sadly with the Cup expanding, they will likely be at every future edition.

Football is heading in a poor direction with the antics of South Americans - and others - getting away with blatant cheating and intimidating refs.

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Posted in: Aum cult founder Asahara, 6 followers hanged See in context

About time. Good riddance.

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Posted in: England beats Colombia in penalty shootout See in context

Well done England! No reason they cant go all the way now.It goes to show why all teams should always practice penalties.

Great that the cheating, unsporting Colombians are sent home. Their entire team is a stain on the game.

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Posted in: Mass brawl erupts at international basketball match in Manila See in context

Talk about a thriller in Manila!


@ starpunk - spot on from what Ive seen. The Aussie guy shouldnt have reacted to the initial cheap shot, sure, but having phillipine officials and even security get involved, Phillipine guys karate kicking and punching from behind just shows their complete cowardice. Their lack of ability is forgiveable, but not that thuggery.

A violent society and president breeds violent players, it seems.

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Posted in: Belgium beats Japan 3-2 in injury time to reach World Cup quarterfinals See in context

Great game, by far the best Japan played at the Cup. Goes a long way to make up for the Poland debacle! I can see the big clubs in Europe waving a chequebook at Inui, he was outstanding!

Super comeback by Belgium, but I really cant see them troubling Brazil in the QF.

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

@ Midnight Sun

A lot of us hoped for more Asian teams progressing as well as Japan. Why the nastiness and bitterness on your part?

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Posted in: Not having children is selfish, says LDP Secretary-General Nikai See in context

Not having children is selfish, says LDP Secretary-General Nikai

OK then. By that logic we can now clearly state that Abe and his wife are selfish individuals. Even more selfish than the masses, since they have far greater riches than the average struggling Watanabe.

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Posted in: Kane scores hat-trick in England's 6-1 rout of Panama See in context

As an Aussie it isn't in my nature, but I applaud the English for that amazing performance in the first half! Southgate seems to be a winning selection as Manager - rather than reputation, he has gone for youth and players in form. Harry Kane will be a handful for every team they face. I was working in London during the 2002 world cup when people were so confident, and then all so devastated at crashing out. This team has got a greater potential than that or any England squad I've seen. They should be aiming for a Semi at worst.

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Posted in: Honda goal gives Japan a 2-2 draw against Senegal at World Cup See in context

Exciting game, I enjoyed it! Both teams have a chance of progressing - I hope Japan does - but theyd do well to ditch their respective keepers. They both had howlers! Veteran Kawashima has served his nation well, but it’s time someone tapped him on the shoulder. Honda on the other hand was at his best!

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Posted in: Tidy Japan fans make us proud, says Yoshida See in context

@ Hawkeye - most bins were removed around train stations here after the terrorist attacks of the mid 90s.

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Posted in: Japan beat 10-man Colombia 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

You have to fear for Sanchez now - if he ever goes back home - knowing how Colombians deal with players who let them down (the late Escobar didnt last very long after he got home after the 1994 Cup). Hope history doesn’t repeat.

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Posted in: Japan beat 10-man Colombia 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

Fantastic performance Samurai Blue! Excellent from 1 to 11. First Asian team to ever beat a South American team in the WC - in 17 attempts! Arguably, the best performance ever by the Japanese men’s team. Great chance now for the Samurai to make the final 16 - and then who knows?

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Posted in: High school basketball player punches ref after dispute over foul See in context

I wonder what the Japanese people in stands now think of foreigners particularly black foreigners?

Well, hopefully they are not generalising about an entire continent because of the poor/aggressive actions of one kid. Unlike some people here would...

The ref sounds like a good citizen for "turning the other cheek". Referees in most sports have a thankless task at the best of times.

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Posted in: Father of slain Vietnamese girl demands death penalty See in context

Agree. If this act of evil does not warrant the ultimate punishment then nothing else does, and they may as well scrap it from the books. Rest in Peace little Le Thi Nhat Linh.

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Posted in: Trump threatens U.S. allies on trade before leaving G7 summit See in context

Of course, it wont happen. Nations will continue vested interests, japan protecting rice/agriculture, US their industry etc. All these Summits seem to do is push people away from free trade and provide platform for domestic grandstanding...

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