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Posted in: Japan lagging world in introducing livestock welfare standards See in context

While this would be ideal, remember the eggs in Japan are already the most expensive from all developed countries.

Very untrue.

A dozen eggs in a Japanese supermarket can be had for around 300 yen.

Here in Australia, you'd pay around $6 (600 yen) for a dozen.

I recall eggs being far pricier than Japan when I lived in London, too.

I'm assuming eggs are cheap in Japan due to them mostly being from caged hens? No doubt the price will rise if free-range takes off.

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Posted in: Australians poised to reject Indigenous rights in landmark vote See in context

i remember referendum if Australia need new flag result was NO.

You are thinking of NZ.

Aus has never had a referendum on a flag.

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Posted in: Israel blockades Gaza Strip as Hamas threatens to kill captives See in context

There is a few Aussie hostages and I hope Hamas as not see our PM response. 

Where are you coming up with this "information". Source?

There are zero Australian hostages, to be clear.

Wild statements are becoming a regular thing from you.

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Posted in: Australians warned of 'shame' if Indigenous referendum fails See in context

The yes vote is polling at 25% I know this tearing the local Aboriginal community apart.


No need to exaggerate things, nor make up figures to suit your narrative.

The "Yes" vote is running at ~38-40% nationwide. Extremely long odds to win in 4/6 states.

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Posted in: Japan court rejects damages claim by woman over same-sex benefits See in context

Thank you, Japan, for upholding the law, for upholding the actual meaning of equality (that the rights and restrictions of the law apply to all citizens the same), and the objective reality of what a marital relationship is, i.e. the union of one man and one woman.

This country has once again proven to be pro-marriage, which means it is pro-family, which means it is not walking down the path of social suicide.

"Pro-marriage"? Huh?

This ruling has ZERO to do with being "pro-marriage", or about couples needing to be married. Unmarried heterosexual couples can claim these living benefits.

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Posted in: Japan court rejects damages claim by woman over same-sex benefits See in context

The constitution of Japan clearly stipulates that marriage “shall be based only on the mutual consent of both sexes.”

But these benefits also apply to non-married heterosexual couples. Marriage doesn't come into it.

Seems more than a bit unfair that the living benefits cannot be applied to this non-married same sex couple.

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Posted in: Australia Indigenous referendum set to fail as support dips, poll shows See in context

Without bi-lateral political support, every referendum in Australia is doomed to fail historically. The Conservatives have opposed this proposed change, as they did in the Republic referendum 25 years ago.

To be honest, it is doubtful that an unelected "Voice" to parliament would achieve much other than lining the pockets of some in Canberra instead of building hospitals and police stations where they are needed for the indigenous.

Most Aussies couldn't care less for the first people of their land, and anyone who has visited Australia would know this first hand. 

Patently untrue. Most Aussies do want the gap to close between black and white - but many believe this change is not the answer. As for the "respect" of non-indigenous New Zealanders toward Māori and other Pacific Islanders, I have heard plenty using pejorative terms to describe them over the years. There will be a percentage of bigots everywhere. And I'd remind you there is a very big gap between indigenous and white New Zealanders in terms of income, unemployment, incarceration etc.

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Posted in: Infantino says 'seize moment' in last-minute Women's World Cup ticket plea See in context

@ Yoshisan - perhaps you dont watch Ch 7? It's been all over their network, as well as social media.

1 million tix already snapped up here in Aus. Been trying to get tix to a Matildas game with no luck.

It's a pretty big vibe for the Matildas v Ireland opener tomorrow. Hope the game lives up to it!

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Posted in: Japan grants long-term visa to gay U.S. man wed to Japanese See in context

John San -

It's not going to happen legally in Japan.

It will happen - like many things, Japan takes a while to catch up. Probably a decade or so down the track is my guess.

Times change - society changes, attitudes change and even constitutions change.

Public polls are indicating support for same sex marriage. Whether you call it abnormal or not is irrelevant. You'll likely be gone when it does take effect.

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Posted in: Kishida says ban on same-sex marriage not discrimination See in context

Kishida good job! Kick out these dirty people from your country. Let them to get married somewhere in scruffy West.

How can gay Japanese people be kicked out of their own country? And calling them dirty says everything about the type of nasty bigot you are.

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Posted in: Japan to relax border control for passengers from China on March 1 See in context

Japan is poised to become the most visited country in the world

Big advocate of J-tourism - but this statement simply isn't true.

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Posted in: Japanese Americans who won redress, now fight for Black reparations See in context

I would love to get money from the government for something that happened to my great-grandparents. Where do I sign up?

Why? Did anything actually happen to your great-grandparents - like the crimes against Japanese-Americans and Afro-Americans - to actually warrant reparations?

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Posted in: Ex-PMs of UK, Australia, Belgium urge tough action on China See in context

Failures Truss, Morrison and some Belgian guy. Not exactly the heavy hitters the region needs to speak out against China.

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Posted in: King Charles III won't appear on new Australian bank notes See in context

Good move, symbolic really and that's all.

Cash only made up 7% of transactions in Australia (2022) and is tipped by some to be close to extinct by 2025. I don't even remember the last time I even saw a $5 note except for this picture!

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Posted in: About 500 people evacuated from fire in South Korea shanty town See in context

South Korea has slums?

Not sure if you have travelled too much, but every massive city in the world - even the "richest" - has areas where homeless people live. Be that in parks, hostels, tunnels, or sadly even on the street.

I hope these poor people are found accommodation.

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Posted in: Jacinda Ardern to step down as New Zealand prime minister See in context

Interesting to see many here who would struggle to locate NZ on a map suddenly being experts on NZ policy and politics, calling Ardern a witch, a Communist and so on.

I agree with Strangerland - she will be remembered as an exceptional leader who kept her nation pumping, the rugby stadiums full and pubs and restaurants packed, while the rest of us were under some type of restrictions.

A definite contender for UN Secretary General if she plays her cards right and those cards fall her way. Bravo, Ms Ardern.

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Posted in: Quarter of trainees in Japan told to return home if pregnant: survey See in context

Japan wants foreign workers. It doesn't want foreign people.

Here's the thing : workers have babies.

It would be a positive thing to look after these pregnant workers. Babies are the workforce (and taxpayers) of the future.

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Posted in: Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd appointed ambassador to U.S See in context

ok and so what?

Some people come across as really childish.

This section is "World news". Not interested? Don't read and comment.

Rudd is a good appointment for Australia.

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Posted in: FIFA looks to 48-team World Cup as eyes turn to 2026 See in context

So basically New Zealand will get an automatic birth and Australia has to go play a bunch of Asia teams to qualify?

Yep. NZ will essentially be playing against amateur teams in the lead up like Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga etc and scoring goals for fun - with no challenge. Hard to prepare for a World Cup playing teams like that.

Australia getting to play the likes of South Korea, Japan, Saudi etc over the 4 year cycle definitely raises their standard.

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Posted in: Do accents disappear? See in context

It's not like Aussies can tell what area each other are from based on their accent, whereas people in the UK (mostly) can.

Regional accents in Australia are far more subtle than in the UK (where I can identify around 10) but are there if you listen. As an Aussie I can easily pick a Queensland or WA accent, and a Victorian one based on pronunciation of selected words. Even in this city, Sydney, there is a distinct Western Sydney accent as compared to North of the bridge.

Never having been to Canada I'd have no hope of discerning a Toronto vs Vancouver accent. If I spent a few years there I probably could.

Languages are far more interesting with accents!

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Posted in: Melbourne soccer match abandoned after goalkeeper attacked See in context

Can anyone tell me why this happens so often in soccer - having violent (& racist) fans - in so many countries on different continents?

It doesn’t happen with other sports with rabid fans like MLB, NFL, NBA, rugby or cricket.

This stuff is unheard of in the biggest codes here - Australian Football, Rugby League and Cricket apart from the odd moron. Indeed, rival fans commonly sit together. Soccer just seems to attract violent, angry anti-social males with a pack mentality for some reason.

Sadly incidents like this will prevent soccer ever becoming as popular as it could be here in Australia.

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Posted in: 6 killed, including 2 police officers, in Australian ambush, siege See in context

But I thought all the Australians were disarmed - how is this possible?

All Australianns? It probably pays to do a little research before commenting. We are talking about rural Australia - where many farmers require firearms to euthanise animals and kill predators.

There is also the possibility the weapons were illegally obtained. Illegal weapons are available in every country for a price.

Fortunately multiple gun deaths are incredibly rare in Australia.

Rest in Peace to the police killed in such a cowardly manner, and the innocent neighbour.

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Posted in: 63% of Japanese firms don't support Kishida, citing leadership, prices: poll See in context

How's that New Capitalism™️ going, by the way?

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Posted in: Do you think Christmas illuminations should not be displayed in Japan's cities this year in order to save electricity? See in context

Leave them on. What is Xmas without the lights?!

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Posted in: Liz Truss quits after six chaotic weeks as UK prime minister See in context

Well, they do still have a commonwealth that gives them total control over the democratically elected governments of many countries including Canada, Australia, NZ to name a few.

The UK has "total control" over Australia, Canada and NZ?

I'm sure that comes as a shock to the citizens there. Australia has been independent for 121 years and I'd imagine Canada longer.

The Commonwealth of Nations is an organisation nations voluntarily join. It has no "control" over them.

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Posted in: Abe damaged Japan's democracy, left legacy of power abuse, critics say See in context

Let’s not forget the whole “Beautiful Country” thing or that he essentially smothered a rape investigation of one of his compromise either.

I also remember the "we will make Japan a place where women shine" hilarity.

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Posted in: Australian leader Albanese plus 3 former PMs to attend Abe funeral See in context

A nice, rare junket for halfwit Tony Abbott, and the angry geriatric, little Johnny Howard.

Surely the current PM attending would be sufficient.

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Posted in: Man acquitted in Air India bombings in 1985 shot to death in Canada See in context

Doesnt exactly sound random.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe dies after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

Even if one disagreed with his politics, it is a truly sad and horrible day for Japan. No one deserves to die like that. Friday, July 8, 2022 will be an infamous and tragic day in this nation's history.

Rest in Peace, Abe Shinzo.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

Condolences to wife, children 


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