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Posted in: 1 dead, 3 injured after light car collides with bus in Chiba Pref See in context

The heavier car is the safer car, it's simple physics.

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Posted in: Survey says more than 70% of Japanese people think gender inequality exists in Japan See in context

I can think of two specific cases of inequality.

Women have their own dedicated train carriage, but men don't

Female staff don't face any restrictions for entering male spaces at onsens and such, but male workers do.

I can think of no other specific cases of discrimination.

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Posted in: Democratic White House contender Gabbard sues Hillary Clinton for 'Russian asset' comment See in context

I want to join the lawsuit.

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Posted in: Iran acknowledges Russian-made missiles targeted Ukraine jet See in context

It's also important to keep in mind that aggressor states, who use Pearl Harbor type tactics, specifically launch their first strike along civilian flight routes and put civil air transponders into their missiles and aircraft in an attempt to fool air defences into not shooting them down.

It's illegal and a sinister underhanded tactic, but then again so is blatant assassination, and some countries don't follow the rules.

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Posted in: Iran acknowledges Russian-made missiles targeted Ukraine jet See in context

The TOR-M1 is a sophisticated system and requires disciplined and trained operators to man it.

Iranian forces seemed a to have itchy trigger fingers, but then again, I can't blame them.

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Posted in: Iranian MP offers $3 mil to anyone who kills Trump: report See in context

Looks like two can play the assassination game.

This is probably why most civilized countries have policies against political assassinations.

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Posted in: Thousands of armed U.S. gun rights activists join peaceful Virginia rally See in context

Nice to see citizens stand up to elite totalitarians who want to take rights away from the people.

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Posted in: Osaka mayor wants to legally control when kids can and can’t use smartphones in their own home See in context

Authority belongs with the parents and not the government.

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Posted in: Subaru sets mid-2030s target to sell only electric vehicles worldwide See in context

Their boxer engine with it’s low center of gravity is their main advantage. Otherwise, why buy a Subaru?

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Posted in: Davos faces up to towering global challenges See in context

Another meeting of the global elite with 7 course caviar meals where everyone attends by private jet and they discuss more rules to curtail the lives of the rest of us.

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Posted in: Pompeo urges end to 'tyranny' of Venezuela's Maduro See in context

Curious that every oil rich country that doesn’t sell out to the US gets their leader branded as “tyrant”

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Posted in: U.S. envoy say it's his mustache; South Koreans say otherwise See in context

Just shave it already.

Or trying to stir the pot?

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Posted in: Foreign powers back Libya ceasefire as commander's forces choke oil flows See in context

No more wars for oil. And gas.

Should've told that to Obama, or is he controlled by Russian oligarchs as well?

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Posted in: Foreign powers back Libya ceasefire as commander's forces choke oil flows See in context

Prior to Obama ordering NATO to bomb Libya, all the oil production was nationalized and owned by the Libyan people.

Hence Libyan citizens were amongst the richest in Africa, being able to afford to send their children to study abroad.

Now their country is a Mad Max zone.

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Posted in: Warren, Sanders try to move past feud as early voters sound alarm See in context

If someone offers your their hand, you shake it.

Basic decency, civility and courtesy.

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Posted in: 'Simpsons' actor says he'll no longer voice Apu after controversy See in context

Have we all lost our ability to laugh at ourselves?

Normal people haven't, but liberals have, and their holding the rest of us ransom with labels like "bigot" and "racist" etc.

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Posted in: Putin and Xi ruler-for-life moves pose challenges to West See in context

My opinion is valid, and is held by many political academics, which is that Russian people prefer strong, stable leaders. They don't want the 4 year rotating circus deal with gimmicky speeches and colorful balloons.

This is also true of Chinese society, which is based on Confucius thought, and thus holds a stable, clear and hierarchical structured society in high regard.

Cultures and philosophical thought varies throughout the world.

Deal with it.

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Posted in: Less than one in four surveyed Japanese men has a girlfriend; over one in three women has a beau See in context

The difference results between men and women in survey can easily be explained by the fact that girls are more likely to be dating older men.

They only surveyed 20 year-olds, and a 20 year-old girl is more likely to be dating a 25 year-old guy while the reverse is less likely.

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Posted in: Gun-rights activists gear up for show of force in Virginia See in context

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.


Kudos to the brave marchers demanding their freedom and continuing in the spirit of freedom that MLK fought for.

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Posted in: 'Simpsons' actor says he'll no longer voice Apu after controversy See in context

Of course if the Kwik-E-Mart character had originally been a white guy then there would have been cries of "whitewashing" by the woke police.

What a mess.

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Posted in: Thousands gather for Women's March rallies across U.S. See in context

I admit, feminist groups like TERFs have certainly started to rise and roar recently.

They are gaining in strength.

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Posted in: Wrong-side drivers near air base used by U.S. worry UK police See in context

She should face charges.

A man is dead.

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Posted in: Putin and Xi ruler-for-life moves pose challenges to West See in context

America has a circus every 4 years where people argue with each other on stage and then a leader is chosen but inevitably, half the country hates the elected leader, no matter who wins.

Then for 4 years everybody is at each other's throats, constantly arguing, refusing to even show basic civility at times to people from the "other team". Every TV station is either comically biased towards one team or the other.

The government is basically just a big court proceeding as each team is constantly trying to investigate the other.

The modern American system is a total dysfunctional mess.

Russia just has Putin. He's the boss, and everybody knows it.

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Posted in: James Bond producer rules out female 007 See in context

Take Archie for example. The characters are basically "typical American teenagers", however in all depictions Archie is white with red hair and is referred to as carrot-top on countless occasions.

Carrot-top is a slur used against white people (usually males) who have red hair.

It would therefore be inaccurate, misleading and disingenuous to portray the Archie character as another other than a straight white red-haired male.

Sure the actor can be gay and a Latino or whatever but the character as portrayed should be in keeping with the original intention of the artist.

And 007 refers to male anatomy anyways so the original artist clearly intended the character to be male.

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Posted in: Women who have more sex have lower risk of early menopause: research See in context

This should be made into a health bulletin flyer and distributed around the office.

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Posted in: James Bond producer rules out female 007 See in context

The James Bond character is male.

Sure, go ahead and make a Jane Bond, but James is a guy.

Btw, 007 stands for two balls and a stick...ergo a male character.

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Posted in: Putin fast-tracks effort to extend his rule in Russia See in context

The big takeaway here is that all the purported “Russia experts” in the West were totally surprised by all this.

Which just goes to show that the talking heads on TV really have no idea what happens in the Kremlin.

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Posted in: Queer K-pop: Chorus grows for gay rights in Asia See in context

Granted it’s a Lesbian group, but are they inclusive of men who identify as women?

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Posted in: Microsoft pledges to be 'carbon negative' by 2030 See in context

So all employees are going to stop exhaling?

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Posted in: UK police use of facial recognition tests public's tolerance See in context

Gait recognition tech is already available anyways.

Can’t stop walking can you.

Gait recognition can also correctly identify your birth gender since the shape of the pelvis, and thus the gait, is anatomically different between males and females.

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