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Returning home in Japan every New Year is a permanent tradition in Japan. My wife lives with me in Austin and of course she feels the need to return home around the New Year. This will never go away.

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I read the posts from some of you. They are interesting, however none of us really know everything about what is truly going on.

North Korea is a horrible place, the people in North Korea have no food or comfortable places to live. Their 'leader' is a true dictator capable of anything. We all need to remember that. Thousands of North Korean citizens are in prison camps living miserable lives.

Japan though is a nice place comfortable place to live. Mr. Kim's desire to use Japan has been something his country has been trying to do for a long time. Japan needs to pay close attention to North Korea. North Korea came to Japan and stole Japanese people in the past, remember that. I would imagine that anything is possible again from North Korea. I hope that Mr. Abe and his people can keep Japan safe. There really is little any of us can do for North Korea.

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I like this, and of course Japan was cruel during WWII, but Japan obviously did some good things for the countries they occupied during the war. Taiwan is correct to focus on those. At times I wonder about Mainland China and Korea too. I've seen firsthand the good things that Japan has done for both of those countries. Do you think that Hyundai or Kia would exist if Toyota and Honda had not helped? How about Samsung? Japan has also given lots of money to both countries and other Asian countries after the war in an effort to help. I don't know, maybe all of you with the negative attitude about Japan know something the rest of us don't know.

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Gee, thanks guys. I sure am glad that y'all have helped so many of us here. NOT I lived in Japan for some time, about 16 years, and I have many good Japanese friends. Of course there were those times when some tried to make me feel like a real Gaijin 外人、but I just stayed away from them. It really was simple, I don't think I am extra special or super intelligent but I figured it out pretty quickly. And I found it much like right here in Austin - when I was sincere and honest with people they usually liked me. I never tried to gain friends, but they came naturally to me. So really Japanese aren't that different, just ready to enjoy more friendly people like the rest of us. But what do I know - I am not a writer for a fancy magazine like Japan Today.

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