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Don't tell me; you didn't take a backup either. Who's fault is that? You think a dedicated servers or a local one is any different?

It is a Japanese company, aimed at Japanese speakers, just happens to be run by a gaijin as far as I know. Why would anyone target a small gaijin community if they were serious about business in jp anyway?

Thank you for your questions.

we were signed up on their daily back-up option (extra fee) - but unfortunately those backs-ups were not in fact being taken due to another tech problem! So we lost lots of data.

their website clearly promotes English support as feature of their service. That indicates that we are targeting English speakers as customers. In our experience the level of English support, i.e. quality/clarity of email announcements etc,. leave much to be desired.

We wish the company all the best - as we signed up with them in hopes of finding a stable Japan based server with English support. Hopefully they'll improve.

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saborichan at 11:24 AM JST - 7th July

I get the idea, but it also sounds like putting all your eggs in one basket. What if that computer has a hardware issue? Aren't all your servers going to crash spectacularly at once?

We have used there services for an extended time and we lost lots data due to catastrophic crashes on their hardware about a year ago. Isolated incident - perhaps? Or maybe this is what you mean? Their English support isn't very impressive either - strange for a gaijin owned/operated shop...

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