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I am not sure what was initiated the lawsuit. I am sure some lawyers were waiting for someone to take the bait. Anyway... these are sailors serving on a [ nuclear-powered ] supercarrier right? Mmmmm.....

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I have no idea how the miltary works now. I left the military in the 90's

This answers a lot of questions.

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Because they cant control them selves when drinking, and have no respect for anyone who isnt higher rank.

Your blanket statements are wrong in many ways.

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@Export: How long have you lived in Japan? You never seen "loud mouth drunk (Japanese) with bad attitudes out on the streets amongst innocent civilians? If you have not, you must be living in a cave.

We do not read stories about military being assaulted, because Japanese newspapers could probably care less, since it is not involving one of their citizens. There is no "one-way", except that which is in your head.

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Posted in: Alleged rape incident at Atsugi may grate on nagging defense issues See in context

If this "alleged" incident actually occurred as recounted by this woman. I personally find it disgusting. If this ever comes to light, is properly investigated, and found to be true -it tarnishes all the good deeds done by military members whom adhere to decent values.

If this entire incident is in any form found to be misleading, shame on the woman. But, do not misunderstand me, it is in no means a judgement on my part for any victims of sexual assaults.

While some readers are injecting their own interpretation of the story, I see the following:


two members of the U.S. military, assigned to the Atsugi naval air facility in Kanagawa Prefecture, reportedly became disorderly while drinking in a civilian bar....(A) was ordered to leave the bar by the officer, who admonished him, saying, “No more drinks, you’ve had enough.”

The story does not outline what the supposed disorderly conduct was. It only outlines that one person order another to go home. So, were they assigned to the same unit? Were they drinking together? Or, did the officer attempt to make some on-site decision to keep control of the situation?


As A was a regular at the bar and lived close by, a woman at the bar agreed to accompany him to his home......“From about a year ago, A used to come drinking at this bar,” she is quoted as saying. “He behaved himself when sober, but once he’d had too much to drink, it was like someone had flipped a switch, and he’d become obnoxious.”

The story fails to make the relationship between the woman, the bar, and (A). Very confusing. Did she personally know him? Did she know where he lived (and if YES) had she had relationship with him previously? Is she an employee of the bar or just a frequent customer?


When A dozed off, the woman fled in her bare feet and at the advice of an acquaintance, reported the assault to the military police on the base. The Americans notified the Kanagawa prefectural police at Yamato, which dispatched officers the next morning to raid A’s apartment.

Why did she not call the Japanese police immediately? If she had the courage to call the military police... why not also the Japanese police? Why did the Japanese police wait until the morning to dispatch officers?

4. After much consideration. It is hard to make a serious opinion as to what took place or what is happening/will happen. But some things are true. SOFA personnel are regarded as "innocent" until proven guilty. On occasion, due to the lengthy process, some members transfer back to CONUS before they come to trial in Japan. But, in no means does it signify that military bases are a sanctuary for base personnel whom may have committed a crime off-base -nor that ranking officers are covering-up criminal cases. The SOFA agreement allows the U.S. military to handle most cases via NJP or Courts Martial process; while other cases are handed over to the Japanese police to process/handle.

As for the training that some military personnel receive in boot camp, it is in any way, shape, or form equivalent to being taught how to kill. The 8 week process is more about discipline, U.S. Navy terminology and lifestyle, and such trivial subjects. Besides, during the most recent war (and ongoing conflicts) naval personnel rarely see combat. The few that do are either corpsman/medical or other very special NEC personnel attached to U.S. Marine units. I highly doubt this PO2 saw any combat or had any such training.

While the commissioned officer (if that was his rank) made a good "call" to ask that PO2 to leave the premisses, he failed to call/inform the military police of the incident. For this, he has shown poor judgement, and lack of accountability and should receive at the very least a Letter of Reprimand to be placed in his service record.

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