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Kaerimashita. I am in New Zealand. I would like to point out that your statement is not correct in regards to lockdown. There are 4.9 million people here. There was only lockdown for a month or two last year. We don't have any local cases of covid (none at all) and we are not usually wearing a mask. The only requirement is to wear a mask on public transport. Lockdown can work if only the people agree to do it. This is sadly not the case in Japan

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I am still in Auckland and happy that the government here really cares about the people and its great to see that the people here can really trust them. My colleagues are all saying just how lucky we are to have freedom. A week to make sure its back to zero for now is not a difficult ask and its only Auckland this is at a limited lockdown on level 3. I can still go to the supermarket, go to the beach to have my coffee in the morning, I can even still go to my office if I wish, the lockdown is to control large groups. Can all you haters of Adern really trust your government to do the right thing for its citizens and anyway how is it going for you, are you really free knowing that you may well be passing someone on the street right now that has it? We have lived the last year without face masks in public except for public transport.

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Antiquesaving, New Zealanders can come and go, there's no-one (including the Government) here stopping us, so I don't what are you talking about?

However, I am currently trying to get back into Japan (An have been waiting for over 8 months) but the Japanese Government have blocked off all avenues to get back so its the absolute opposite to your statement.

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As a New Zealand businessman and heading back to Japan this is good news but I wonder how I cant get from the airport to the city without public transport. It will probably cost be $600 NZD for a taxi???

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