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And the General Union has spoken!

Congrats Lisa! Thanks to individuals like yourself and your Union ilk, who have pushed so hard for Shakai Hoken.... you got what you wanted and the law will be enforced. Now we can all add a 20 000 Yen expence to our monthly bills. Great work!

Most English teachers are here for a short time and what to make as much money as they can before returning home, and aren't concerned about joining the health care system. They are happy with a third party carrier. The enforcement of this just chips away at everyone's take home pay. You complain about your pay, but you are in favor of having less of it? Which is it?

90% of the "English teachers" here are unqualified to do so in their home country, and if their wages blow perhaps it's because their qualifications do too. Maybe one shouldn't complain about getting screwed by their dispatch company when they are getting paid to do something they really aren't qualified to do.

Simple solution... leave! If things are so much better in Korea or back at home, please leave. The sooner you do the better things will be for those of us who want to be here.

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