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Posted in: TOKYO AWARDED 2020 OLYMPICS See in context

Why so bitter, some of you. Tokyoites , congrats from Iwate! Istanbul would've been equally great though!

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Posted in: Morioka Sansa Odori See in context

yes Sansa is indeed a lot of fun. Don't just come see it, you must participate in it. They have a half hour training session open to anyone right before the festival begins so you memorize the standard moves, and you will be thrown into the procession.

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Posted in: Rock on See in context

the first photo is Morioka Sansa Festival. What are the 4th and 5th photos?

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Posted in: Japanese, Spanish climbers, guide perish on Nepal mountain See in context

point of climbing mountains? it's just like any other form of recreation. it's fun.

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Posted in: Honda to announce Formula One comeback See in context

No this is not old news. Though it has been rumored for quite some time, their return to the 2015 grid has not been annouced yet.

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Posted in: Kobayashi aims for F1 return in 2014 See in context

Anyone who says Kamui is crash-prone has not watched the season. There are many others on the grid who crashed far more often than he did.

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Posted in: All tsunami warnings lifted after M7.3 quake hits northeast Japan See in context

was a pretty long and big shake up here in Morioka, Iwate.

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Posted in: Radioactive strontium detected in 10 prefectures See in context

This article omits the fact that the level was 1/60 that recorded during the 60s.

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Posted in: Japan to launch 4 satellites, including 1 for S Korea See in context

In fact, this marks the 15 consecutive successful flights of H2A.

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Posted in: Japan to launch 4 satellites, including 1 for S Korea See in context

Even the H-II had 5 successful launches out of 7, whereas SK has zero success so far (though their launcher is basically Russian Angala).

Anyhow, the satellites (apart from the piggybacks as of this writing) have all been successfully placed on orbit.

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Posted in: Toshiba drops Japan TV operations amid falling prices, global competition See in context

meanwhile, Toshiba (and Hitachi's) infrastructure business is booming and overall the group is posting a healthy profit. Making TVs in Japan stopped making sense awhile ago.

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Posted in: Ishihara says Tokyo plans to buy disputed Senkaku islands See in context

Even the Tokyo high court (Ishigaki ruling 1942) ruled that the islands fell under the jurisdiction of Formosa/Taiwan bogus claim. there is no record that such a ruling was handed out.

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Posted in: Joji Takahashi, Mika Mifune chosen as 'Partners of the Year' See in context

They do have a kid, and Joji is much much younger than her father (the Toshiro Mifune).

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Posted in: Samsung passes Apple in smartphones See in context


wrong. Apple designs the processors based upon ARM architecture, and Samsung manufactures them.

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Posted in: KARA's new album to go on sale Nov 23 See in context

music for adults my ass lol

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Posted in: Tearful fans from Japan, other countries farewell Rain as he joins S Korean army See in context

Another one of them pseudo singer/actor?

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Posted in: Apple says pre-orders for iPhone 4S break record See in context

@dutchduck, yup that's the intention of Softbank. They don't want the current customers to move to au, which has better signal coverage.

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Posted in: Apple says pre-orders for iPhone 4S break record See in context

That is if you paid off your present iphone in full, otherwise your loan will stand whether you change carrier yes or not. And if you finished your loan,softbank will "give" you a new phone.

wrong. I haven't paid off my 3GS yet but I can get a 4S with no extra charge if you stay with Softbank.

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Posted in: Maehara's candidacy shakes up PM contest See in context

the brown envelope stuffed full of cash

yup, 50,000 yen/year.

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Posted in: Panasonic to sell some Sanyo operations to China's Haier Group See in context

It's a good move. Washing machines and fridges are not such a good business any more for them. Sanyo's strength is in battery and energy sectors.

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Posted in: Train collision in China kills 35, injures 191 See in context

This was predictable. Poor passengers, victims of Chinese bureaucracy that does not understand management, maintenance, and operation know-hows are very much part of technology.

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Posted in: NHK newscaster Yuko Aoyama to move to daytime TV See in context

“News Watch 9” producers are also replacing Aoyama’s co-presenter Goro Taguchi, 52, with 49-year-old Kensuke Okoshi.

This happened last year. The current guy is Okoshi, who replaced Taguchi in 2010.

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Posted in: 66-year-old man turns himself in after fatally stabbing wife See in context

This article lacks an important background info. This couple had a 40 year old son who was suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease and was on life support. The wife let him die by cutting him off the life support, after being repeated begged by the son. She was then charged for murder. That's what happened 5 years ago.

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Posted in: Toyota president expresses regret over fatal crash in U.S. due to floor mat See in context

The driver was a California Highway Patrol officer. As he (or the other male passenger) called 911, he said he had lost the brake. Why he didn't think of throwing it into neutral, I don't know. The car was a loaner car from a Lexus dealer, and the floor mat was an aftermarket product.

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Posted in: Asylum seekers find little refuge in Japan See in context

Well, good for you. But I don't want Japan to become like some EU states. I live in an apartment which is now mostly occupied by assylum seekers, some granted, some waiting for their verdict, and I have to say most of them don't deserve the state aid they amply receive, somehow they managed to convince the authority. But I don't see any of them actively seeking employment, nor following the language/professional courses which are offered to them for free of charge.

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Posted in: Fujitsu to build next-generation supercomputer See in context

Fujitsu and Cray are not quite in the same market. Fujitsu is no longer in the vector machine business, while Cray still is. That's why this project was intially supposed to be Fujitsu/NEC hybrid, NEC being the supplier of vector processors, Fujitsu responsible for the scalar processors. Besides, Cray is no longer what it used to be. They got owned massively by NEC in their vector machine niche.

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Posted in: Yujiro memorial See in context

Hiroshi Tachi, not Hiroshi Kan. Yes the kanji for Tachi looks almost like "Kan" as in "Hall", but it's a different character. P.S. Yujiro is the younger brother of Shintaro.

Moderator: Thank you. It has been corrected.

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Posted in: Rome restaurant shut down after charging Japanese tourists 695 euros See in context

This JT article is too brief. Look at the relevant articles from Reuters or AP.

The couple did report it to the police.

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Posted in: Dreamliner See in context

Comparing A380 and 787 is pointless. 787 should be compared against A350XWB. A380 had its own share of issues but 787 has a rocky road ahead as well. It will finally undergo test flight in a few weeks, but a big problem persists; the 787 does not achieve its advertised performance due to the serious overweight issue, thus the airliners will not be able to benefit from the reduction in the operating cost initially proposed. ANA is said to have been given a huge discount because of this.

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Posted in: Honda pulls out of F1 due to global economic turmoil See in context

In fact this is the third time they quit.

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