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Posted in: Japan to start vaccinations for elderly on April 12 See in context

I am a teacher.

one of classes has over 45 students in it.

I have a slightly weaker immune system.

I will be getting the vaccine.

I’ll take it for me and the hundreds of students who I am in contact with daily at work. All those students have their families and loved ones who might be at risk.

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Posted in: IOC, Tokyo Olympics to unveil rule book for beating pandemic See in context

I wonder if Abe had started taking this pandemic on head first at the start instead of trying to paint a pretty picture so the olympics could go on as planned would things be how they are now?

I get it though... it was just too late.

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Posted in: Japan likely to extend COVID-19 state of emergency See in context

It’s been over a year.

As we try to find ways to fight this thing we need to do what we have to to stay alive.

That sounds more like doomsday or a zombie apocalypse happened but it’s the same thought pattern.

Why don’t people get it? I’d rather we get through and start complaining how much we over reacted than complaining about the lives that might have been saved if more was done. The point of tacking precautions is so it doesn’t happen so guess what it doesn’t.

If Japanese laws keep government from strict lockdowns then change them!

its been a year and also Japan hasn’t been so bad compared to other countries but we aren’t out of the woods yet...

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Posted in: Teenage girl's suicide highlights toxic side of social media See in context

Yes there may be a failure in mental health care but I think the people in the wrong are the ones making horrible comments. I might be a strange human and finds it hard to wrap my brain around someone who would see someones video or picture and post something like 'you're ugly!'

 I don't understand how it's in anyway ok.  It should not be the norm.

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Posted in: Mother dies, 7-year-old daughter injured in leap from building See in context

We have no idea what was going on in their life or in the mother’s head. Mental illness is an illness that you can’t control anymore than you can a cough or runny nose.

The fact things came to this point is horrible...it doesn’t matter if the mother was mentally ill or fed up with all the abuse and not wanting to leave her daughter alone with the abuser.

we can only hope the daughter recovers the best she can and gets help for what she needs, dealing with the PTSD from this and being raised in a safe loving environment.

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