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Posted in: Japanese tourists in flu masks frighten British supermarket shoppers See in context

The comments about terrorists from the local people were pathetic. I wish UK would stop being so xenophobic and ignorant.

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Posted in: Women forced into prostitution in WW2 hope for apology from Japan See in context

''smithinjapan Funny... I didn't see you on the threads marking the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, or about the internment camps for Japanese, saying this? Why should we only forget Japan's atrocities and 'move on', but commemorate the events in which many Japanese suffered?''

I think you'll find that you didn't see me saying that on the threads because I didn't see that article!! What a stupid comment to make. Besides why do I have to make a comment on every single article to satisfy you?! That is a pathetic comment!!

I am really sick of reading about Comfort Women/ Sex Slaves whatever you want to call them! If you check your facts you will find that Japan has made many apologies and paid compensation. If the Korean government choose not to pay those women then it is their government they should be asking for recompense from, not Japan!! Also, if you want to talk about sex slaves what about the Jewish women who were called the Joy Division, what about the Vietnamese when the Americans invade. This topic goes on and on and it never ends!!! Compensation has been paid more than once and so have apologies - and I don't believe that here hasn't been at least one sincere and honest apology out of all the ones that have been given already!! What a load of nonsense!!

Plus, I also agree with all those who say then if Korea can keep asking for apologies then so should everyone else...so does that mean that UK can ask for apologies from France for being invaded and conquered by William the Conquer in 1066?! How about even before that by the Vikings and Saxons? What about all the terrible things that UK and USA have done to people over the centuries. I never hear of USA apologising for things look at the Native Americans the poor treatment they had and still have now!! UK is not any better!! How far back can we go and how long can we keep asking? Can we go back to Romans who invaded loads of countries and the Mongolians with Genghis Kahn? What about the Eygyptians who kept the Israelites as slaves?

It was 70 years ago and people need to move forward and stop harping on this subject! How can people move past the bitterness if they keep on bringing this up? Plus, this subject might be related to the Korean 'Comfort Women' but it comes up every couple of months and then you see those statues popping up all over the world because it would seem that their issue is the only one that matters - so in other words we should forget all the losses and hardships experienced by every other country because Korea is the most important and we should all have it shoved in our face every few months to make sure that we NEVER forget!!!

Very sad that this subject cannot be laid to rest!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Women forced into prostitution in WW2 hope for apology from Japan See in context

I wish the media would stop reporting this over and over again it was 70 years ago!! Time to lay it to rest now and stop asking over and over again for apologies and compensation when this has been done many times over!!

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