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Posted in: Blanco throws a no-hitter in Houston's rout of Toronto See in context

Good ol' ...Japan? ...news?

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Posted in: Japan quiet on possible yen-buying market intervention See in context

A whole single yen per dollar plunge, nice intervention! /s

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Posted in: Diabetic man dies in police custody after not eating for 3 days or being given medication See in context

This story makes it sound like not eating was the cause of death... the man wasn't eating because he's a diabetic not being given medicine and it would make his sugar spike, he was trying to survive!

This is negligent homicide by the police.

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Posted in: Giants owner to allow Tokyo Dome to be used as vaccination venue See in context

Great to see the private sector getting involved but... up to 1,000 shots per day? That's 2 shots per minute over 8 hours...

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Posted in: Biden to send U.S.-authorized vaccines abroad for first time See in context

Please vaccinate your citizens at embassies globally before handing away vaccines to other nations.

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