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Somebody has 'okama' on his mind. Wonder why, hmmm. Fact is that for western men the minimal difference in facial structure, body hair, gestures between Asian men and women disturbs and unnerves them. "Is all them thar ornamentals morfedytes Homer?"

This is particularly true with the fun-loving, murderous Thai. Some of the lady-boys would be, ARE, stunningly beautiful women. Except that they're not. They've got those little man-dangly things tucked away, just next to where they hide their knife.

Japanese okamas used to be graceful and nice-looking actually, before the beef-and-milk diet packed them out. Remember Peter? Excuse me, Pii-Taa? Sexless but sweet-faced.

And as for THE FIFTH ELEMENT come on, cut it some slack. It was a mistake to hitch Luc up with those crass cigar-chomping Hollywood disaster-movie types. I thought Bruce Willis soldiered on pretty faithfully, and the teeny-boppers got all their spaceship-chases and explosions at the end. Had its moments (a deaf old rock star, surrounded by his groupies yelling in his ear).

Luc doesn't look any seedier or more disgruntled than your average French intellectual, wouldn't you say? At least he's not wall-eyed like Jean-Paul Sartre, or gone to the dogs like Brigitte Bardot (who is a dead ringer for Baby Jane Hudson... creepy).

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Love to see that famed "Just in Time" Nipponese efficiency in action.

On the other hand, WTF? Breaking into an eatery? Small potatoes! (It's a pun, son)

As my Dad once told me, "Son, why rob a grocery store when there's a bank across the street?"

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