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Posted in: We need to establish new qualifications for Japanese language teachers, ensure Japanese language classes are available in all parts of the country, and that there is cooperation between universities and companies to create and utilize educational programs for foreign students. See in context

Thank you jpn_guy...

Good advice, I've looked a little bit at lingq..

Actually I am a retired programmer, so in my spare time that's exactly what I've been doing, albeit with the content provided by the school, which I run through various processes to create transcripts, add furigana (which I can remove programatically while reading), and also control the speed of the audio playback, highlight sections to repeat, etc.

I've only recently started to actually USE this method, but I am optimistic it will be invaluable.

(had an N3 practice listening comprehension test today AFTER I wrote my JT post...infuriating cold listen, followed by multiple choice questions...utter waste of an hour...)

Thank you again for the response. I will take your advice...we'll see where I am in another 9 months... :)

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Posted in: We need to establish new qualifications for Japanese language teachers, ensure Japanese language classes are available in all parts of the country, and that there is cooperation between universities and companies to create and utilize educational programs for foreign students. See in context

Some well thought input jpn_guy...

I will add 2 cents from personal experience -

I have been "studying" Japanese now (in Japan) at a "respected" Japanese language school for close to 9 months. I have an extensive background in the language ( I majored in it in college), however that was over 35 years ago, and while I remember a great deal of grammar, can read and write hiragana/katakana and have a working knowledge of all the Joyo Kanji (mostly meanings only, much like the Chinese students).

My previous study of Japanese has been of little use in understanding conversational Japanese.

It would seem that practically every school in Japan approaches teaching with the "total immersion" method, which experts all claim is the "best" way to learn.

I beg to differ...

After 9 months, my Japanese comprehension is absolutely ABYSMAL, and it is not due to a lack of effort on my part. Cold listening is USELESS! Yet every week were are subjected to listening to conversations, where not only is the vocabulary unfamiliar, but the conversation topic is typically something utterly inane.

The only thing that keeps me from flunking out completely is that I have a significant knowledge of kanji, so I use my reading scores to make up for all the 0's I get on listening comprehension. And I mean 0's. Cold conversations are followed by multiple choice questions of which I refuse to "guess" at. If I don't understand the conversation, no amount of guessing is going to improve my comprehension.

Complete waste of time...

What is somewhat surprising to me is that most of my classmates, have much better comprehension than I do, and they all started from scratch with little experience in the language. I think this proves a point that despite having a huge head start in "learned" grammar, it's of little use, other than passing tests...

(Note I did manage to pass the N5 test a couple of years ago before I came out here, mainly by guessing all the answers for the listening comprehension. The only reason I passed was I nailed the other three sections of the test. Comprehension score - less than 20% correct answers - even GUESSING I should have done better than that... )

It is incredibly frustrating to NOT be able to understand basic conversations after this long a period, and I blame total immersion and cold listening for my lack of progress.

(Note however, I can SPEAK Japanese relatively fluently, because I DO know vast amounts of grammar, vocabulary and expressions. A lot of good it will do me in a disaster scenario if I'm supposed to understand directions...)

In any case, I would welcome ANY attempt by Japanese language instructors to quit following the same tired system and look to some of the methods of this Dr. Krashen. I am now going to have to research him...

Thank you for the information!

And if anyone can recommend a good Japanese school in Tokyo for ADULTS (I am 56, and do not need the same stimuli directed at all of the 20 something's in my class... ), I'm looking for a change, although I assume my Student Visa will be totally screwed...

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Posted in: Dementia patients reported missing in 2018 hit record 17,000 See in context

ALL Boomers will be 75 in 2025?

I think they meant the FIRST, otherwise I lost a decade and a half somewhere...

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Posted in: Playboy polls 100 foreign 'konbini' employees See in context

This brings up an interesting question for me personally - I'm currently looking for a Japanese school, but as the article states there are close to 700 of them. GoGo Nihon and others that advertise with Japan Today are very helpful, but any time I try to do my own research using the Internet, I only get a handful of responses.

Where can one find a listing of all of these schools?

(I actually have a degree in Japanese, UCLA 1985, but having done absolutely nothing with it after graduation, 30 years later its time to get re-educated...)

Or, should I just get a job at a Konbini? :)

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Posted in: The anti-Trump: Obama slowly stepping into the campaign fray See in context

I think you've answered you own question. The bulk of most posts on this "international" site are religiously anti-Abe, and yet seem to made by NON-Japanese, expats from some other country. What "Ethos" is that?

To claim this is somehow "American Ethos" regarding non-citizens opinion of the American political system, would seem to be condescension in itself...simple truth is that if you aren't a registered voter in the country you're bashing, why would anyone care...

(And to further answer your question, I actually used SPECIFIC FACTS to support my "contempt and ignorance." And clearly you equate dislike for Obama as an endorsement for Trump...utterly false...I made no mention of ANY republican, other than to refer to them as a whole, and as undoubtedly losing the election...)

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Posted in: The anti-Trump: Obama slowly stepping into the campaign fray See in context

Kudos to all the major posters with excessive thumbs down...

Anytime there's a large number of posts on a topic, I immediately check the ones with the most negative responses since they usually focus on facts rather than emotion...

(Bass, WC, Leila...especially like your tale of working for the govt. - have a friend with a very similar story on why she can no longer be a democrat...)

Here's a simple test for all the pro-Obama libs (provided you're actually Americans - if you aren't, than your opinions on our presidency and elections are away all the blather you want, but you are still irrelevant...)

So here's your test, taken from an election long ago - "Are you better off than you were 8 years ago?"

I know that I personally pay 6 times as much for health care, with 1/3 of the services...

I know that my brother is unable to have surgeries that his healthcare USED to cover and will now probably bankrupt him...

I know that my grocery bill is now twice what it was PRE-Obama...(I know this because I made a wager with a lib friend of mine the day Obama took office...I have the receipts 2008, 2016)

I know that my investments (which I live off) have not seen the "SPECTACULAR" returns as a result of Obama's economic policies, but rather have stayed stagnant throughout his 2 terms...

I know that gas prices are way down (and yet "fracking" is one of the most hated environmental scourges of the liberals? Where's the outrage...)

And last, NONE of my liberal friends has held onto a 9-5 job for the last 4 years...NOT ONE of them. But they ALL love their free healthcare (that someone else pays for) and praise they slide into there 40s with NO future...

Obama's policies have succeeded in benefiting a SMALL minority of Americans (and illegals) at the EXPENSE of the majority. I would prefer a government with policies that benefit MOST of it's population (the middle class), not a small percentage...

Sadly, the establishment republicans are iconoclast clowns, and they are trying their hardest to appeal to the fringe, which will undoubtedly lead to another 4 years of democrats.

The only silver lining is that Hillary will have to spend her first 2 years cleaning up the mess left by her predecessor's lack of foreign policy...when major terrorism comes to US soil again, (at least Bush kept us safe..oh wait, no he CREATED ISLAMIC TERRORISM, it's his fault)

We'll see if Hilliar-y has the balls to actually protect her countryman once our neighborhoods become the targets...

(And here's a final thought for all the super-libs - just ONCE I would like to hear a democrat use the words "personally responsibility" when discussing America's economic issues...sadly its always someone ELSE'S fault if you haven't gotten your SHARE...)

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Posted in: Primaries are what keep GOP out of the White House See in context

The problem with the "Tea Party" faction is that it got high jacked by the religious lunatic fringe - Bass's post is spot on their origins, but they have since mutated their message into far more offensive rigid positions regarding immigration, abortion, etc., which tends to repel middle of the road republicans, while shoring up support from the hard core right wingers.

If they had just stuck to economic issues, I think the far left would have been very, very worried, since people (i.e. both parties) might actually listen to them and do the math. Instead now they are an easy target because of their extremism.

However, traditionally it would seem that all the "after the fact" polls indicate that Republicans will still go to the polls even if they hate their nominee (although McCain and Romney may have changed this pattern...), So, after the primary, if a far right loon isn't the nominee, they may still stand a chance. Hillary is NOT unbeatable...

It IS going to be an interesting primary though - I can't remember ever having so many "memorable" candidates to choose from.

(And, while I find I rarely agree with Strangerland, I do believe there is some truth in his assessment of the Rep's dilemma...)

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Posted in: Republicans suspend NBC contract after its handling of debate See in context

Uh, Strangerland, stop equating "disrespectful" with "racism"

I don't deny "disrespectfulness"

I deny that you equate it with anything having to do with the current US President's race...

I will read your opinions, and actually respect them to some extent, but not when you make such ridiculous assertions...

(And yes, I am no fan of Obama. I was no fan of Bush either. In fact, I stopped being a "Republican" after his first term. However, I don't jump on band wagons based on public opinion, or the easy way have a solution to the problems in the US, feel free to offer them...I'm on this page to get a better understanding of Japan...)

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Posted in: Republicans suspend NBC contract after its handling of debate See in context

"Because no one did it until the president was black."

Did what?

Be "disrespectful?"

Was this the first time anyone was disrespectful to a President?


How about the guy that threw a shoe at Bush?

Or the numerous implications that Dan Quayle (and Bush) were morons?

Do you know who Jimmy Carter's brother was?

You really need to redefine your definition of "racism."

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Posted in: Republicans suspend NBC contract after its handling of debate See in context

Your logic is lost on me - "it's their actions towards the president that is racist"

What the hell does his race have to with "disrespect?"

I'm not denying the instances you have cited as "disrespectful," but how is Jan Brewer wagging her finger "racist?"

Was she shelling out racists taunts? Did she use inappropriate racial slurs?

I'm curious...(I also happen to live in Arizona, and I'm VERY familiar with all the anti-Brewer element who also brought up "racism," yet couldn't come up with a "why?")

Please, explain that me.

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Posted in: Republicans suspend NBC contract after its handling of debate See in context

@bass4funk - I always jump straight to your comments, as when you post you use actual facts as opposed to "opinion."

Keep those Bad Thumbs downs counts coming...

For ANYONE to try and make the claim that CNBC asked "difficult" question, name ONE?

The were busy screwing up their facts and attempting to bait the members present into personal attacks...what professionalism!

Yes, half of the time the debaters did NOT answer the question that was asked, but that's up to the viewer to determine why. There was nothing "difficult" about any of the questions, just rude bias and contempt. The fact that ALL the other media then had to cover how BAD they were is proof - their horrible journalistic performance forced all the other outlets to cover how pathetic they were. (Of course that doesn't include The Washinton Post or CNN, why would they cover actual news...)

Oh, and let's not forget Hillary's BLATANT lie email to Egypt that none of the media stations have given more than a casual once over (if at all...) - media bais? Nahh...とんでもない...

CNBC got caught being partisan, and now they just lost a boatload of revenue...I'm sure the shareholders are very pleased...oh wait they are all 1%ers, who cares...

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Posted in: U.S. abandons Pentagon's failed rebel-building effort in Syria See in context

@bass4funk - thank you. Anytime I see glorious references to America's "emperor" by posters here, I can't help but think they probably don't live in America, or have watched their healthcare costs triple, small business stomped on, or their general standard of living drop...of course let's also not forgot the rallies to vilify cops...

When Putin becomes the "hero" of the Mideast by actually making the very unpleasant decision to put boots on the ground, and wipe out these pieces of garbage, I'm sure the "doves" will all applaud Obabma's Neville Chamberlain approach to foreign policy in that it cost no American lives, only economic suicide...

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