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C Harald Hansen comments

Posted in: Eyes ahead please See in context

Dodging the smart phone zombies has become an art for me. Not only have they got their eyes glued to the screen, but they are also wearing headphones that blare out music, so not only do they not see what's in front of them (or any other direction for that matter), they don't hear anything either. Recipe for disaster.

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Posted in: S Korea says it won't seek to renegotiate 'comfort women' deal with Japan See in context

Give it a couple of years, then it's back to square one and it's back on the table.

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Posted in: 70 suffer food poisoning at hot spring inn in Kyoto Prefecture See in context

@Luddite Man, don't even get me started. People at work here are afraid of missing a day of work, and some will come to work even if they are deathly sick and then they walk around here like the proverbial Typhoid Marys. That angers me so much. I am not interested in getting ill and then risking being out for 4-5 days like I was last time. Because that norovirus is transmitted so easily. Last time I was in the same room as a sick person for less than an hour and the next day I was half dead in the bathroom.

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Posted in: Japan says ties at risk if S Korea tries to revise 2015 'comfort women' deal See in context

I don't think it matters what Japan does or doesn't do. This issue is going to come up again and again until the end of times.

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Posted in: Duterte visits emperor See in context

@BakabonPapa Agreed, this guy is about as bad as presidents go, but nobody seems to care much about that anymore.

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Posted in: 19-year-old gets 10-15 years in prison for killing grandparents See in context

Aren't Japanese prisons hellholes anyway? I hope he gets the worst end of it all.

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Posted in: Japan protests after Chinese navy ship sails near disputed islands See in context

Oh, the usual tripe. China claims what is most convenient for them at the time. They complain about imperialism, but they are one of the worst and will of course never admit it.

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Posted in: After 5 days, no clues to missing boy's fate in Hokkaido See in context

What a horrible way to discipline a child. I hope by a miraculous chance that the boy is ok and more than anything that these parents are prosecuted for their reckless behaviour and child endangerment. I hope they don't have any more kids and they never have any in the future.

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Posted in: Touching moment See in context

Looks kinda awkward with the Secret Service agent pushing up against them, but I guess even in a situation like that they don't take chances. :/

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Posted in: Russia building new military bases on islands claimed by Japan See in context

the ruskies just take what they want & the world says nothing

But the world is saying something. Surely the criticism and sanctions against Russia is saying just that something.

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Posted in: Spielberg wants new 'Indiana Jones' film before Ford hits 80 See in context

For number V I guess they need to revisit number III, because now Indy needs that holy grail.

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Posted in: New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu video 'Crazy Party Night' makes Halloween cute and colorful See in context

I saw one of her videos once, I thought someone had secretly slipped me some lsd.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan slides to Y26.22 bil first-half loss See in context

If I want junk food, I'll make it myself. Then I know what's in it.

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Posted in: Japanese celeb Shokotan unveils her 2015 cicada shell fashion See in context

If people went around covered in those things here, I'd tell them to see an exterminator...

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Posted in: North Korea push clocks back as a snub to Japan See in context

I'm surprised they didn't rework time all together. Add another hour and call it "The hour of Kim Jong Un".

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Posted in: AP Investigation: Olympic teams to swim, boat in Rio's filth See in context

I'm even dead scared of public pools, there's no way people would get me in that water unless they tied me up and threw me in.

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Posted in: Another 'Naruto' sequel? 'No way. Please, let me rest,' pleads series creator See in context

Poor guy, he should indeed be let off the hook. Do something else for a change. And if he's still going to do manga, then he should get into some other genre. Just being known as the "Naruto guy" just seems silly.

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Posted in: Selling sake, sashimi and seaweed to Japan See in context


Norway has been selling salmon to Japan for years...

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Posted in: Man in coma after being stabbed in eye by umbrella in fight with colleague See in context

Uuugh... That sounds nasty. :(

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Posted in: Arnold (but little else) is back in 'Terminator' See in context

I thought it was passable. better than the last installment which I didn't care for at all. And luckily I avoided being spoiled by the big plot twist. Even though they stick it in the trailer -and- the movie poster. I guess I was lucky I was being distracted that day.

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Posted in: Japan overturns midnight dancing ban See in context

What is this, Footloose?

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Posted in: 'Will boyfriend' - A new expression in Japan’s evolving dating scene See in context

So a guy you keep around to take you out and pay your expenses with no added benefits. Yeah, that's the friend zone action right there.

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Posted in: N Korean soldier defects across land border See in context

I hope they don't go after his family.

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Posted in: At least 24 killed as M7.4 quake hits devastated Nepal See in context

Jeez, can't they catch a break? That's almost as bad as the first one.

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Posted in: McDonald's key sales figure dips in April See in context

McDonald's is bad and overrated anyway. If I ever go and get a burger, I support one of my locals.

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Posted in: Number of children in Japan falls to new low See in context

I'm afraid that the root reasons for choosing not to have kids is too often connected with selfishness.

I wouldn't want to be the child of a selfish person that didn't want children, but was forced to. He/she wouldn't be a good parent and the child would end up suffering for it.

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Posted in: Japanese man leaves $100,000 watch behind at Newark airport See in context

Phew. I don't even have a watch anymore. I use my cell phone as a watch.

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Posted in: Gifu woman held for cashing dead parents' pension for 50 years See in context

Punishing her will do nothing.

Actually, punishing people is not only to punish them, but also to deter others from doing the same. If they do nothing, others will go "Oh, well then. All I get is a slap on the wrists. Let's go ahead." I know she's old and all that, but it doesn't set a good precedence to just let people off the hook.

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Posted in: Gov't to make workplace maternity harassment illegal See in context

No wonder Japan's population decline is going rampant if people not only don't want to have children, but don't want to because they are deathly afraid of their bosses harassing them. It should definitely have been worked on earlier.

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Posted in: World's oldest person dies at 117 See in context

Wow! I wonder what her diet was like. Did she outlive her kids?

She had three children, two are still alive.

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