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Posted in: Utada: 'I don't want to be a helpless adult' See in context

I was so surprised when I knew this news. She doesn’t know it takes some cost to live apartment? How come? I guess some rich people like Utada Hikaru don’t know how to pay utilities or it is not free. I think she is better than other people because she noticed and realized she has to learn how to live without her manager’s help as like normal people do. Maybe if other people notice they don’t know about like a utility they didn’t mind and keep pretend that they already knew it! So she is going to be nicer than now:)

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Posted in: Why do you think that Christmas decorations and illumination displays are put up so early in Japan? See in context

Japan is not Christian but the Christmas is a big event for most of Japanese as for Americans. I am also really looking forward to Christmas!! For Children, they can get some presents even that day is not their birthday and for companies, it is good chance to sale many products as presents that season and for couples, they can spend special time at that time! I think one of reasons why the Christmas decorations and illumination displays are put up early in Japan is these things make us good motivation for Christmas!! I love this season so much!

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