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Posted in: Bin Laden's sons say U.S. broke international law by killing their father See in context

Boo hoo hoo. Osama had it coming. It was authorized by congress. Obama made the right choice to send in troops rather than cruise missiles. Now Osama sleeps with the fishes. Good riddance.

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Is that gun legal?

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Posted in: U.S. seeks to balance message on bin Laden death See in context

Justice was done but I don't see bin Laden being dead as changing much else. Well, maybe fundraising for terrorists will be harder with bin Laden's money off the table. Maybe the west will get the idea that Pakistan isn't exactly reliable. But a game changer? About as well thought out as "mission accomplished."

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Posted in: $6.1 mil awarded to Tennessee man in Japan child custody battle See in context

As is usually the case in human relations, but almost always in divorce, there is plenty of blame to go around....

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Posted in: Newt Gingrich joins 2012 presidential race See in context

The cynic would say that Obama has a huge war chest because politics is corrupt by nature. But, of course, living in Japan has cured my cynicism. At the same time, I haven't seen a decent Republican candidate yet. That's usually a sign that the good ones feel that the incumbent is unbeatable. Or that there aren't any good ones. (had to throw that in for sushisake, just for fun)

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Posted in: Man disguised as a woman arrested for beating up his date See in context

lola, lo lo lo lo lola...

You have to be kidding. Truth is stranger than fiction!

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Posted in: Al-Qaida vows revenge for bin Laden's death See in context

I'm sure the terrorists try something yet again. But it's better to stand up to them in any case.

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Posted in: Pakistan's army warns U.S. not to stage more raids See in context

yeah, it's nice to know who your friends are. The sooner we wrap things up and get out the better. I'm not saying to cut and run, but it would be nice to not have to pay off Pakistan any longer. Let them rot while the extremists kill people. The next (and last) raid in Pakistan should be to take out their nukes.

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Posted in: Quake-hit areas stuck with huge amount of unwanted donated items See in context

Give the excess to North Korea. They are still dealing with their man-made disaster....

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Posted in: Man smashes wrong door in case of mistaken identity See in context

double fail.

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looks like fun. Beats a game show.

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Posted in: Last World War I combat vet dies in Australia See in context

“I was nobody (in England),” he told Australian Broadcasting Corp radio in November 2009 of his years in the UK. “But I was somebody here.”

Pretty good description of Austrailia. It's pleasant that he ended up having a good life. I'll have to see if I can find the book.

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Posted in: Autopsy reveals woman found dead in Kofu was murdered See in context

MonkeyZ has it right. There is no good reason in this world for this woman to have ended up dead. It sad that, with all the other problems going on, some sickos still have to get their pleasure by murder.

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Posted in: Should the U.S. release photos or video footage of Osama bin Laden's body? See in context

I don't see any point in releasing the photos. They might have used bombs but they wanted Obama, dead or alive, (preferably dead?) so that they knew they got him. They probably didn't want to drop bombs on a house when they had only a 60% chance that Obama was there. As far as conspiracy theorists go, they will have a field day in any case. And it was the Iraqis who published the photos of Saddam and the video was unauthorized.

No point in being officially ghoulish. Dead is dead.

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@ Lizz - you need to understand that your average GM pickup, touted as an "American" vehicle, is assembled in Mexico with a majority of parts from places other than the USA. The Honda pickup is assembled in the USA and has a majority of parts from the USA. Both vehicles have to say so right on the dealer sticker. So while it would be nice to "buy American" it's not as simple as that.

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Posted in: Fuji-san See in context

I wish I was in Japan to have the opportunity to take the shot. If the clouds weren't obscuring the top of Fuji-san it would be a better photo. But this one is pleasant enough.

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Posted in: Investigators find black box from 2009 Air France crash See in context

Nice work by the French to find this thing. Going to be tough to dry it out but there might be someting useful that can be recovered.

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Dunno sushi, I think bin Laden turned against the US when troops were stationed in Saudi Arabia to toss Saddam out of Kuwait. Having infidel troops that close to Mecca seems to have pushed bin Laden over the edge.

I'm not sorry to see bin Laden gone but it won't solve the overall lunacy. You can't negotiate with religious fanatics.

The buried at sea bit is a snub to Muslims. I wonder if it was intentional.

As far as Gitmo is concerned; closing it has little to do with opposition from the GOP and more to do with political expediency. It's sad that so many Americans agree with torture and the suspension of civil rights to combat terror. In this respect bin Laden has succeded in diminishing the USA.

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Posted in: William, Kate marry as 2 billion tune in across globe See in context

I hope they'll have a happy marriage. As far as the media circus is concerned, I don't get it. But then you know us Americans; we're revolting.

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Posted in: Man dies after crashing car into Tochigi police station See in context

Do they give Darwin awards in Japan? This guy is certainly in the running.

I imagine that the DOA was caused by injuries sustained in the crash. The only question is, should the cops have taken the guy to hospital first and questioned later? Seems a little odd to just move him to an interrogation room without medical attention.

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Posted in: Obama releases full birth certificate to end controversy See in context

I would hope that this closes the matter and the debate can move to matters of more substance. For better or worse Obama is president and questions of his citizenship have been moot since he was sworn in. The whole "birther" thing has been a complete waste of time and effort. It's also a distraction from the real issues. Still, the conspiracy theory nuts have had some fun, I guess.

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I'll take the girl but stick to real beer. Happoshu isn't good for much of anything, IMHO. But sarge is right: If you're going to pay for water you may as well drink happoshu.

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Posted in: French ban on Islamic veils put into force See in context

While mangaman continues to insist that France (and the west) have to support the "rights" of women to wear a veil and claims that the western majority is trampling the rights of a minorty he continues to ignore what radical Islam would do to the rights of a minority. Look no farther than Iran or Pakistan to understand just how Islam treats minorities. There is no place for such behaviour in a free society. Banning the veil is the first step in standing up to radical Islam. This has to be done if we are to keep our freedom. It's no different than banning other offensive dress.

But, since mangaman keeps missing the point my conclusion is that he's just baiting us. Time to iggy the troll.

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Posted in: French ban on Islamic veils put into force See in context

@mangaman - you seem to think that the veil/najib/burqua is just a fashion accessory. In Islam, especially the parts of Islam that preach death to infidels, the veil is a way to relagate a woman to virtual slavery to her husband. She can't leave the house unless a male relation is with her. She can't drive a car. Heaven help her if her husband gets upset because the "prophet" won't.

This type of thing is in complete opposition to the tenents of French, or any other country, that espouses liberty and equality. From this perspective it is perfectly reasonable to ban the veil in much the same way that other countries have banned the garb of other groups that have been opposed to liberty and equality.

The fact that there are many "modern Muslim" (to use a term an Indonesian friend uses to describe herself) who will not wear the veil is a hopeful sign that the Muslim religion can reform itself to value equality. But that doen't change the fact that there are a fair number of radical Islamists who would be happy to force us all into dihimmitude. But I'm no dihimmi.

And yes, I do view radical Islam as similar to the Nazis or the KKK. This stuff must be opposed the same way the Inquesition was.

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Posted in: French ban on Islamic veils put into force See in context

In the US the Ku Klux Klan is banned and walking around in your white robes could get you arrested. In Germany wearing anything resembling Nazi attire will land you in jail. I was told by a friend from Belgium, who was in shock over seeing a guy with a swastika tattoo in the US, that such a tattoo would be considered illegal in Belgium. Even societies that are considered supporters of liberties and the right to expression limit those rights and liberties when the public display of something is offensive to a free society.

France has decided that wearing a burqua or nijab is offensive to the liberal state and signifies a declaration that women are chattel. To that end they have decided that religious freedom does not trump the desire of the French to hold equality of all over the practice of religion. I think this is perfectly reasonable.

Or, consider this: both Islam and at least one sect of Mormons believe in polygamy. It is considered a religious practice and some women enter into such an arrangement as "sister-wives." But polygamy is illegal in the US and the husbands are arrested. Not much of a stretch from that to outlawing a dress code that relagates women to virtual slavery.

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Posted in: British royal wedding guest list details emerge See in context

Yawn...meanwhile, in the real world...

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Posted in: Park place See in context

I can't see anything wrong with a hanami party right now. People need some relief. As far as Ishihara's minions are concerned, maybe they should either join the party or the cleanup. Hanami parties I've been to are mostly harmless. At least the weather is better!

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Posted in: 7 killed, 15 wounded in Dutch mall shooting See in context

Both an assault rifle and a submachine gun are automatic weapons - "machine guns" in the common venacular. An assault rifle has selective fire - it can be switched between semi-automatic and full automatic. Other machine guns only fire in full auto.

What everybody seems to be missing is that the latest tragedies have happened in countries with strict laws banning weapons, licensing others, etc. Maybe the laws don't stop the kooks?

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I agree that the cops are going above and beyond. The suits will help them keep radioactive dust from contaminating them but any radioactive energy will go right through. There are a lot of selfless people who are doing nasty jobs under dangerous circumstances. Thank you to all of them.

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