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sure, soon as we straighten out our house. & hopefully in a less 'robust' manner.

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Maybe I'm just another overly optomistic American, can we have fat boy & Goldfinger walk around Hiroshima? Before they start this?

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13akio13: "The only country threatening JAPAN is America" With all due respects, it's crap like that feeding the paranoid concept that we want some kind of "Empire". Historically, we've avoided war [George Bush was an American anomally, mis-guided by the coward Chaney]. Or did the folks in the World Trade Center deserve their fate? We've got an entire continent of our own to keep us busy [New Orleans, High speed rails, 50 year old bridges & electric grid, ect.] And about Iraq, that was a simple mistake. Thats why war is something to be avoided at almost all costs. I can understand [now] why Saddam wanted to keep the illusion of having WMDs [keeping his neighbors afraid]. And Yes, there are Americans that are for "pulling out", not just Asia but Europe & the middle east as well. I submit that it wont be 10 years after we do that there will be another major war, & people will complain about our aloofness/indifference/Nutrallity/ect. In 1939 [in keeping with our treaties] our Army was the size of Rumanias', yeah, that was real productive....;-)

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I have mixed emotions, Japanese CEOs have a lot more credibility than the leaders in Washington, but the fair trade arguement also has merit. I dont have a problem with waiting for production to ramp up, as I understand it 3 of the top 5 cars in the "CARS" prgram are Japanese nameplates, so I'm not sure what the complaint is. If I had the affordability last I looked in Erie,Pa. theres a prius in stock if I want it. Call me an old fashioned American, but if it was up to me there'd be a 300C in front of the house. Sorry, but at 6'2 I dont want to spend my last years driving something smaller than a soap box derby car. & I refuse to drive a car without a real grille & bumpers.

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Thats is so cool. From the Greeks & Egyptians to the Great Wall & Samurai Archery, I wish mankind would spend more time learning all these neat arts, rather than come up with new excuses to fight. I wish the staff would have included more info about this Does that make me another greedy American? I'm really suprised there aren't international expositions of this, 3 shots in 150 yards at what 30 mph?, thats gotta be tough! My hats off to you guys, wish I could visit & see that.

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This is gonna be a very interesting four years. It seems there are as many Black Racists as white! It is a shame we should air our "dirty laundry" on a foreign forum. But it will be a first step towards a better America, God help us until we get there though.

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thats just tacky!

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I've never understood "food safety" issues, but I lived next to a "Heinz" plant most of my life. I've heard we had similar issues until the "Pure food & Drug" laws early in the 1900's. I guess China's just at that point now. I just can't imagine "adulterating" milk! But then again I probably can't imagine 1.3 billion people either! LOL

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Ouch! Call me another ignorant American, I don't understand why food is an issue in the 21st century. It's just not civillized. Maybe it's governments of any type that are humanitys' problem. If we could get the flat lands of Africa & the euasain continent under tractors, instead of warlords, well It's just not right that food should be a problem for anyone, anywhere on the planet now. Some farmers here are starting to worry they'll be outproduced by Brazil! And as far as "starving" anybody out of any market, well we've been watching trade imbalances here (Western Pa. east coast usa) for 3 Decades! So it's not like we're trying to put anybody out of business. At 47 years old, I've had more foreign cars than American! So I buy your Prius & you buy my wheat/corn/rice, whats the problem? The "guy in the street" here in America doesn't understand why other countries people can't buy stuff like we do. About the only thing you can't get here is Cuban cigars (& I imagine if you drive 2 hours north, in Canada you can probably buy those too). In another week, it looks like Obama will be Prez & we'll be talkin' to Cuba in the first time in what 40 years?

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Even the mighty Toyota got caught flat-footed in this global mess.

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