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If to speak about ICO then I don't think that gaming industry really need it. Personally I am more interested in Genesis Vision ICO since I read review on . Genesis Vision was conceived as a project that erases the boundaries between traders, investors, brokers, asset managers and other participants in financial markets. Any user who has GVT tokens gets the opportunity to either invest them in one of the traders-asset managers or independently trade on the exchange. The platform records all actions of traders in the blockchain. And investors are protected from scam.

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I have never heard about it

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Japan is in a step forward when it comes to Bitcoin. I started mining a few years ago. I had no idea that cryptocurrency became so popular. Now I like to spend my Bitcoin in online casinos. I watched one video that inspired me to start playing. I doubled my Bitcoin, but maybe it was just luck.

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i like the company's idea

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That's why Japan is a leader in game industry, they do everything to stay on the top

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Encryption normally helps protect your network traffic from prying eyes. For example, even if your neighbor at home is within range of your Wi-Fi network, they can’t see the web pages you’re viewing. This wireless traffic is encrypted between your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and your wireless router. It’s encrypted with your Wi-Fi passphrase.

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