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Posted in: Japan’s 20 best free sightseeing spots See in context

Inari Taisha in Kyoto

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Posted in: Teaching English to children the right way See in context

I would say whether children are educated or not has a pretty big impact on the future. Teachers do have a big role.

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Posted in: Men who use trains on dates: Please stay single See in context

High horse. Get off it.

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Posted in: Japan to make illegal downloading of music, videos punishable with jail terms See in context

I actually find out about most bands by people posting videos on youtube. Then I go out and spend a lot of money acquiring their albums and videos. So basically, the RIAJ doesn't want my money?

Also, @Ben Read, that's a great post.

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Posted in: Mandarin Oriental serving Nadeshiko cocktail to support women's soccer team See in context

So expensive!!! I think I'll just make my own.

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Posted in: Woman bites off bag snatcher's finger in Sapporo See in context

Well done this plucky lady. The police probably didnt comment because they hadn`t considered taking prints from the digit until the reporter asked the question. However I do note a discrepancy in the reporting:" one finger missing—after **the intended victim chomped off his pinkie"** and further on in the report " suspect had one of his fingers partially bitten off" @hategobo

I missed it at first too, but it say that she bit the top third off. So the finger was only partially gone.

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Posted in: Goal-line tests this month before July vote See in context

Instant replay is all the refs need. This would help with goals, diving, red cards, etc.

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Posted in: Why do famous men with power and influence (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, for example) risk everything with their sexual behavior? See in context

South Park covered this topic on Season 14 Episode 1. "Rich, successful men suddenly want to have sex with many, many women, and the nation's top scientists are called in to put a stop to the epidemic." Turns out that men aren't just like that. It's a wizard alien casting a spell on them. So funny.

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