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cadmium31680 comments

Posted in: AKB48 invites mature applicants over 30 See in context

I think they've forgotten who their target market is.

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Posted in: Stones roll into Japan See in context

I guess they couldn't let Paul McCartney get away with a concert tour of Japan. Still a bit of that Stones - Beatles rivalry!

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Posted in: Scandal over 'schizophrenic' Mandela memorial signer See in context

If he was hearing voices, then he would have been signing what he thought he heard, and it would be recognizable sign language. However, the deaf community said he was just flapping his arms around, so does this guy even know sign language?

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Posted in: What do you think of NHK? Do you like any of their programs? See in context

Darwin ga kita is a good animal documentary show. The NHK Educational High School shows are very well done e.g. Chemistry and earth science.

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Posted in: 'Fast and Furious' actor Walker killed in car crash See in context

I like the FF series, and this is sad news. James Dean, now Paul Walker, killed in sports car accidents.

Now I'm waiting for the conspiracy theorists to say that the government did him in somehow.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Watson tells U.S. court: 'We're not pirates' See in context

He looks like he's going to a funeral (his own maybe)

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Posted in: 'Fukuppy' firm rethinking mascot after Internet ridicule See in context

If a name is intended only for use within Japan, then I don't think it needs to be checked to see if it's funny or offensive in foreign languages. If it's intended to be used internationally, then definitely it should be checked with the major languages.

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Posted in: Russia gay law creator calls Stephen Fry evil, homosexuality a perversion See in context

Same-sex marriages do not produce children

The couple can adopt, or support nieces and nephews etc, thus ensuring the children have a good future.

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Posted in: Rolf Harris in court on indecent assault charges See in context

It's that "middle leg" of his that got him into all this trouble.

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Posted in: Miyazaki says he's retiring because he can't keep up the pace See in context

@jumpultimatestars: I think it's the word "already" that bugs me in that quote. I take the comment to mean "It’s best not to wait to retire when one is already in a decline (like Miyazaki is)", i.e. that Miyazaki is in a decline, and it's best for other people not to wait as long as Miyazaki to retire.

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Posted in: Miyazaki says he's retiring because he can't keep up the pace See in context

Where's his "gaman" spirit? Just joking, he's a great man.

“There’s an end to everything,” he said. “It’s best not to wait to retire when one is already in a decline.”

I'm hoping the Japanese original was worded more tactfully. As it is it sounds like Miyazaki's well over the hill and should have retired years ago. What a disrespectful comment.

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Posted in: Former Guns N' Roses drummer joins protest against dolphin hunt See in context

It's hard to win people over to your cause in Japan when you're covered in tattoos.

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Posted in: Abe the salesman See in context

Leaking tainted groundwater for everybody!

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Posted in: Putin bans protests in Sochi during Winter Olympics See in context

Just boycott it if you're planning on going over there. You can wait four more years.

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Posted in: Woman found bound at home tied herself up to avoid going to work See in context

Who says Japanese are not creative?

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Posted in: Tommy Lee Jones to visit Japan to promote 'Emperor' See in context

TLJ is the Boss.

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Posted in: Snowden mystery deepens: All eyes on Moscow airport See in context

No one checked the toilets?

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Posted in: Julian Assange: a year in the Ecuador embassy See in context

Can't Ecuador get a helicopter on the roof of the embassy (or hovering just above it) that Assange could enter and be transported out of England in (e.g. to a waiting Ecuadoran ship)?

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Posted in: Amazon to make 2 original comedies, 3 kids shows See in context

Will all the decor and clothes be from Amazon's catalogue?

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Posted in: The Butler did it See in context

I thought it was the Westerners who smiled in photos and the Japanese who frowned...

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Posted in: Farmers resume planting rice near crippled Fukushima site See in context

@avenger: probably "blended rice". Also convenience store and supermarket bentos, onigiri, etc. It's all good.

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Posted in: Judo official admits to sexual harassment claims See in context

Oh, he was drunk? Well, it's okay then...

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Posted in: Hashimoto says S Korean troops guilty of wartime sex abuse See in context

Is he Ishihara's puppet or is he coming up with this on his own?

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Posted in: Finance humor See in context

Looks like they don't know how to play rock-paper-scissors (except for the guy in the middle).

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Posted in: Leo's day See in context

Has anyone seen his Jim Beam commercial?

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Posted in: The Ospreys barely miss my house's rooftop and shake the house with the loud noise. See in context

I'm not necessarily doubting Mr Izumi's statement, but he should definitely get a video camera and record how close they come to his house, as well as the ensuing vibration. Encourage others to do the same, and upload it all to Youtube or somewhere similar. Then there'll be proof instead of words.

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Posted in: Son beheads father in Australia See in context

Toufic? Sounds Lebanese.

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Posted in: Pope says he will resign on Feb 28 See in context

He'll go down in history as the first Pope to have a twitter account.

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Posted in: 'Off-the-scale' smog envelops Beijing again See in context

Huge population -> big power demand -> lots of pollution from coal burning power plants and cars -> people die from pollution -> small population -> no pollution problem.

Is this Beijing's plan?

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger takes a 'Stand' in new film, with cue from Eastwood See in context

This reminds me of Stallone's movie "Cop Land" where he played a ... you guessed it... sheriff in a ...you guessed it... small town.

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