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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to resolve sex slave issue See in context



I don't even post anymore because you always say it all.

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Posted in: What does Japan need to do in order to attract more tourists? See in context

Japan is very sexist even in their racism. You female experiences would be better than my male ones in Japan.

I have been denied at restaurants. These are not some type of 'soap land' or something like that. A straight up restaurant told me 'Japanese only'.

Actually, I assumed you were male in my last post. LOL..... Sorry about that!......

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Posted in: What does Japan need to do in order to attract more tourists? See in context


Been here 20 myself.... Perhaps you don't see the same because you are surrounded by Japanese friends the majority of the time you go out. I have seen the racism over and over again. I am not much of a social person. I like being adventurous on my own. That is probably why I have seen what others in the post have spoken of. Try going on a day trip to somewhere new by yourself and see how far you can go without having to talk your way into places; places that are normally wide open to Japanese.

The workers at many shops will follow a foreigner closer than a Japanese customer; especially if they are not an Asian foreigner.

Long story short, making friends is one thing, being accosted when you enter a business that is supposed to be open to everyone is another.

If you don't experience the racism as much as others, than call yourself lucky! Maybe I'm just too ugly..... lol

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Posted in: What does Japan need to do in order to attract more tourists? See in context

Off the top of my head, maybe make it easier to recognize if an establishment is going to deny you access because you are a foreigner before you enter.

I'll even assist with the sign: "Please do no enter here foreigner. Police help get you leave if you try."

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Posted in: Obama sweeps to victory, says change has come to America See in context

"Obama will bring great change to America!" I heard an actor say on TV the other day. It mimics what I hear everywhere.


The apocalypse will bring great change but I don't see anyone voting for that.......

Um, did any of the Obama voters notice this man has no fundamental plan and no international experience? But HEY! HE'LL BRING GREAT CHANGE TO AMERICA! {argh..... stomach turning.....}

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman arrested for using lost credit card at Tokyo Disneyland See in context

Poor kid! Foolish woman! Poor financial planning to say the least!.....

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