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This was the first time in my life that I have voted Democrat. Not because of the racial issue but due to the fact that I really think Obama can help mend strained relation with other countries that the last administration tried so hard to destroy. The economy will eventually stabilize and grow again it comes in cycles. Obama will have a huge task ahead of him but the quicker we get the economy running smoothly the faster the world will catch up. Our economies are so intertwined that if one fails it drags down all the others. Obama carries the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans as well as millions from around the world. I pray that he has the strength and willpower to make the world a better place, and soon... I want to visit Japan some day, and it won’t happen with this economy. Japan is one of the safest places on the planet and I hope it remains that way. Stay Beautiful Japan and help us pray for Obama to turn this country (USA) into a posative direction.

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Take a good look at what Fast food has done to American children and their parents. Sure it seemed great at the start no we have the most obese people in the world. Heck even our homeless are obese. Say no to Fast food no matter how good you think it tastes. I would hate to see Japan follow the footsteps of America in that regards.

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These are indeed trying times it seems in Japan. Here in America it seems as though everyone but the news reporters are optimistic about the economy. I see things here stabilizing a bit. I hope to visit Japan within the next year. I know it will be expensive but it will be worth it to see Japan I feel. I am not alone in that feeling lots of Americans would like to visit Japan. I just wish Americans would be better ambassadors when visiting foreign countries. But travel does broaden the minds of ignorant men.

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Its a holiday all over it might be religious or purely a celebrated holiday but more than just Christians celebrate Christmas as it has grown WAY past it's religious beginnings.

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Its a cheap alternative to starving

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I wouldn't say Japan has sunken into the Abyss, Compared to life in an American City you are all pretty safe. Here people get killed for tennis shoes. Violent crime in America is part of everyday life we have become numb to it. The problem is we have no cure.

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I had no idea that there were so many homeless in Japan. I have always believed that Japan was way beyond that in terms of social care. But then again I have never visited Japan. Japan to me has always seemed like a perfectly beautiful society. I have always been drawn toward all things Japanese, but have never been able to travel there due to the costs that I would have to incur. I know here in America we have allot of homeless, many of which are mentally ill and others who are chemically dependant, and for the most part if you want off the street there are a ton of agencies and churches that will gladly lend a hand. I'm not sure if it is the same in Japan but I would hope and pray that kindness and generosity are a global trait. I hope that the economy returns to a stable position and that many if not all the homeless in Japan recover their lives and can enjoy the short time we all share on this big blue marble.

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