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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall on Izu Peninsula; one dead, at least 50 injured See in context

”the overreaction is ridiculous” Really? I’m from New Orleans. I can assure you with storms like this there is no such thing as an overreaction.

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile over northern Japan; Abe speaks with Trump See in context

Very frightening for me as my 3 year old lives in Hokkaido :(

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Posted in: Japan protests over alleged rape by U.S. sailor on Okinawa See in context

Chuck. At discussion is not what Japanese do in their country. What's at discussion is what Americans who are guests and who are supposed to be ambassadors are doing in a foreign country. Don't try to justify or divert attention away from that by pointing out what the locals do

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Posted in: Japan tells U.N. it has found no evidence of forced WWII sex slavery See in context

@kibousha. Yeah this is a bonehead move. But the other countries can't hold an entire nation for the actions of its past or the comments of the silly conservative base

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Posted in: Japan tells U.N. it has found no evidence of forced WWII sex slavery See in context

@gaijindesu should we talk about Vietnam? Yes American soldiers have killed innocents in past conflicts and have raped women in past conflicts. Hell they do it in Japan even today. Don't try to wipe away any guilt just because Murica!! War is full of atrocities. Usually on all sides. Not always sanctioned or sponsored by governments. Most times it's horrible people in the midst of it all

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Posted in: Lower house OKs security bills despite opposition boycott See in context

A country should In fact be able to have a more active role in defending itself and aiding allies. It should in fact have its own constitution. One that it has a hand in. Not one written bunya other country. Sure Japan's situation worked for a while but they should have started things like this years ago (reworking its constitution as it saw fit. Not keeping one written by U.S. ) and yeah with China's recent activities. Especially building artificial islands further out from coast they need a firmer hand. Now I'm not saying I agree with how it's been done. More should have been done to ensure people understand it and know why it's being done. With that said and given the past 6-7 years that vibe really followed Japanese politics this could be one of those things that starts a new domino effect of PMs. Even when I was living there whene a PM had this much controversy and people mad wasn't long before he stepped down.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea mark 50 years of diplomatic ties See in context

Let it go!!! And commenters ignoring the whole landmark apology thing. Seriously? Numerous apologies have been issued. Why can't China and Korea drop this already and show they're dedicated to peace? Japan's not perfect but they're only ones trying. Learn from the past and move on. Don't keep it alive. Don't see Japan and America still at each other's throats over nukes and Pearl Harbor do you? No. Because keeping past alive is pointless.

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Posted in: China must guard against Japan's denial of history: military See in context

Point is you can't expect everyone to hold a certain belief. Japan has apologized officially numerous times. However some idiots will always hold their own silly views. Just like if in America you pass laws against racism. Doesn't mean it'll stop racists from feeling the way they do. Whining about the past and hindering forward progress as a whole because of certain individuals is just as childish and stupid as those silly views held by the few "deniers"

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Posted in: China must guard against Japan's denial of history: military See in context

How is it whitewashed? How can you blame an entire country for a few idiots statements when apologies have been issued so many times? Even if Abe does as they want next pm will be expected to apologize as well or else China will whine some more. It's a never ending cycle until more people back Japan in telling China to screw off

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Posted in: Hundreds protest in California ahead of Abe's visit See in context

JohnY921. Japanese have moved on. It's China and Korea that refuse to move on. Don't see Japan and America going at it still over Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima and Nagasaki do you? The treaty normalizing relations laid out that after the large reparations paid and apology made hat no more nineties would be paid not anymore apology required. Yet both China and Korea continue to ignore that treaty. Every single pm should not have to apologize to appease them. Although I kinda wish Abe would give a big heartfelt apology so then the world could see who's really being unreasonable as I doubt hey would drop it or even consider any apology good enough.

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Posted in: Japan rebuffs outcry over new history textbooks See in context

Funny. Doesn't Koreas text books use the same debated government view?

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Posted in: Bradley Cooper says he is surprised by 'American Sniper' controversy See in context

People should focus on veterans yes. But as a veteran I'll also say the rhetoric or way Muslims are portrayed in the film isn't good. Not all people in a wartime are bad. Just saying

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Posted in: Japan asks U.S. publisher to change 'sex slave' reference in textbook See in context

Yeah but to be fair note where it mentions the concerns of Japanese citizens disconnected from events of seven decades ago. Thing is I truly believe if China and S Korea had lived up to the treaties after the war( the ones normalizing relations and made reparations ) and not continued to bring this up over and over and over again none of this would be an issue. Japan wouldn't be doing all this. Not saying it's right. But then again I side is right in this. Dragging it out like this is doing more harm then good.

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Posted in: Father of girl who murdered classmate in Sasebo found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Well said titanium. And that is a great film to reference.

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Posted in: Father of girl who murdered classmate in Sasebo found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Those saying he was a coward I ask how? You guys obviously don't have a clue about the way some people still view honor in Japan. A system that goes back to the samurai code. Some view this as an atonement. Is it outdated? Maybe. But you shouldn't be so quick to pass judgement like that when it is a completely different world in a lot of ways.

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Posted in: Babymetal plot world domination with Lolita rock See in context

Who cares if they're real metal or not. The genres fuse well and they genuinely appear to be enjoying themselves while performing and hell they were accepted at sonisphere. Just enjoy it for whatbt is a well sounding fusion.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers warn Japan, Canada on Pacific trade deal talks See in context

Yeah my father in law is rice farmer in Hokkaido. What the US wants could hurt his livelihood. So the US should be willing to do the same that they expect from others. If tariffs are to be removed remove them on all sides.

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Posted in: 6 former 'comfort women' demand apology from Japan See in context

How many times have they apologized again? It was horrible but please move on.

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Posted in: Japanese convenience stores to get even more awesome this year See in context

I agree. Ready made obentos are great lol

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Posted in: M6.7 earthquake hits north of Okinawa See in context

From what I read and was told before going to Okinawa all buildings are built to be typhoon and earthquake resistant.

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Posted in: Chinese wartime forced laborers sue Japanese firms See in context

Ok. For all the fools who still ignorantly state japanese refuses to acknowledge history....here ya go.


You're welcome.

Maybe if china stopped beating a dead horse right wing fools in Japan wouldn't say dumb crap.

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Posted in: Nago mayor pleads against U.S. air base See in context

Good luck Inamine San.

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Posted in: WWII sex slavery indescribable wrong: ex-PM Murayama See in context

They haven't just apologized only after someone's statement of denial. And either way. As many apologies and monies paid to victims I don't care who denies what. There's always going to be some fool who says something crazy. The views of a small number of silly people shouldn't invalidate the apologies made in the past. And that's exactly what's happening. One guys says something silly and suddenly china and Korea forget the apologies made and money paid and demand more. Accept the apology and move on. And understand that there will always be silly folk who deny things. Worry about a small number of people with a messed up opinion shouldn't cause problems for the majority who want to truly move on.

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Posted in: WWII sex slavery indescribable wrong: ex-PM Murayama See in context

Thing is they have apologized. Numerous times. Far more then the once or twice you say. Look it up. This is just petty. Japan can apologize over and over again and I get the feeling it will never be enough. They will always want more. Oh. Also. Here's the list. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_war_apology_statements_issued_by_Japan

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Posted in: Celebrities want to tie TPP trade pact with Japan to dolphin hunt See in context

Note to self. Ignore anything from these celebrities.

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Posted in: Town fuming over Murakami portrayal of citizens as litterbugs See in context

Yeah and most of that in Okinawa is from Americans. Most key word most okinawans have those high speed ashtrays in their cars and a litter bag or container in their car

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Posted in: Anti-whalers claim aggressive ramming by Japanese fleet See in context

They aren't doing anything illegal (the whalers) if there's a loophole than it's legal. Plus science shows what they are doing is sustainable.

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Posted in: Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, others rally against Okinawa base plan See in context

Not entirely true Jeff. Some places on mainland Japan have said they would host it. Neither us not Japan brass will listen.

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Posted in: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu announces 2nd world tour See in context

She's far from the best but I personally love her voice. And she's different. Which is always good

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Posted in: China memorial to Korean assassin sparks Japan feud See in context

Ok I understand he did this during japanese occupation. But to unveil a monument now is silly. Also honoring one man who killed another and viewing it as ok while complaining about a leader who visits a shrine to all who have died for Japan (even a few foreigners) is ludicrous. As has been said china should now not have a problem of people who have killed Chinese for freedom. Or hell what about people who loved John Wilkes Booth for shooting Lincoln? See not all assassinations are right. Killing someone is never right. Honoring an assassin is strange and this seems to be a "if you do it so will we " which still doesn't make sense. 14 war criminals( out of over 2 million) enshrined by people outside the government should not cause this much damn drama on a shrine to honor the dead. Not should it be a reason to turn around and "honor" a lone gunman

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