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Posted in: Try cooking a Big Mac in rice cooker See in context

It makes my mouth water...

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Posted in: May the horse be with you See in context

He must be mutated by radiation.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift basks in Asian limelight See in context

I love her song "Love story"!

I hope she will not run out of stamina in her live tour. She seems to need more lung capacity to keep singing.

But, I love her.

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Posted in: Night life See in context

It's 1,490 yen in price for all you can drink. It's 270 yen for one stuff. Deflation in Japan will last...

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Posted in: Shopping in the rain See in context

I must be detracted ...

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Posted in: Job-hunting See in context

They are in same colored suits. Will they compete against each others in within-colors?

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Posted in: Navigation system for bikes See in context

It looks weak to hold a iPhone on the upper side for a bike or bicycle. The iPhone seems to fall off them by vibration of curbs on the road.

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Posted in: Come fly with me See in context

It's deca Ebi chan!

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Posted in: Mini ninjas See in context

A ninja to the left holds a ninja star in his right hand. Cool! Throw it!

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Posted in: Digital TV with flexible arm See in context

There are no touch screen models on the Website. Touch screen model is much better for dentist's office. A dentist used a mouse on his thigh explaining a x-ray of my teeth.

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Posted in: New star See in context

I hope that he will not be crushed by expectations.

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Posted in: Sony to release new PlayStation Portable this year See in context

I wish it could be used as a smartphone, 3G access function is good. Please give us reasonable price, SONY!

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Posted in: Portable DVD player See in context

It is a wrong external link!

By the way, Price is good. It can be used as commuting.

Moderator: The link is correct.

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Posted in: Pedestrian paradise See in context

27th trial was held last month. When will the murder be sentenced? Give the murder a harsh sentence.

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Posted in: Mirror thermometer See in context

I don't understand how it can be used effectively. Setting at the hospital, office, anywhere to avoid being infected? It's must be impossible.

Does anyone come up with any ideas to use it so effectively?

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Posted in: Fuji sunset See in context

Nice picture at dusk! Please let us see one at dawn.

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Posted in: Finishing touch See in context

It's immodest that the boys? or girls? wearing skirts sit on the ground.

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Posted in: Rabbit season See in context

Gifts might be in the red shoes.

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Posted in: NTV's Yukari Nishio voted best female announcer See in context

I vote FujiTV's Aya Takashima my best female announcer.

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Posted in: Santa's here See in context

I like the second right girl.

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Posted in: Hills on ice See in context

The rink looks a little bit small. How much per person? If it is less than 1,000 yen, I will go skating.

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Posted in: Twinkle time See in context

It looks amazing like fireflies lighting up.

Yellow LEDs might be used. Blue ones are too dazzling for me. They're unnatural.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda to release first photo collection in 4 years See in context

I also like her song "Lick me" and dance combination with backup dancers.

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Posted in: Bright and early See in context

The photograph makes me feel uncomfortable. It looks like a HDR one.

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Posted in: Georgia coffee See in context

It looks like tasting not-good when I first see the can label. I'll try. It's just 120 yen.

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

She doesn't look like Itai I saw before! I'm in shock! I'm sure she will award Miss Universe. Go for it.

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Posted in: Bluedot digital high-vision TV See in context

It might be the best choice for me to purchase it for my dining.

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Posted in: Digital photo frame connects to Internet See in context

Why don't we substitute iPod with it? But I'm concerned about the monthly contract for Internet access. Isn't it FREE? Is it just WIFI?

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Posted in: Keeping an eye on Kou Shibasaki See in context

tokyotom san

speaking of meisa, we haven't seen her in a while, come on JT pick it up!


Check it out!

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Posted in: Keeping an eye on Kou Shibasaki See in context

Her song, “Tsuki no shizuku”, is amazing. It's one of my favorites!

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