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Posted in: Toshiba unveils world's lightest laptops See in context

I'm very interested in the right one which features 7 inch dual screens, windows 7, 1 USB port. It seems better than iPad for me. I hope a lot of specialized software will go on sale as soon as possible.

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Posted in: Wash and wear See in context

She is always cute!!

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri continues comeback with glossy magazine spread See in context

Her insolent attitude was a kind of triggers to be abused by the media. I would like her to come back as an actress, whose performance was pretty good.

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Posted in: X Japan to make U.S. debut at Lollapalooza in August See in context

It's a good news! Their live performance has been very cool since their debut.

They sing some kinds of songs, a cappella, a ballade, a rock, a metal and so on. You should give it a try. One of my favorites is "紅"(kurenai).

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Posted in: Hanami rush hour See in context

It is cold in the cherry blossom season every year. "Oden nabe" is one of the best stuff for "Hanami" if you are allowed to use portable gas stove.

Unfortunately we missed "Hanami" party on Friday as a weather forecast predicted it rained and we postponed. It was the best days on April 2nd and 3rd in Kanto area.

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Posted in: Here's hoping Formula One gets even more boring See in context

I also thought that Bahrain Grand Prix was very boring.

They had had a technical group studying the aerodynamics, which could make F1 cars easily overtake other cars. The cars which had the concept debuted on Australia Grand Prix last season, but cars equipped with double diffusers ruined the concept. The diffuser has made harsh turbulence to the cars behind. That has made a car behind not easily overtake the car in front.

The diffusers is going to be banned next season. But the technical regulation has to be changed drastically for F1 to be much more exciting.

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Posted in: Sweet anniversary See in context

I wish we would eat them after the anniversary event of Midtown.

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Posted in: The rise and fall of the Roppongi Hills 'tribe' See in context

They seem to tend to show themselves more attractive than they are, which seems to be need to improve their firms and to get new customers. But they sometimes do something illegal, tell lies. Because they have to pay salaries for employees, high rents for their offices in Hills, have to continue to make sales up to avoid losing their credit from customers and banks, and of course (the following is most important) they wanna earn much money.

Japan is a capitalistic country though, Japan is also a country under the rules of law. They sometimes tend to forget rules.

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Posted in: Larger-than-life Erika Sawajiri returns See in context

I liked her as she was acting a girl with a disability on "1 liter of tears" program.

But she failed to say "Betsu ni" when being interviewed and lost place to be in entertainment industry. It was like a snow boarder "Kokubo" in Vancouver Olympics. I hope she learned the sense of respect, propriety, gratitude and so on.

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Posted in: Alonso marks Ferrari debut with Bahrain F-1 victory See in context

Qualifying this season was more excited than last season, but Grand Prix less excited. There are no way to overtake during the race without any mistakes. If the engine of Vettel didn't break down, he would win the race.

One of the strategies I understood was the timing to change tires. Anything else? Nothing! I need some races to know whether regulations this season is good or not.

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Posted in: Home of the Bravia See in context

Some high-end models of TVs will be released with just 2 glasses. I was surprised that the "3-D active shutter glasses" will cost about 12,000 yen, according to the other web site. The shutter of glasses are synchronized with infrared rays the TVs transmit to make parallax so that they are expensive.

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Posted in: Home of the Bravia See in context

You won't be able to watch REAL 3-D programs unless REAL 3-D image programs are broadcast or suitable new Blue Ray medias are sold. Though the TVs seem to switch 2-D images to VIRTUAL 3-D images, I'm not sure it works properly in all programs. Even if it works well, I don't think this kind of 3-D TVs will be common. Because we are demanded to get several glasses for family and get them worn for long hours.

I won't buy it but I like such a technological improvement.

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Posted in: Toyota disputes critic who blames electronics See in context

I wanna hear the dispute about an unintended acceleration. please put it in public.

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Posted in: Mao on Ice See in context

The day finally has come for the women figure skating in this Winter Olympics. Both Mao and Kim's performances were perfect! I'm happy about Mao succeeding in the triple axel. All fans were very worried about Mao's triple axel jump.

They strongly fascinated a huge audience with their own personalities, Mao's cheerfulness and Kim's coolness.

Mao looked very happy as she was always smiling due to the success of triple axel and as she jumped up and down on the rink at the last.

Kim looked cool on her face when she virtually shot a gun made from her hands at the last.

I hope both Mao and Kim not to make any mistakes in their free programs. I mean I wanna see their best performances and fair competition which judges give them.

But I wanna Mao to win the GOLD. Follow the predecessor - Shizuka Arakawa. Go for it! Mao!

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Posted in: Going for gold See in context

Mao Asada was not allowed to challenge the last Olympics due to still young at that time. She finally gets the first ticket to Olympics this season.

I'm sure that She must beat Kim Yuna and win the gold medal! Go for it, Mao!!

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Posted in: Do you support damages suits filed by former smokers who argue they have developed health problems, including lung cancer, because tobacco companies sold them cigarettes? See in context

I am heavily shocked at 83 people voting "YES" at this time.

I've never understood such people who smoke, who don't have their own responsibilities for their act, who don't learn about something before they buy, and at last who sue for the negligence of companies.

I think that smoking depends on a personal choice not a company choice.

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Posted in: Doraemon jet See in context

At first, Japan Airlines brings up the big guns attracting kids in order to increase customers.

What's next?

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Posted in: Apple queen See in context

She got 365 apples as named Apple Queen 2010.

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Posted in: MP3 player See in context

It supports just MP3, and WMA audio formats, please add AAC format!

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Posted in: Toyota's president apologizes for massive global recalls See in context

I'm wondering that Toyota had no idea to announce Prius brake problem, and wanted to conceal and to fix it on free inspections which car dealers offered on first and sixth months of the first year customers bought.

Mass media will seek problems and abuse Toyota. This is the best chance for Toyota to change its company culture!

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Posted in: Bosses uptight over newbies' ignorance of phone protocol See in context

If newbies act like these, Japanese firms should reject formal employment after their trial period which might be 2-3 months. It must be the last chance to fire such a stupid ones.

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Posted in: Formula One See in context

I'm also sure that this season promises to be brilliant. All cars will compete with a little fuel(no need to add fuel for race) without race strategy, meaning real battles happening in the qualifyings.

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Posted in: Toyota's recall fix clears U.S. regulators See in context

I wanna know how and when the condensation occurs. Aren't there possibilities of Condensation for all cars?

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Posted in: Wireless mouse See in context

I checked it out on their website.

It specializes in presentations not daily use. It has each up, down, left and right scroll buttons and center button. If specific software is installed the mouse is used as a laser pointer.

It will be useful just for making presentations. I don't buy it personally.

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Posted in: Apple's Jobs unveils $499 iPad tablet See in context

IPad is a little bit too big and iPhone is a little bit too small to surf the Internet on the way to work on train. They don't fit me. I hoped the device between iPad and iPhone in size and weighing less than 500g.

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Posted in: Apple tablet could stir up video game business See in context

I can't wait for the Apple Media Event which will take place at 3:00 a.m. on 28th JST. Tablet device will be launched.

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Posted in: The end of a homeless, nameless life on the street See in context

There are harsh realities in Japan.

Constitution in Japan shows that All people shall have the right to maintain the minimum standards of wholesome and cultured living as long as they fulfill their duties of working and paying taxes.

I want Japanese government to keep taking care of people who are looking for jobs. Don't care about people who played pachinko, drank alcohol after getting 20,000 yen of compensation in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Kobe Valentine See in context

Arrows tipped with his affection might be loosed off at her mind.

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Posted in: Odaiba See in context

It might be taken near "Aqua-city Odaiba". I wanna be there!

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Posted in: Lovely Bones See in context

The film is based on the best-selling novel by Alice Sebold.

Why is the killer from heaven? Did the killer murder her? Is that because of a fantasy drama?

I don't understand.

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