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Posted in: Pope Francis invites comedians including Whoopi Goldberg to Vatican See in context

Mainstream comedy is not quite as funny these days as everything funny is too “politically incorrect” to mention. Cancel culture stifles creative thinking and causes so much division.

Mocking others with a different viewpoint seems to be the norm now. I hope that people start laughing together again.

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Posted in: Japanese mayor suddenly speaks fluent English with AI video that surprises even him See in context

You can’t trust your eyes anymore! Remove the AI tag and no one would think he didn’t say this. It’s very amusing and yet this tech can easily be abused. I hope they will keep an eye on this well.

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Posted in: Nagasaki holds off inviting Israel to peace ceremony See in context

How do we know if they report the real number of Palestinians killed when in the Quoran 5.89 they are permitted to lie and the Hamas tunnels are accessed through their hospitals? It means their highest health officials are complicit.

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Posted in: Oppenheimer's grandson calls for dialogue over geopolitical risks See in context

Even if people think Trump is the devil incarnate, the missiles flying over us in Japan stopped, peace treaty with Saudi, his America first policy would not allow 7.2 million illegals to cross their border and the Alaskan gas pipeline shutdown would’ve prevented ridiculous inflation affecting the whole world. I’d rather have mean tweets than world war 3.

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Posted in: History says tariffs rarely work, but Biden’s 100% tariffs on Chinese EVs could defy the trend See in context

Since electricity is powered by coal, Don’t EVs need coal as well? Please enlighten me.

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Posted in: Japan to provide Philippines ¥64 bil for 5 more patrol ships See in context

It is in Japan’s interests as well to protect the Philippines from china as it seems to be second to Taiwan on its invasion list. Japan also has territorial issues against China. The more powerful china becomes, the worse off for Japan.

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Posted in: Jesus is their savior, Trump is their candidate. Ex-president's backers say he shares faith, values See in context

i think it’s more about who can win over Biden who seems to be leading the world into world war 3. At least with Trump, no missiles were flying over Japan, peace treaty with saudis. I don’t think that Afghanistan, Ukraine and Israel would have happened under trump.

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context

Her thinking seems archaic but if things don’t change, there will be no more Japanese In 100 years. Their economy is suffering and the most patriotic thing to do at this point is to bear children.

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Posted in: Attacking birth control pills, U.S. influencers push misinformation See in context

This article is the misinformation. Anything unnatural causes harm to the body. People are not supposed to use pills as a “patch” for lack of self control. Family life, marriage breakdown in society is caused by people thinking that self must reign and that they can do whatever they want without consequences. The dignity of man has been damaged by this birth control mentality and Japan’s aging society is paying for it.

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Posted in: They study next to one of Africa's largest trash dumps. They're planting bamboo to try to cope See in context

They’re so inspiring! They know the value of education. I hope it works. The problem is so humongous but rather than give up, they are doing something positive! I wonder if coffee grounds would help.

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Posted in: Netanyahu vows to invade Rafah 'with or without a deal' as cease-fire talks with Hamas continue See in context

Each death caused by this conflict was the cause of Hamas. They kept shutting down peace deals even when Israel supplied all the water and food (and left them alone - no occupation). They can give up all the hostages which is in their power to stop the war.

Israel has a right to defend its people and it has not barbarically slaughtered civilians. From the river to the sea is not a call for freedom from apartheid - it is a call for the obliteration of Israel, this teeny tiny nation in the middle of countries that hate them. It’s the call for genocide of Jews which is the goal of Palestinians and taught in their schools. The Jews lived in Israel way before the Palestinians settled there and never left.

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Posted in: Harajuku Station’s beautiful old wooden building set to return, with new complex around it See in context

I’m so glad to hear this! The charm of old structures are often more appealing. Many modern buildings focusing more on function and budget constraints have lost the ability to inspire or give joy.

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Posted in: Philippine protesters trample on Xi effigy; condemn China's maritime 'aggression' See in context

china, try to be kind to the world so I can buy your products again

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Posted in: Disney wins proxy fight, turning back activists See in context

Please go back to wholesome family entertainment. Earnings will naturally follow.

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Posted in: Finland is world's happiest country for 7th straight year: study See in context

I’m sorry but I don’t believe this report. Philippines is way down and Japan is happier? I’ve been to some of the top places and I didn’t see many smiling folk at all.

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Posted in: Women break into world of Japan's 'masculine' noh theater See in context

even if I am a lady, I don’t like traditions broken (I read the article and know women have been allowed to join for a long time now). Traditions are there for a purpose and enrich the culture so long as it’s not immoral. Just my opinion even if it’s not the “trendy” view.

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