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Posted in: Japanese web newspaper returns fire over Korean daily's abrasive editorial See in context

Sourpuss, its call free speech, something you Japanese don't quite yet understand after all these years. But what can I expect from a culture of salarymen.

And everything I said is the truth, you people just can't handle it. Don't believe me, get a girlfriend and have her show you during her MS. Tell me that doesn't look similar to your flag. At least, that's what those pictorials on goggle news seems to depict. Maybe your own media blocks them out for whatever reasons. Again, I'm just saying, its public information.

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Posted in: Japanese firms look at other countries as alternatives to China See in context

I agree Hinku, put your factories in USA. Our blue-collar labor jobs are cheaper than Japan and we don't have the same political baggage as you do. So c'mon in.

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Posted in: For Japan's carmakers, Europe market worth the struggle See in context

Zichi: Of course I know Japanese cars are made in Europe and America. Nothing wrong with that so long as you heard the locals. Didn't you read what I wrote? Thing about Europe is, you don't have the capacity to build in those respective European countries that you have good sales in. Most Germans will buy germans. French with French and Brits with Indian. Maybe you will sell better in Russia but its nothing compare with US. And that's exactly what I'm saying, we allow you to leech off us. Shutting you off will be as easy as shutting of my faucets. Just a hard RIGHT clock-wise turn and you're done. Much like what you're doing to yourself these days.

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force insiders foresaw F-22 problems See in context

Sacrifices are always necessary in weapons development. Do you know how many Americans died in perfecting the use of our CGs and advance jets through the decades? Tens of thousands. God bless their souls but its a necessary sacrifice. We just don't talk about it but we know. The all powerful military you see today from us has been through countless blood and tears. This is not just about money and power. The technological advancement is all about sacrifices.

You people think this is some joke or help a needy friend situation in Japan? You think we occupy you for fun? This is all about protecting you from your own craziness. Every time your economy goes awol, your country turns to those right-wing nuts. Every single time. If it wasn't for us stabilizing the region, and alot of that means keep you on a leash, your whole country would've been another province of China or Russia. I'm thinking more like from Tokyo up rules by Russia and Kyushu down rule by China. That's how the Russian and Chinese would've done.

Just be thankful our F-22 is there as a symbol of deterrence because when push comes to shove, they won't matter much either.

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Posted in: China's lines around islands suggest more conflict See in context

Third party? This ain't some property dispute. This is sovereignty dispute. There is no organization that can handle this in human history aside for the proclamation by Church and God. And neither Japan or China have that kind of faith.

So we turn to the primary choice of resolving conflicts, by words backed by money and guns. Or directly go to war.

Who has more money and guns and friends at this point in Asia? You tell me. Name one country that will come to Japan's aide over these disputed islands. Name one. Mind you, US already said we're out of this. Name another.

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Posted in: Chinese media in Japan send message home: 'Nothing much to report here' See in context

How stupid is this article. OF course there's nothing going on in Japan. You took someone else's islands. You run them, you administer them and you can step foot on them anytime you want. What is there to protest? Its the side that felt that they're being taken advantage of that should or would protest. You hit the jackpot and you're protesting that you.... hit.. the... jackpot...?

WTF is this? If I own Okinawa, would I be protesting? See the USMC for example. Do you see Americans protesting that we occupy your territories and used them for military bases? Or do you see Okinawan's protesting about we occupying their land for military bases?

You Japanese always do this misleading articles to mislead the public. ITs always subtle but yet so childish.

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Posted in: Noda brings Tanaka, Jojima into cabinet See in context

You know you're screwed when you pissed off all of your neighbors. No one in Asia likes you. Have you people ever ask yourself why all of your neighbors hate you? Can't be all their faults, it must be something you did that cause all these hate.

Every time someone expresses hatred towards you, you interpret through NHK that its other people's fault. Its like a pre-written script. Your so-called free media is really not that free at all. I don't think the average Japanese citizen is really getting the truth about your own history, your current geo-political situation, and what exactly is your gov't doing to drive the right-leaning direction on all social-economic policies. Its a very dangerous game for you because all of your neighbors are well-established and military capable. ITs completely different than the 20s and 30s where you can take advantage through military and economic expansion.

One wrong step for you, in your extremely vulnerable state being an export-dominant country, can set you back 30 years. You won't survive a mistake like that.

And really, out of all of the people you can elect, look at all those incompetent fools that you elected. Its really your own people's fault. For over 70 years of a democratic state, its predominantly one party rule up until the past few years. And how did that work out for you? Yes you are a democracy but a fake one. You people don't have the political will to amass to anything substantial. Always happy with status quo, the non-conformed peace, the superficial politeness. I wonder how long that will last when your businesses that support your nation really get in trouble in the next few years. Let's see if you people would patiently wait in line to get milk or that beef bowl in empty parking lots.

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Posted in: Japanese firms look at other countries as alternatives to China See in context

The Malaysian and Singaporean hate your guts. The Filipinos are a lazy bunch and there's not much they can do there, not including the Muslim terrorism that goes on in the outskirts. The Thai, well you saw the flooding and riots. Vietnam is another communist state that hates you. Myanmar is a military state and the staunchest ally of China. IF China says, no import from Myanmar to China, your companies and investments die immediately in the former Burma.

Honestly speaking, if you want to tap the Chinese market, you have no where to go but India. But Indians like the Koreans a lot more than you people, so you are at a huge disadvantage there. And right now, the Chinese don't want you in their country. Its not about your assessment of risks of doing business in China. Its about China and the Chinese kicking you out. Two completely different circumstances. Get that through your self-obsessive skull of yours. Your Business and investments are unwanted in China. Leave now and American businesses and European businesses will replace you immediately. Like I said, everything you make are completely replaceable. At the end of the day, you lose a 1.4 billion consumer market. Your loss. Our gain.

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Posted in: Japanese web newspaper returns fire over Korean daily's abrasive editorial See in context

I don't know what's worse, Japanese description of Korean flags as roaches or the Chinese and Taiwanese people description of Japanese flag as a used tampon.

I mean , I can't tell that those lines are roaches. They are just wiggly lines to me. But for the Japanese flag on the other hand, and I don't mean no disrespect but one does wonder. If you are the land of the rising sun, maybe include the land at the bottom or some sun rays... Just red dot on white... and when people who dislikes you make that inference, if given another context, they are not wrong either. Let's just say your flag gives people who hate you lots of laughs and it really doesn't take much to do it either. I'm just saying.

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Posted in: Low-key 40th anniversary of Japan-China ties See in context

I don't understand this celebration at all. What is there to celebrate about the Japan-China relationship? Both of your people hate each other. You Japanese have never respected the Chinese. Most of you refer to them as inferior. The Chinese considered most of you as offspring of rapists and war mongers and that you are a bunch of thieves and wolves hiding in sheep's skin ( I heard this description directly from a Chinese diplomat in a mixer). So what celebrations? China used you to modernize themselves. You used China to alleviate your ridiculous inflation and need for raw materials to support your labor crunch and exports.

The best description of that is business-partners. You were just business partners. What is there to celebrate? The US did business with the Nazi before WWII. That doesn't make us friends. We don't celebrate our relationships.

Now that the type of business partnership is coming to an end for you two. You can continue to live in a dream that you think you are still the boss of Asia ( it was never about you, it was about us, the USofA), or you can start business somewhere else, like in the US for example. Its time for you to pay your dues for the years that we have supported and protected you. First you must retract that silly sale of the islands. Second, apologize for whateverthehellyoupeopledid, and third, just act like this is all about some crazy old fools who couldn't get it up at night so he created some fuzz over his personal agendas and call it a day. Nobody need to go to war over something so stupid. And if you don't back down, and it seems like the Chinese is going all out on this. Somebody is going to get a hurtin', you feel me?

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Posted in: For Japan's carmakers, Europe market worth the struggle See in context

Unless those Japanese cars run on diesel or are actually manufactured in the different respective countries in Europe, sales will not improve. Protectionism in Europe is much harsher than US. Why? They ain't your allies.

You people had been leeching off us for decades. We allow you to stay peaceful so you can focus on your economy. Europeans don't have the same baggage as us. They won't "cater" to your needs.

I actually find you people and your country to be quite annoying these days. That view is not alone. Your influence is dipping. Your products are a lot less interesting these days. Most of your electronics and household appliances are replaced by the Koreans. Detroit is making a come back and Ford is focusing on smaller cars, get it focus.

And all those cheap products that you used to make are replaced by the Chinese. Yes, most people complaint about Chinese products. But if you ask most folks in US, we think the Chinese are quite conservative, smart and hard working. That trait is quite similar to ours. And in fact, quite similar to the baby-boomer generations in Japan as well. But nowadays, your current and next generations are just a complete disappointment. There is no hope for you.

Other than your geographical location and entertaining gadgets, I don't see any further usefulness from you.

Frankly, you've turned yourself from a stabilizing source to a troublemaker and a trigger for regional war with China. If you folks still don't understand our position on this matter, you are far more dense than I thought you were.

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Posted in: Taiwan eyes marine park near disputed islands See in context


If you pay any attention to the people and regions in Taiwan that are protesting against Japan. You will know that they are all Pro-Taiwan Independence demographics. The Taiwanese that are protesting are the ones that endured Japan colonization and rapes in Taiwan. So you cannot be more wrong.

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Posted in: Taiwan activists rally against Japan over islands See in context

Thy, of course some of the Chinese are proud of their vulgarity. Just like some of the Japanese who are proud of their idols in the Yasukuni Shrine. Just like some neo-nazi, Aryan-brotherhood, the Black Panther, Nation of Islam...etc. in well, my home country that shares the same kind of hate. You are not a westerner. You are just a person with tunnel vision.

And DudeDeuce, Guam, lol. And how many Japanese tourists are there these days? The old community elder's group who join those cheap tours? Most of you can't afford to spend like the Chinese or Koreans. Your tourists don't matter. This ain't the 80s.

Snotface, passive aggressive is not healthy, eventually it'll lead to mental breakdowns. That's why you see all the hentai and crazy sex crap from Japan. Its people getting bogged down and can't find an outlet to let their true feelings and emotions be heard. Its because your society is messed up like that. Not because you keep your cool, its because you are built and programmed like that. Its nothing to be proud of.

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Posted in: Message for Japan See in context

I asked a question earlier. Only one person answered.

What are you afraid of?

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Posted in: Former PM Abe wins LDP leadership election See in context

ROFLOL! You people voted for idiots who supported the same idiot twice to ruin Japan. OMG, are you people sheeps waiting to be slaughtered? Your political system is a complete failure because no body has any vision or guts to do the right thing. Its partly ya'll's fault for being silent and ignoring the problem. Its so easy to get elected, make as much money and power as you can, bow and apologize to the people, step down and do it all over again while fattening his wallet. Because you people don't care. You just don't care. Its a damn shame.

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Posted in: 5 anti-Japan protestors surrender in China See in context

Nobody ask you to setup consulates and embassies in China. If you don't like them, close up shop and leave China.

Its obvious the Chinese people and gov't don't like you. And most of you people don't like them. So get the hell out of China and kick those Chinese out of Japan and call it a day. You can't have a good business relation with all this hate. This ain't the mafia in the roaring 20s.

Wait... What did you say again? Yeah, your economy has been significantly dependent on China for the past decade. So you don't like them but you want them to be nice to you and buy your products. And on top of that you want them to sell rare-earth metals to you, something that they treasure. Really? I think your expectations are a bit unrealistic. If ya'll think like that, I got a bridge to sell you.

Seriously, what planet do you people live in?

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Posted in: Panetta's Asia-Pacific visit shows balancing role U.S. hopes to play See in context

Tri, I see your point. I will refrain from telling someone to learn a second language. Sometimes I forget this is an international board.

Nevertheless, since Japanese are quite the detail oriented people. I highly doubt that one can confuse between administering an island and sovereignty over an island. These are 2 completely different entities. There should be no confusion. I keep on hearing Japanese say that hey, we own this, its ours because you gave it to us to administer it. What the heck is that? Its complete nonsense.

Just because you were given the right to administer something doesn't mean you OWN it. So when Hilary was blowing smokes up your ears about oh we'll protect you don' worry about it, ya'll took it like sweet corn. Its a bit naive don't you think? And here comes Leon who gave you a reality check on where we stand and still, most of you don't get it. The alliance is not about disputed islands. Its about status quo and stability. Its about making sure you're undisputed sovereignty is intact and safe from attacks. Key words are undisputed sovereignty.

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Posted in: Panetta's Asia-Pacific visit shows balancing role U.S. hopes to play See in context

Administering does not mean ownership of sovereignty. I can administer a school or business but I don't OWN the business. Learn the English language please.

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Posted in: China says 40th anniversary of Japan ties ruined by island row See in context

China are bullies, so are we. Bullies are the ones that rule the world. Stop watching fantasy manga, that grass eating whimpy kid won't get the girls.

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Posted in: Panetta's Asia-Pacific visit shows balancing role U.S. hopes to play See in context

We will uphold treatises ONLY if you are not the provocateur. Since Ishihara and Noda are the provocateurs, why should be bleed for you? Your leaders go to do something they shouldn't do and piss off the Chinese and we have to clean up for you? What are you 6 years old?

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Posted in: Panetta's Asia-Pacific visit shows balancing role U.S. hopes to play See in context


When I said ranking member, I exactly mean brigadier general/rear admiral on up. That is exactly what I mean. RANKING MEMBERS.

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Posted in: Chinese leaders may come to regret anti-Japan protests See in context

Them Chinese commie leaders can care less about you. Your export and businesses in China are completely and utterly meaningless to the Chinese. Because you are completely replaceable. They can't wait to use you to get to us. And now you are enabling them. How Stupid are you?

They care only about the transition of power. Once they are done with that. That new Xi guy whom is a super hardliner will deal with you. If I were you, I would watch my back.

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Posted in: Taiwan activists rally against Japan over islands See in context

Didn't you people see in Taiwan and China that many stores and restaurants forbid Japanese and dog to enter? I read this somewhere on google news. ITs the funniest thing. To them, you are the equivalent of a canine.

I mean you people here talking about dog and dog barking. Its great to "talk" about it. Them Chinese and Taiwanese are doing it.

And as a result of this, companies like Toyota just lost 15% sale while all non-Japanese brand have double digit growth. Two things will happen for Japanese corporates, They will start firing, and that's not only in China but in Japan as well and other non-Japanese companies will take your place. And there goes the continuing downward spiral. The Koreans are already kicking your behinds in every electronics other than video consoles. You really are in trouble and most of you belittle them. Its just so funny to me. Who do you think you really are? You're a second rate country that is COMPLETELY dependent on our protection. You are the little yorkie that barks a lot and then run back to us for help.

Do you think you will even be barking or wimping at all if we don't have an agreement to protect you? Where the hell do you think you'll be right now? Grow the F up and know your place and stop making trouble for us.

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Posted in: Japanese firms say China protests affect business plans See in context

No S**T Sherlock. I just can't stop laughing about how your average Japanese and politicians protest against China while all of your businesses are crying with a bleeding heart on how to repair relationship with China.

You can't have it both ways. There is no such thing as warm economic ties and freezing political ties. The world doesn't work like that. Especially when you have territorial disputes. Think the Jews and Palestinians. Pakistani and Indians. Armanians and Russians.

It just doesn't work. Just get out of China and move somewhere else. You don't need to be there. We can take up the slacks. China doesn't want you and you don't like the Chinese. Why struggle with this? Just leave. IF you want to stay in China, play by their rules, their country, their rules.

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Posted in: Noda says protests will hurt China's economy See in context

Stupid fool, protests in China will hurt Japan's economy exponentially more than China. The Chinese can buy American cars, German and French technologies, Korean electronics or their own domestic products.

There is zero, nothing, nada that Japan has that China cannot purchase from anyone else.

And those Chinese workers who work for Japanese company can switch to American or Korean companies. Because we along with the koreans and germans will probably take over the slacks.

So don't worry about China. Worry about yourself. You can move to Thailand, with their poor infrastructure and flooding. Or the Philippines, anyone that's been to Manila during late spring and early summer can tell you its not a place for built for business or manufacturing. Indonesia has terrorism, so does India who hates foreign investments.

So where can you go? Japan? LOL, if that's the case, they never had to leave. With the yen and your high salary, no company can survive in Japan as the base for export manufacturing. And you don't have enough of a population to sustain your own because you lack natural resources to survive on your own.

So stop worrying about China, and worry about yourself.

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Posted in: Message for Japan See in context

Before anyone of you criticize the Chinese, not that they don't deserve to be criticized since that's not the point here, I want to ask this question to all ethnic Japanese or Japanophiles:

How many of you have learned about the accurate history of Japan's invasion in Asia and what they did to the average civilian, especially women and children in Asia.?

How many of you have taught your child, if you have any, about the horrific rapes, murders, human testing, and heinous crime against humanity in Asia?

If you have not done so, when will you do it and why are you talking right now?

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Posted in: Message for Japan See in context

First, I'm pretty sure that child can read. Second, you don't know if that child's family had suffered losses, rapes, or brutality by the Japanese when you guys colonized Taiwan. Third, there are probably citizens of Taiwan that genuinely hates your guts for what you did to their people. Fourth, there is nothing wrong with protest at any age in a democratic country. Anyone who is questioning that do not understand what democracy means. Lastly, Taiwan is probably the only nation in Asia that is friendly to Japan. Due to your common hatred of the Communist China. Lose Taiwan as your friend, you have no one else on your side in Asia. Forget the Philippines, they are flipfloppers. Vietnam on the surface hate China but deep down they know they depend on China for everything. Indonesia is China's new buddy, as well as Malaysia. Singapore is too weak for anything. Thailand has always remained neutral but its entire military is supplied by the Chinese. Forget Burma, Laos, and Cambodia. India got Pakistan to worry about. S. Korean and N. Korean hate your guts.

You don't have a friend that will sacrifice for you or will come to your aide. All your self proclaimed friends just want your money. China got Pakistan, N. Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia. Why, because those countries predominantly depend upon China's economy and military support.

You only have us, the US to have your back. You started this mess, so freaking fix it so we an pretend to have some normalcy.

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Posted in: Japan protests after 3 Chinese ships enter waters near disputed islands See in context

The Chinese are waiting for some emotionally charged Captain to do something stupid. Just one slightly move, just one push to scrape the side of any Chinese ship and boom, your southern fleet is gone. I see stupid people everywhere wanting Japan to retaliate, with what? You don't think the Chinese have been preparing for this for decades? China had been preparing for a showdown against us, the US military since the first Gulf War. They saw that they can easily be defeated with their Maoist mentality and they shifted course since 1991. This Chinese PLA you are seeing is one of the most lethal one in its history. One will the will to sacrifice but with modern weapons. Especially against you guys. Our pacific navy and airforce alone might not win over the Chinese and you people want to pump a few hundred rounds at them? Are you insane?

So one wrong move from you, and its going to be a turkey shoot. They will start raining bombs and missiles in your face. Pump a few hundred rounds? Did you get your heads checked out?

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Posted in: China says 40th anniversary of Japan ties ruined by island row See in context

Great. Now we talking.

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Posted in: Noda to reshuffle cabinet before heading to U.N. General Assembly See in context

So the revolving door continue. I honestly don't know who is in charge in Japan. Really I don't. Seems like my cleaning lady has a more stable job than your PM. Can you imagine how other nation's gov't and heads of state think of your PM and your gov't. Its like a ferris wheel while every 5 minute someone gets spin out. This really hurts your credibility and perception that you have a capable gov't. Why can't you people find someone capable, vote for him, and stick with him for at least a couple of years? Is that too much to ask. I've never heard of a head of state with less than 20% approval rating. That's disgusting.

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