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calm down comments

Posted in: All Black Sonny Bill Williams to play rugby in Japan See in context

Can we fast track him into a Brave Blossom if the Kiwis dont want him ?? Might cost a little,but hey..

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Posted in: Federer shatters Murray's Wimbledon dream See in context

A freak,the best ever..how does he do that ?Irreplaceable,I miss him already.

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Posted in: Serena Williams wins 5th Wimbledon title See in context

Well done to the Pole for reaching the final..and,well hanging in there whilst Serena fluffed the 2nd set,but she was noticeably outclassed.

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Posted in: Police refuse father's complaints about bullies linked to son's suicide See in context

It just better not happen again..ever.

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Posted in: Japan eyes record medal haul in London See in context

Why all the flak ??If you're going to set an Olympic bar why not set it high..this is quite an experienced,hardened team who aren't going to fall apart worrying about what the media are saying..If they get it good,if they don't they don't..

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Posted in: Nishikori reaches 3rd round of Wimbledon See in context

But Pukey he hasn't done better than him..Matsuoka made the quarters before being knocked out by legend Pete Sampras..

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Posted in: Italy beats England on penalties to reach Euro 2012 semis See in context

Blame it all on the hand of God..but I'd be very surprised if they aren't hugely successful in the coming Olympics

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Posted in: SMAP announce 5-dome tour See in context

GW, you want to 'teach' me with a Japan Today article ?? Using this as your primary source is reliable enough for you ??

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Posted in: SMAP announce 5-dome tour See in context

GW pretty ordinary to make a 'slimy' accusation based on a purposely ambiguous story aimed at inflamming.You blokes dont like SMAP.ok we get it,but your constant whining and repeating the same old tiresome accusations comes across as schoolgirl petty jealousy..get properly informed and move on.

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Posted in: Samoa beats Japan 27-26 to win Pacific Nations Cup See in context

give the name change a rest spud,totally irrelevant what you call yourself,NSW are the Waratahs for goodness sake..so what..

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Posted in: Who is your favorite 1960s singer or group that is still rockin' on? See in context

Rod Stewart

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Posted in: Socceroos concede favorite tag to Japan in World Cup qualifying group See in context

Aussies are playing possum..be afraid Japan its deja vu all over again !

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Posted in: Stabbing suspect should have killed himself, Osaka governor says See in context

Prevent these things from happening ??Any able bodied nut case adult could do this at anytime,we are at the mercy of fate .

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Posted in: Man who posed as doctor in tsunami-hit area gets suspended sentence See in context

I betcha he got the idea from that can coffee commercial starring Tommy Lee Jones

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Posted in: Australian Olympic swimmers apologize over gun photo See in context

Agree with Des..D'Arcy shouldnt be anywhere near our olympic side and spud you underestimate the morals of the Aussie taxpayer.

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Posted in: Japan trounces Jordan 6-0; Aussies held by Oman 0-0 in World Cup qualifiers See in context

How about that man Honda ?? Ha Ha..to the knocker

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Posted in: Fiji beats Japan 25-19 in Pacific Nations Cup See in context

totally disagree,irrelevant..who's scared of a wallaby ?Blossoms are fine- pansies, no..

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Posted in: AKB48 No. 1 See in context

good onya ted !!

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Posted in: Porn star Sora Aoi draws crowds of crazed Chinese men like few others can See in context

just looked up the definition of 'scraping the barrel',but I think I'll go with this..

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Posted in: Thailand's claim that Japan threw volleyball qualifier rejected See in context

I think the Thai coach is horribly over-estimating Japan...that's their level,coach.

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Posted in: Race on for 2nd as Japan again dominates Asian rugby See in context

If Australia is Asia in soccer,why cant they be Asia in rugby as well by entering an u/20's ? Benefits everyone..

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Posted in: 'House' closes after 8 seasons of healing and pain See in context

you got a caution in para. 3

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Posted in: Lady Gaga warned to tone down Philippine show See in context

50,000 people have bought tickets to THE Gaga show..they obviously know what she gives and they have obviously laid down their cash for that deal..which raises considerable doubt about anyone in the audience being offended..

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Posted in: Japanese rugby team needs to improve, says coach Jones See in context

Be nice to get some frequent games against others hovering in and around the top 10 esp. Canada,U.S.A and Italy and Argentina...bit more relevance to the big picture

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Posted in: Man severs real estate agent's arm with katana See in context

Me too,Maria !

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Posted in: Bra with built-in ice packs aims to keep women cool See in context

wouldnt the ice automatically switch the high beams on ?

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Posted in: Lady Gaga auctions teacup to help Japanese artists See in context

looks a lot like hilary clinton (like 30 years ago)

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Posted in: Norwegians take first whales of hunting season See in context

no ones eating it in norway,no ones eating it in japan..public have spoken

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Posted in: Australia takes on big tobacco in court See in context

Great stuff !

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Posted in: This way See in context

shallow hal 2

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