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The root cause is that the government is not making it easier for their own people to have children and to care for them. Wasnt there an article recently abt the severe shortage of child-care facilities in Japan? If children in general are seen as a burden rather than a joy by the society and if the nurture and care of children is given such low priority by the government, then we shdnt be surprise that Japan’s polulation will keep shrinking. And as a foreigner myself, let me say that bringing in more foreigners into japan does not solve the real problem that japan faces.

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This probably explains why Japan's birth rate is declining every year. Seems that children are regarded as a burden by the society at large, and occupies one of the lowest priorities in the eyes of the government. If they are really serious about getting things right, I doubt the objections of the people can stop them from doing what needs to be done.

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True, Japan did make some negative motives, but the same can be said about China. To point out about other people's fault while keeping quiet about your own faults is nothing but hypocrisy. Both must make positive moves in order for the relationship to improve.

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Funny someone said theres no aircraft on the china aircraft carrier. Are u sure there are no aircrafts onboard? I am not supporter of china, but lets not underestimate their capabilities.

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Japan may have low crime rate on the surface, but it seems to me that there are quite a number of mentally unsound or warped people running around finding thrills in hurting others...just like those physco characters that we sometimes see in animes.

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Posted in: Advice columnist shuts down mother who doesn’t want to give son permission to marry See in context

As a father, I will be glad if my daughter can respect me and come to seek advise from me and my wife concerning the man whom she will like to marry. But I will not abuse her respect for me by making unreasonable demands and objections. Children are under our care, but they are not our property. We are here to guide them in their life's decisions, not to control their lives because ultimately, everyone must be responsible for his or her own life.

Hope this mom will realize her mistake and stop hindering the son's marriage before it is too late, or else she will either destroy her son or herself. And I hope the son will be man enough to say no to his mother. Personally, I think a man who cannot say no to his mother makes a poor husband later on since he will not be able to defend his wife against his mother's unreasonable demands and interference in the marriage life.

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