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Posted in: Tokyo police officer arrested for not paying taxi fare, assaulting driver See in context

He was probably at an enkai (drinking party) with his coworkers lol. Since hes the sergeant they probably didnt let his cup become empty. I bet he wont drink like that again haha.

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Posted in: Japan launches satellite to study black holes See in context

This is awesome news! I love that my taxes paid for this mwahahahaha!!!! Id be more worried about all the taxes paying for the one use olympic stadiums hahaha! Space exploration is more important to me than hosting a sports competition^,^

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Posted in: Court ruling is latest setback for Japan's working women See in context

Im American and my Bf is Japanese and he never does any house work. It is utterly frustrating. But its still lame the gender difference for something as simple as household chores no matter what country-,-

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of 6-month-old son See in context

She probably did have post partum... Its really common in the US for women to go on depression medication and there are support groups that help women out. In Japan it is really rare for the state to help people with mental illness because it is embarrassing for the families if someone is diagnosed, also health care rarely covers things like that(among other reasons)... Its not uncommon at all for women to try to kill their new borns even though it is a deplorable act. Check this out and educate yourselves: http://www.webmd.com/depression/guide/postpartum-depression

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Posted in: Yakuza cancel Halloween trick-or-treat event for kids See in context

I live in Japan now but I come from Baltimore Md. The gangs where I am from hold their initiations on halloween night because it is easy to stab someone and walk away because everyones wearing costumes and if you have blood on you its halloween right, its probably not real.... Also children in Japan are so oblivious to the world around them. They are brought up with out a sense of danger.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl dies of carbon monoxide poisoning in tent See in context

So his company didnt have any electricity? Why were they camping on a balcony?

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 16-year-old girl in Yokohama guesthouse See in context

Maybe they were having some rough asphyxiation sex...? and she couldnt say the code word because she was being strangled...

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Posted in: Smartwatches open new hacking risk See in context

I will hack your watch and turn your lights on and off to freak you out mwahahaha

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Posted in: 93-year-old Chiba man on trial for killing wife at her request See in context

If I ever become a zombie its alright to put me down... Same difference! haha but seriously this ruling will be really big in Japan because of the mass of an aging population.

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Posted in: Woman, sister go on car chase after bag thief See in context

I feel bad for the NHK collectors. Its really easy to not pay them like ever... I just tell them I dont have a tv, even though i do and since im foreign they just sigh and walk away. hahaha I can imagine how he felt but yeah stealing from someone like that is overkill.

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Posted in: Ibaraki police officer arrested for stalking See in context

Ya`ll know what lurking is and its not cool! Also it must be hard to call the police on a policeman....

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Posted in: Son kills mother and bites own tongue after calling police See in context

In America I lived with my parents until I turned 23 and then moved to japan. I think its a normal thing to live with your family. I was lucky I lived in a family that didnt push me out at the age of 18. I loved living with my parents but we all shared responsibilities and I payed rent while going to school full time and working full time. In Japan families live together in the same household from grandparents to grandchildren. Its pretty normal in a lot of countries. He killed his mother and yeah they were living together but scroll down in the crime section and see how many people kill their relatives. It happens all over the world but Japan doesnt seem to censor things like in America.

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Posted in: Over 100 banks hit by sophisticated cyberattack See in context

and they got the idea from office space hahaha

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Posted in: Japan awaits news of hostages as deadline passes See in context

The video was most likely green screen. Its super easy technology to use. Then they wouldnt be able to be pinpointed on a map from the video and moving the hostages would be easy.

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Posted in: Two 15-year-old girls on minibike crash after police chase; one dead See in context

Stupidity kills literally... Im a girl who has been riding bikes since I was little but I knew how to ride a bike for one... for two i am not color blind and know red means stop. The girl driving knew she was doing something wrong which is why she ran. Lol She probably would have gotten them killed regardless of the police being there. The other girl was lucky they were there otherwise she could have died too laying there waiting for someone to notice them....

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Posted in: 50 batteries stolen from vehicles in Saitama See in context

I need them to power my time machine car!

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Posted in: Police crack down on bar, adult establishment touts during year-end See in context

MMM... Just thinking about all that money people get from their end of year bonuses makes me smirk. Makes me want to go work in tokyo and wait for the unsuspecting drunk guy to walk by so I can sweet talk him into blowing his entire bonus on untaxable services... Hundreds and hundreds of drunk easy targets... Give me your monies.... HAHAHA JUST KIDDING!!!

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Posted in: Rare albino dolphin captured in Japan's 'Cove' See in context

I am sitting next to one of the English teachers in my junior high school in Japan so I asked her what she thought. She said she thinks it has been happening in Japan for a long time but it is really only that town that does it in mass. She thinks its fine but she has never and will never eat dolphin. She also said the only person in her family that thinks they have eaten dolphin is her grandmother. It isnt a large enough scale for me to think that it is a practice that should be done away with. Albino just means that it is missing pigment so who really cares about its aesthetic color value. Ive enjoyed going to aquariums in the USA since I was a child and I dont think I ever thought how terrible it was that these animals were captive. It was entertaining and I think that most of the animals dont have the capacity to understand what being captive really means. If they do then do they have the capacity to understand that they want something for themselves? As of yet only Great Apes have been proven to understand that there is a "self" philosophically speaking. There has been extensive testing done on dolphins and I havent read any scientific documents that says they understand that. Furthermore, unless we are all ready to eat only for nutritional value instead of because something tastes good then we should stop telling others what they should eat. Not every single Japanese person is going out buying dolphin meat. I havent met any that have actually eaten dolphin and I have asked quite a few. The people in this town are just trying to live and get by doing what they have been doing for generations. It just so happens to be capturing dolphins. Some are killed and some are sold.

Lastly, if you think it is barbaric then that is your point of view not everyone in the world. It happens that humans are omnivores which means we can eat almost anything. Until it is deemed time to ration the worlds food supply then eat what you will. I wouldn`t worry over a small group of people eating something but more over what is polluting the things we deem appropriate to eat and other living things we dont eat.

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