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Posted in: Police suffer from inappropriate emergency calls See in context

rofl......this article has made me smile

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Posted in: The do's and don'ts of having an affair See in context

What is the point of getting involved with a man that is married or has a girlfriend? I just don't get it. Obviously to me if he does this to the woman he's supposedly committed to he'll do it to you too. There are tons of single guys out there, effin pick one! Sheesh.......

To these women, why bother getting married? Just get a kid from the dude and have him support you and both of you can get "furin" with who ever the hell you want. Problem solved.

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Posted in: European hotel group offers prices in dollars See in context

Of course its only for next month. bleh! Wish they would do this around New Year when I'm actually going to Paris.

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Posted in: Pregnant Megumi has to contend with husband's partying See in context

Her husband's a douche and she needs to find a guy to "party" with, pregnant or not. Let's see how he handles her "creative" time. Ha!

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Posted in: Britain, Ireland lowest in Europe in quality of life: study See in context

I know many French who can only pray to get a job outside of France. To the 20 something generation I know they would not agree with this article.

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Posted in: Surrogate motherhood still a minefield of issues in Japan See in context

Wow, I had no idea surrogate motherhood was looked down on. I would have thought that in a country with such a low birth rate they would take any forms of pregnancy they could get.

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Posted in: 25-year-old wife arrested for selling nude photos of herself See in context

I agree with bobo. She didn't register her business so they couldn't take tax. Hope she buys some Chanel when she gets out! ^_^

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