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Good news finally.

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Love it!

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"Hey Taka, you know what would be cool?" "What's that Yuki?" "Beautiful Bronze long hair in the back and short on top!" "I can see it now flying in the wind on my scooter, with smoke in mouth. You're brilliant Yuki!" "So brilliant I left school to work in construction at 16!" "ME TOO!"

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Hurry up Mr. Scientist, I am running out of time!

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He must have lived on 21 Jump Street.

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@Frank Rizzo

I commend you on your brutal honesty and I am sure many, me included, have similar feelings. If it were not for my child, I wouldn't mind staying in Japan longer. I am actually going back to Canada for the exact reasons you mentioned; nature, school system, political frustrations, future economic outlook, as well as a few you did not mention such as health care, bullying, and friendships.

Although I love Japan, I just can't see myself raising my child in this environment. My wife is an only child, so you can imagine how her parents are reacting. I am the white devil for sure.

Anyway, back to my bear cave.

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I am a long time reader and first time poster. I just had to chime-in on this post. (My opinions are mainly based on differences from my own country and are more observations than annoyances. Over time in a country, you get used to the differences and learn to accept them. Except Japanese T.V. and J-pop)

-The comment about the dog as a 'kawaii' symbol and not a pet is spot on, the mother-in-law has one. When it died, she replaced it with an identical dog. She has a dresser full of dog clothes that cost more than everything I own.

-Nobody has mentioned the use of the nnnnnn when agreeing with someone. After living here so long, I catch myself doing it as well. A guy next to me in the office yells these nnnnnn's into his phone all day, drives me crazy. Nnnnn, nnn, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

-People touching my child! I know my daughter is the most beautiful thing to ever walk this planet (oyabaka) and hard not to touch, but come on, who does that?

-Japanese Television. I was so happy for 2 years without a T.V. until a few months ago the wife borrowed the mother-in-law's small T.V. Now the house is again filled with the sound of Ehhhhhhhhh.... and fake laughter.

-Yankee Boys. Many where I am living. I don't understand for the life of me how someone could possibly think a bronze colored Mullet looks cool. Who came up with this?

-Complete lack of knowledge on history, illustrated perfectly yesterday thanks to the Nagoya mayor.

-Adults as children, sign's everywhere. Going down the stairs at the office there are signs for; no hands in pockets, no walking side by side, slippery, no running, no using your phone, etc... Today in the cafeteria, there was a sign on proper chopstick use. Most likely directed at me being the only gaijin.

-People who are very nice and friendly when you are alone together then completely ignore you when they are with other people. I feel like a gaijin ghost.

-People rushing everywhere. I see 70 year old men running to our factory cafeteria. Why? They have plenty of food and seats.

-Not blowing their noses, instead, choosing to snort all day long. Arrrggghhhh!!!!

I could go on but will stop there. This has proven to be a therapeutic release since the wife won't listen to me. Thanks JT.

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