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Posted in: N Korean media call Abe 'imbecile and political dwarf' See in context

This North Korean dictator is a complete "Banana Loaf" just take a look at the size of his Belly.

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Posted in: Stepfather gets 13 years in prison over fatal child abuse See in context

This "creature" that killed his step Daughter should have got the "death penalty" for this Murder!

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Posted in: Woman’s body found in car in garage See in context

Why is it "Elderly People" are beaten?

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Posted in: N Korea launches missiles again, complicating U.S. attempts for talks See in context

Take the "fat runt" running North Korea, put him in a short box and send him out into space!

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Posted in: 4 Chinese ships enter Japanese waters around Senkaku Islands See in context

Why don't these. Hines Warships stay in their own sailing areas?

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of woman whose body was found in river See in context

Send this "Killer" to prison and then hang him for this crime!

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Posted in: 25-year-old mother arrested over death of 2-year-old daughter See in context

This is a real shame. Why do people do this to their Children?

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Posted in: Man who dumped wife’s body in sea admits using wedding money to pay off debt See in context

This filthy creature should be given a hanging.

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Posted in: Mother gets suspended sentence for complicity in fatal abuse of daughter See in context

The Father should get life in Prison for treating his Daughter the way he did!

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Posted in: N Korea executes officials, imprisons interpreter after U.S. summit collapse: S Korean media See in context

What is puzzling is why the Korean Public does not take the little Wizzle Kim out and hang him?

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Posted in: Doctor suspected of sexually molesting 4 women during health checks See in context

As my wife always said, woman go to Female Doctors and men go to Male Doctors!

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Posted in: Woman pleads guilty to complicity in husband's fatal abuse of their daughter See in context

Send this "Killer" to Jail for the rest of his life!

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Posted in: Police appeal for help from public over 2008 murder of 15-year-old girl See in context

It is a shame when innocent people are "murdered" by people that should not be allowed to live commit the crime!

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Posted in: Anti-imperial system See in context

Finally some "Common Sense" is starting to show up in Japan. This is 2019 in time not 900AD. Let us start using common sense rather than destroying Tax Payers money!

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Posted in: Daimler says it has no idea how Kim Jong Un got his limos See in context

Give this "lying character" a car the shape of a Coffin, rather than a Mercedes Benz!

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Posted in: 5 members of Bad Lobster biker group arrested See in context

Put these "Punks" in Jail for life. These "Punks" will always create trouble for law abiding citizens!

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Posted in: 31-year-old man arrested for abusing 9-year-old son See in context

Why doesn't this "Creep" pick on someone his own age, rather than child?

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Posted in: Removal of fuel in pool at Fukushima's melted No. 3 reactor begins See in context

Humans will destroy this Wonderful Planet with their stupidity!

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un consolidates power as N Korea shuffles leadership See in context

When is the "Free World" going to put this Charactor in a Cookie Jar?

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Posted in: China's premier meets New Zealand PM amid 5G dispute See in context

What do the People of New Zealand really need from China or the People of China? NOTHING!

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Posted in: Australia cuts annual immigrant cap, puts key cities off-limits to some See in context

Keep all "Immigrants" out and let them develop their own Country!

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Posted in: Mother charged with murder of newborn baby girl See in context

Many people can't have kids, why didn't this woman give the baby to one of these people rather than killing it?

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Posted in: Man arrested for fracturing 8-year-old stepdaughter’s collarbone by hurling her across room See in context

The Police have to arrest this type of person and send him to Prison for besting a young girl,

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Posted in: Father suspected of forcing daughter to lie about abuse before her death See in context

The Authorities should send this "male creature" to Jail for life causing this innocent Girl to suffer the way she did!

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. military intervention in Venezuela an option; Russia objects See in context

Let the People of Venezuela work out their own problems!

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of 15-year-old girl at her house See in context

What a idiot, their are many girls selling themselves for sex and a "idiot" has to Rape a innocent girl!

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Posted in: N Korea warns U.S. over sanctions See in context

Tell this "North Korean" bird brain to get his head out of the Donkeys back side!

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Posted in: Man indicted for dismembering mother’s body, dumping parts in Chiba See in context

What this "Criminal" did is do disgusting! Why is this Wonderful World producing such disgusting people?

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Posted in: Man gets 18 years in prison for fatal highway road rage incident in 2017 See in context

People that cause other innocent people to die because of their bad behaviour all need to be put in Prison!

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Posted in: Republicans beginning to worry about Trump re-election See in context

Unfortunate things happen in this Wonderful World! Why and how did Mr. Trump get elected?

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