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CanadianINtokyo comments

Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki says Charlie Hebdo drawings of Muhammad were a mistake See in context

Ya because a cartoon is worth murdering 12 people...I don't see Christians,Jews or Japanese for that matter killing people for silliness like this...Check yourself Ojisan Miyaki

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Posted in: Facebook suffers outage affecting users worldwide See in context

And productivity increased 1800% worldwide...

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Posted in: Schoolboy publicly berated by elderly man for offering him seat on train See in context

Senile old fool.I would have scolded the old grouch big time if i'd have seen this scene.

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Posted in: Search expands for missing AirAsia plane carrying 162 See in context

Very suspicious that not even a Mayday or any communication between the cockpit & tower,surely discounts "storm clouds".

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Posted in: Student dies after she is hit by car being chased by police See in context

So a simple DUI turned into a manslaughter charge... bad move son

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Posted in: Sony studio, producer apologize for Jolie, Obama remarks See in context

Big effin deal...tabloid nonsense...lightweight stuff...whatever it takes to sell newspapers

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Posted in: Former detainees seek reform of Japanese immigration system See in context

Refugee seekers (99% of them are BS,I have met many)is what is ruining my native country,.Sorry but there is not enough room for everybody who wants to come from a 3rd world country for a better life in a 1st world country,there just isn't.If Japan or any 1st world country opened their doors it would be ransacked and turn into a 3rd world country thereafter.Maybe stay at home and try to make your country better.Skilled Visas only.I'm 100% with the will of the government of Japan.

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Posted in: Restaurant ordered to pay Y58 mil damages over employee's suicide See in context

Ya suuuure,the restaurant made him kill himself,not his crappy life,life long torment since birth,bad parenting,ya it was the restaurant.Pitiful,borders on USA style sue sue sue,no personal responsibility,blame somebody else.Well in that case every Japanese overworked businessman should sue for billions...

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Posted in: 49 manhole covers blown into the air in Tokyo's Shinagawa See in context

I don't buy this explanation at all,10 litres of gas wouldn't blow 49 manhole covers esp for 200 feet...wonder what it really was

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Posted in: Recovering crown princess attends 1st imperial banquet in 11 years See in context

Surprising the Dutch maintain such close ties and respect for the Japanese Imperial family after horrendous abuses,torture and rape of forced Dutch women as comfort women,hmmmm

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Posted in: 3 Chinese men arrested for buying too many diapers See in context

Thx Kawachi for setting the record straight,makes more sense

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Posted in: One Japanese man tells why he wanted to fight in Syria See in context

Kevin NG...Good point

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to calm down over Japanese reporter See in context

South Korea/North Korea.......same backward minds.....Makes them look pathetic in world opinion

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Posted in: Japan's gymnasts criticize judges after losing to China See in context

China lying,cheating and stealing?How shocking......I feel bad for those hard working Japanese boys that got stiffed and who should have been taking home gold...Boo Chinese...yet again

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Posted in: Gov't trying to confirm report 9 Japanese have joined Islamic State See in context

They'll return to Japan ........in tiny pieces in body bags ...losers

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Posted in: China's swim king Sun calls Japan's national anthem 'ugly' See in context

But I shouldn't criticize Canada or Canadians, I will leave that to the majority of my fellow Americans.

@Highball... Canada's national murder rate is the same as Baltimore Maryland(a small US city) You laughing at us.You are our national punchline

ps.Not to mention your spiralling debt,soon to be devalued dollar,police/prison state,world wide held contempt for your military state/country.

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Posted in: China's swim king Sun calls Japan's national anthem 'ugly' See in context

For the record ,the Japanese national anthem is dignified and zen just like Japan.The Chinese national is loud and aggressive and a complete rip off of a loud western anthem,so Chinese.

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Posted in: Coke, Pepsi pledge to reduce calorie consumption See in context

Lower Calories=more cancerous chemicals .... American multinationals ,the great evil...

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Posted in: Anybody care for horsemeat sushi? See in context

Nay hey hey hey

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Posted in: Still no word on fate of Japanese national held captive in Syria See in context

I feel completely sorry for this obviously mentally ill figure who suffered immense personal tragedy in his life starting from childhood and was simply trying to make a positive difference through his admitted failed life.God bless him

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Posted in: Perfume announce rerelease of 'LEVEL3' in time for world tour in November See in context

Super hot gals and not bad Jpop either

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Posted in: Two of Abe's new picks deny neo-Nazi links See in context

There are photo ops of famous politicians in USA who were blind sided by Mafia and Hells Angels affiliates who simply got pictures of themselves shaking hands with said politicians,no political or social affiliations whatsoever at all,just photos like any American citizen can take with a politician.Politicians will take photos with any "Joe citizen /potential supporter".It's probable that this could be the truth

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Posted in: Apple seeks old magic with new products See in context

Mac is annoying and overpriced,all proprietary non open source stuff such as itunes over mp3's...Their iphone 6 better kick ass with waaaay better camera,battery life or bye bye Mac(70% of company depends on iphone,good luck with that)...We need a kick ass Japanese designed phone ...where are they...Mac uses allot of Japanese patents in their phones anyway

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

Japanese jealous of Korean international success,end of story

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Posted in: Japan launch of Microsoft Xbox One falls flat See in context


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Posted in: Do you really know how to eat sushi? Probably not See in context

Jgirl in CND eh,lol

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Posted in: China's top leaders remember victory over Japan See in context


China wants the people to learn about mistakes???Just as long as it's own Chinese people don't learn about the mistakes about it's own governments own horrific truths!!!!!"

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Posted in: Do you really know how to eat sushi? Probably not See in context

First there was the Soup Nazi now welcome Sushi Nazi...no more Sushi for you!!!

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Posted in: China's top leaders remember victory over Japan See in context

like the Chinese had anything to do with it......it's akin to North Korean TV telling their people they won the world cup...

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Posted in: 2.35 million take part in nationwide disaster drill See in context

God bless Japan and God Bless brilliant Japanese engineering

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