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Actually, there are a number of companies who are doing work from home. My husband’s company is floating the idea now as well. as for the person who suggested teachers be replaced too. It’s a good idea, but even through the whole lock out the teachers have bern going to work. Pretty sure they’re still going.

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2000? I hope this was a mere clerical error, rather than the deliberate distribution of misinformation I suspect it is. NHK of all sources reported 37,000 last night. At very best someone at the editors desk was asleep at the wheel here.<

Did you forget that Abe has a muzzle in place over the mouths and pens of the Japanese media? It's called getting blacklisted (and possibly jailed) if you're too critical of the government. The press is not free in Jaoan.

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Japan doesn't have a law about kids in cars. If they do then no one follows it. Besides, if 6 year olds can travel on trains to and from school every day by themselves, an 8 year old can sit in the back seat of a car for 5 minutes while their mum is in the store.

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The thing is to have a clear understanding that of a fire breaks out, the car should be immediately evacuated by moving to another one and keeping any interconnected doors closed.<

Except, if they cut power on the Shinkansen you can't get out of the car because the doors are automatic and require power to operate. The best that woman could have done is move as far away from the source of smoke as possible, but that likely wouldn't have helped much because of how the connecting doors work. She'd still be in the same car.'re on crack. How is allowing access to all your electronic data possibly going to keep women and children safe. It would be just the opposite. And the U.S. has this little thing in the judicial system that allows that people are innocent until proven guilty. Sounds like you want a Minority Report world. No thanks.

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I was locked in the fridge for about 15 minutes when I was about 3 or 4. Mum kept calling me but all she got was a faint reply. Finally found me before anything bad happened tho.

It's pretty clear moon for kids to crawl into small places. But you'd think a 7 year old would be a bit smarter than to crawl into a washing machine.

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Stop giving these monsters impetus to kill. "Oh, he made a mint on this book", thinks the next cat killer and considers moving on to human victims.

Every psychopathic murderer in history has been an animal killer. This book might give them ideas on how, but they would eventually end up killing, or trying to kill, someone.

This should by rights make parents more aware of the symptoms of psychopathy in their children. But alas, this is japan, where mental health services are a joke and parental education on mental health issues in children is practically non existent.

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China and Korea weren't the only countries that were hurt by Jspan in the past. So Abe saying he feels remorse for the hurt caused to its Asian neighbors, he's talking about all of them. However, China and Korea, as usual, are all, me me me.

Sfjp330, thanks for that info on reparations paid in 1965 and how it was used. Also, japan tried setting up another fund for comfort women in the 90's and Korea once again said, no, we will just make our own. Seriously, there is no possible way forward with China and Kirea, because no matter what Japan does or what overtures they make, they are ultimately rejected. Japan should just tell them to go pound sand!

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Did anyone else notice the phrase "accidental contamination". As opposed to intentional contamination like the U.S. nuclear bombs tested in the south Pacific for years after the war.

As for someone saying they were going to give up maple syrup, that's just stupid, since no maple syrup comes from BC for one thing. The majority of maple syrup comes from Quebec, which is about 6000 miles from the pacific.

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Too bad he didn't say something snarky when the right wingers were protesting in the streets against his daughter becoming Empress. It all went away when his smarmy brother had a boy.

And GalapagosnoGairaishu, they aren't reporting online comments as news. Part of the story they reported on was that Naruhito's comments made social media explode, so they just included some examples of the comments.

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Alex Einz, if the child was born alive, then it's a human being, with full rights as such. Killing a new born is murder. It's not the same thing as an abortion, which would totally be the the mother's personal business. Abortive n us VERY common in Japan. If she had wanted one, she could have easily gotten one. She chose to ignore the obvious until the child was born. Sorry, that's murder and murder us everyone's business.

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You forgot the makeover shows where invariably they cut the woman's hair into a shoulder length bob and curl it and put her in a dress then for the if reveal they pan up from her toes, gotta show the leg and up up and then, stop at the neck for a commercial then come back and play the entrance again and start at the toes and pan up and finally you see her face and she's got the no and a ton of makeup and oh my, isn't she lawsuit!

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I think people are taking the "airbrushed the broken elevator, no hot water and bad food" comment the wrong way. My take is that, well we have an idiot on our team, let's try not to annoy the Koreans more by saying that their hospitality is crap. And we won't even mention the air conditioners during the badminton tournament or even the clearly messed up boxing results that skewed in favour of Korea. We won't mention any of that because our guy was an idiot.

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Well, arguably, stray dogs are more dangerous than stray cats. You can barely get near a stray cat. Dogs on the other hand will stand their ground or attack. So I can understand a quicker response to picking up stray dogs, over stray cats. I don't mind the cats much tho, keeps the rat population down to some extent in the cities.

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Why strange? It's not like she'd ever be allowed to be empress or anything.

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Posted in: Search for missing 6-year-old girl in Kobe enters 5th day See in context

First graders in Japan travel alone all the time. This sort of thing is not a normal occurrence.

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A lot of it is the wording. When you tell kids not to talk to strangers, well they're thinking someone who looks or acts strange or scary. They don't necessarily associate 'stranger' with "someone you don't know". This guy seemed nice and was friendly and obviously not scary looking, and that's how a lot of kids get caught. He's not 'strange' at all, must be ok.

Children should be taught not to speak to 'people they don't know' unless they are with a parent, unless it is a police officer or shop clerk. And they definitely shouldn't accept candy from someone they don't know.

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Crikey, The emperor and every prime minister since the war ended has apologised. How long do they have to keep doing it? And don't yada yada Germany yada yada. China and Korea are just pissed that Japan hasn't shelled out a bunch of money in damages. I mean, they have given over money, but not enough apparently.

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I live in Kansai. I has shoulder surgery at Handai Byoin in Osaka last March. Overall my experience overall has been good. I was lucky enough to have doctors who spoke English and one of them, the Sensei to the younger one, trained and worker in the US and Canada. I was able to get away with only a 5 day stay at the hospital, and my experience was great. My nurses were great. Handai hospital is associated with the Handai university medical school. Perhaps that made all the difference.

Outside of my experience at Handai tho, it's been pretty hit and miss, with some pretty horrific experiences. Never break a bone after 9:00 pm in a Saturday night. Aside from not being able to find a hospital, you won't be able to get any money out of the bank machines to pay for one if you do. I broke a hand on a Saturday night. Went to the local hospital Sunday morning (bank machine worked) and they just have me a list of places to go with phone numbers. I couldn't speak any Japanese at the time, so this was less than useless. I ended up going to see a Japanese friend at his work and he took his lunch break and phoned the numbers and was able to find me a hospital that was not only open, but that had an English speaking orthopaedic surgeon on call.

Local clinics are generally horrid. I've only had 2 good clinic doctors in 10 years here. An eye doctor and a dermatogist. ENT clinics are generally the worst. Avoid them if you can.

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Someone should also tell Japanese people that a "babysitter" is generally a teenaged girl that you know, not a 26 year old strange man. Also, baby sitting is done for 3-4 hours at a time, not 3-4 days! Idiot mum.

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My Japanese friend from university decided to move back to japan with her Canadian husband. He was totally game for it and she missed Japan after so long away. They lasted 2 months and went back to Canada. She hated it. Another Japanese friend from Canada decided with her Chinese husband to move back to Japan after she finished her university schooling. They ended up moving back to Canada too, because he couldn't get a job because he's Chinese.

As for health care in Japan. Well, I've had good experiences with doctors at Handai Byoin in Osaka. But they all had training in the US and teach at the university so they are up to date on the latest medical advancements in their fields. But I've also had absolutely wretched experiences with various other kinds of doctors. See, the problem with doctors in Japan is, once you get a liscense, you never have to pick up another book or medical journal again. There us no need to keep up with new advances or anything. In North America doctors have to attend conferences, they have to keep up to date on their knowledge and skills. Not in Japan. Dentists are usually quite good tho. If you can get them to change their gloves between patients.

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Lack of funding? How about just admitting that sometimes, someone else is just better than you. Why can't people just give credit where credit is due, instead of blaming someone. It's something I noticed while growing up in Canada. When the lost, our athletes almost invariably said, "yeah, tried my best, but xxx was the better player today. " When I heard American athletes interviewed after a bad performance it was almost invariably, "yeah, I wasn't feeling my best today, I've got a cold, I pulled a hammie. " etc, etc, etc. as if, well if I was feeling my best that guy wouldn't have won because obviously I'm the best.

And if lack of funding is a huge factor in Japanese athletes performance, then the fans should just be happy that anyone is bringing home a medal at all.

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Heads of state and heads of government don't usually attend the opening ceremonies. Attendance is the exception rather than the rule. For example, Obama wasn't in London in 2012, and he wasn't in Vancouver in 2010.

Even if a president doesn't attend, there is usually a top ranking government official attending the Olympic opening ceremonies. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden were at the last Olympics. This year, they decided to send 2 gay athletes as representatives and no government officials at all. That says something right there.

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Posted in: Bluefin tuna price plunges 95% at year's first auction See in context

I wonder how much of that money the fisherman sees?

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