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CandleStickPark comments

Posted in: Chiba man shoots and kills company president, turns gun on himself See in context

Wait a minute

Most of the time we read "the suspect" shot and kill...

Here we read, "A man shot and killed".

How does JT know for sure this man shot and killed the president?

is it because "this man" is also dead that there is no need for a trial?? No need for burden of proof? No innocent before proven guilty?

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Posted in: New iPhone arrives See in context

It's the package deal with the iPhone. Phones in Japan have been way ahead of US phones, even blackberries. America continues with the crappy text messaging (sms) which is beyond me given the iPhone and Androids - but that's America...so why the hype in Japan?

The obvious - the Novelty. Having the latest and greatest. 2a. The GUI - Japanese phones, although having all the capabilities that the iphone has (sometimes better) they never had such a nice UI. 2b. iTunes - Again, even with all the tech, No Japan phone could interface so easily to a PC and having a nice, user friendly, supporting PC App. There's an App for That - No, apps for phones is not new in Japan, but apple has done such a great job at supporting, making them available, easy to install, and all must follow the Apple standards. It no longer takes effort (the novice to the geek) to install apps and find apps that are you care about; games, utils, etc...

I could go on but...really, the Hype is hte Hype for Japan...always the case - look at Forever 21 when it opened, or H&M.

But, once that settles, the Japanese Market has something that it didn't quite have....Still, the lack of Flash will put a hamper on going to those Dating websites... Oh well, that's what the "OTHER" keitai is for. ;-)

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Posted in: Tokyo experiences coldest mid-April day in nearly 50 years See in context

Dang I hate global warming...

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Posted in: Via Starbucks See in context

Japan startbucks is better than US starbucks - Japan had the "Muddlers" way before the US even thought about having them. As for Instant COffee - my goodness. Starbucks went from, "WHY would anyone get instant coffee?" to, "hey look, we now offer instant coffee!".... as long as stocks keep going up, I'll be happy, I guess ;-)

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Posted in: Now hear this See in context

nutsagain: looks like 3 people in this picture....you have already discounted yourself, "Maybe three people inside tops". Well, unless one of the 4 walked to this event, there would be 4 people inside this time....

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Posted in: Now hear this See in context

I am glad people are standing up for Japan - There is a decline and there is a problem with the country. Japan needs to have national pride. Some how, having national pride, is a bad thing in Japan - or at least expressing it is.

So, is it bad that someone is doing this - no.

Is his method affective....doesn't seem like it, especially if his way is harassment, upsetting the public and causing more harm than good.

Still, realize that people hate change and some hate being bothered. So, unless some people are "harassed", they will never pay attention or notice the issue and/or a potential solution.

Do I agree with these guys - I don't know, I don't know what they stand for...but I am glad some people are standing up for Japan...the People of Japan, especially the young, need to be proud of their race, culture and country....

But they also need to be taught balance: ** It's OK to be proud, but not OK to be racist.

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Posted in: Two policemen knifed in Sasebo See in context

Why are the streets being patrolled by plain-clothed cops in unmarked vehicles?

Why are these cops stopping people?

My first inclination is that they are criminals trying to assault me - I may have done the same thing if I were the lonely man.

If you argue that the area warrants such patrolling, because of high crime rate or gang violence, etc... then DUH, two dudes that come up to me and start asking what my name is and occupation, I'd be protecting myself too!! Attack first before they attack me!

The Plain-clothed cops should have asked for a uniformed office to arrive and perform the stop. That way there is no confusion....

Sorry cops - u got what you were looking for - trouble.

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Posted in: Yuko's style See in context

Not quite American - controlling, bad attitude, PMS daily, Women's Lib as is convenient (guys should pay on dates - that's the right thing for guys to do - yet, "we want equal rights"..."oh sorry PMSing today, can't work"..."it's too heavy for me to lift")...not they're not quite there yet.

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Posted in: Yuko's style See in context


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Posted in: 22-yr-old man dies after being found bound, unconscious outside Tokyo park See in context

WOw, what to say other than I hope there is some connection to some crime or shady activity Nakagawa was involved in. If this was simply a random attack....yikes!

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Posted in: Wanted See in context

Jan 15? And today is??? Oh look at that, march 17th. Well, he couldn't have gotten that far - we're on an Island after all...

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Posted in: U.S. still hearing complaints about fixed Toyotas See in context

I'm still wondering why people fail to use that big letter "N" on the gear knob... WHat ever happened to "turn the key to the off" position - I mean, people do it daily when they make it to their destination.

People are aware of the problem, know how to stop your car...if you don't know already, you probably shouldn't be driving....

Like the incident that occured yesterday in San DIego, CA USA....the Prius went for 21miles... 21 MILES!!! What, the guy didn't know how to put the car in Neutral and hold the "start" button down for 3 seconds?

Is there a problem - YES, Toyota needs to fix this.

However, people should no be driving 21 miles at 90MPH in a panic because they don't know how to stop the car... please... TURN IT OFF! that simple....

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Posted in: New ticket gate that checks for explosives tested at Akihabara station See in context

So, if I'm 7ft tall and wearing a backpack that stays above the gate - will it still work?

I'm all for the x-ray machines (a la total recall) which are currently being tested in US airports.

I don't care of people can see my love handles or my Wii-Wii...if it keeps a bomb from blowing me up, or blowing something up that then causes the stock market to crash, or cause an entire nation to come to a hault for weeks...then I'm OK with it.

Plus, in Japan oba-chans could look at my private parts every day as they clean bathroom stalls in my office. What about onsen?

Also, the x-ray results are not on display for all to see, just the person behind the PC...so, again, who cares!

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Posted in: Kokubo out See in context

"Crashed"?? He beefed it - face-first into the snow - you can see some red on his lips...He had a decent run until the face-plant.

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Posted in: Greenpeace activists call for fair trial in stolen whale meat case See in context

amerijap: And Obama is doing better? "There will be no more taxes with this universal healthcare" - Oh, and I suppose the USA will simply print more money to pay the doctors for all their work? Glad you left Japan!

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Posted in: Greenpeace activists call for fair trial in stolen whale meat case See in context

Damien15: We'll just have to agree to disagree - what you are saying is a lot more backwards than my view - as you suggest it is OK for anyone, as long as their intentions are not to break the law, can do as they wish. You also suggest that citizens are to take the law into their own hands - why stop there? Why not make citizens judges and executioners as well?

These men committed a crime - sure, not murder, not grand theft auto - we can say simple trespassing and "light" theft; nevertheless, they broke the law.

Now, add to that, their decision was to take the laws into their own hands. To circumnavigate a system of laws that govern society - i.e. anarchy. They decided to do as they wish because they felt they were justified in doing so.

If feel very justified in punching a drunk guy on the train for causing a ruckus - in spite of how I feel, the law does not permit me to do this... this is a good thing - otherwise everyone will be doing as they please because they feel justified, i.e. Anarchy.

So, to you, Damien15, and Kyoko...Anarchy is not progressive and is more backwards than what Japan has in place.

Again - Japan is not perfect, but it is far from a "backwards" country as you suggest....

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Posted in: Greenpeace activists call for fair trial in stolen whale meat case See in context

@KyokoSmile: I hate to say this to you, but Japan is far from backwards and outdated. Have you not seen what is happening in Iran? Heck, even Mexico you are guilty until proven innocent...Yes, read that well, GUILTY until proven otherwise...so, 26days in jail is nothing - you can be there for decades if you cannot prove you are innocent.

China is even more "outdated" where the family of the executed must pay for the material used in order to perform the execution (i.e. the bullet used to kill). What about the 1-child policy there?

Honestly - many of you criticize Japan but I don't see husbands beating their wives in the middle of the street and it being considered OK if the wife just so happened that the wind blew her face covering open, thus allowing the public to see her face.

Yes, Japan has many problems - as does any other country. But I am not talking about Society and their beliefs, I am talking about the Law, and Japan is far from "Backwards" and "outdated". Does it have problems, sure...so does the UK, the USA, Germany... Which Government is perfect? Tell me this and I'll be more than happy to join the ranks of an Illegal Immigrant and venture into that country - it's a perfect government, after all, Illegal Immigration problems would have been solved in the "perfect" way...whatever that means.

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Posted in: Greenpeace activists call for fair trial in stolen whale meat case See in context

taj - you hit the nail on the head....That's what this is ultimately about - sure the side topics are a great debate as well, but in the end, these two people broke the law in order to get their evidence.

They broke the law. They put themselves above the law.

Do I agree with Whaling? No - But I also do not agree with Anarchy and the free rain of people breaking into my house just to make sure I'm not breaking the law.

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Posted in: Greenpeace activists call for fair trial in stolen whale meat case See in context

First off - why are they protesting for a "Fair Trial". So, the assumption is that their colleague will not have a fair trail? WHy this up-front assumption?

Respect International Law? What about their lack of respect of the whalers? They attack these ships and put human lives at risk in their "Nobel" attempts to save the whales. Look, I don't agree with whaling either, but human life is more valuable.

The whalers can care less about these protesters, so to say that the Whalers are at fault for "Attacking" Greenpeace is rubbish. It is Greenpeace who sends their ships out and it is these ships who begin harassing the whalers, throwing acid and other things at the ships, and finally, position their vessels in such a way that risks lives on both sides - all for whales? There are other ways of attacking this problem w/out putting human lives at risk.

Finally, the issue at hand is, did Sato and Suzuki commit theft? Why take the meat? Why not take pictures? They broke the law by entering the facilities illegally. They broke the law for taking something that was not theirs.

If I go FedEx and take a box from their warehouse, I am committing a crime. Doesn't matter if I say, "I'm only taking this as part of my investigation".... BS.

With that argument, let me go to BicCamera and do some "Investigating" of my own....You know, I want to see if LED TVs are really as they are said to be, I'm only taking it to "Investigate" a possible lie by TV manufactures and I want to expose their false-advertisements.

Come on - I can respect what Greenpeace stands for, but I cannot respect how they are going about their ways - At this rate, they are no different from terrorists - imposing their beliefs on others by way of force, crime, and little regard to human life.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Japan child custody laws could harm bilateral ties See in context

Japan should tell the US to hush-up. Look at the North and Iran - what does the US do to them?

Also, since when does an outside country have the right to make or modify the local-law of another country?

Why doesn't the US get on Afghanistan for all the Drugs the farmers are producing, legally?

What's that one country where prostitution is legal? Switzerland? Why doesn't the US get on that country?

All BS from the US....

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Posted in: Fujitsu robot See in context

Why in the would would someone want a talking machine? I mean, the quality of the sound is horrible and who needs to "record" their words? And tell that idiot to get in out of the rain and stop playing with that kite...unbelievable, trying to touch lightning....

I'm glad our history is full of people working on "poitnless" things....

An electric carriage - why waste time and money on that when I have horses.....

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Posted in: Lightweight suitcases See in context

It always helps to read the entire article:

At the end it reads: Four sizes (from 3.5 to 6 kgs) are currently on sale: 18” (39,900 yen); 20” (46,200 yen); 24” (57,750 yen); 27” (63,000 yen).

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Posted in: Why is groping so prevalent on trains in Japan? Anyone care to hazard a guess as to the psychological reasons on why men grope? See in context

To the Question Asker: Look at your audience. There are a lot of stuipd gaijin that read these articles and comment on them - that's obvious by the answers here, and of course the comments posted. So, don't expect to get much of an answer.

My Opinion:

Some men/women feel, known, they can get away with it. Men/Females may feel embarrassed if they complain or for causing a scene, so they do not complain - which leads into the first part.

Possible Solution:

People need to feel that it is OK to cause a scene and complain loudly. Those who complain should feel they can do so without backlash. Those caught need to be punished accordingly and swiftly.

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Posted in: Some see racist theme in alien adventure 'Avatar' See in context

I must say that I did not read the entire article because the first few paragraphs were just ridiculous! What Racism!? When will "White" people be treated as equals? you laugh...Affirmative Action, US has a "BLACK" president...emphasis on Black, do people Emphasize Zimbabwe as having a "BLACK" president? Does Japan Emphasize as having a "JAPANESE" prime minister? When will there be a Black Queen in the UK or a Black Japanese Emperor? Ridiculous...I AGREE!

This is all crap - stop looking at color, including white, and start looking at the person. I'm not saying forget culture, what I am saying color doesn't matter.

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Posted in: Japanese whalers clash with Sea Shepherd activists in Antarctic sea See in context

Again, more harassment and putting life at danger over whaling.... The Sea Shepherd crew and capt should go to jail for their actions...

What of the whalers? Yeah, they should go to jail as well for illegal whaling - but it does not give the Sea Shepherd the right to assault and attempt to murder another human over this.

If I were to see a bank robbery in action, I have no right to kill the robber. I have no right to run the robber over with my car. I have no right to shoot the robber.

Self defense is one thing, but to initiate an assault on someones life...

And for all those who say the Whalers also "assault' the Sea SHepherd, they only do so out of self defense - the whalers only care about the whales - assaulting another ship does not bring them profit, the whales do.

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Posted in: A word of warming See in context

The reason there are no locals is that because only the US and UK seems to think Global Warming crap is real, or, "Caused by humans" whatever the case is. Just like politicians, these scientists are fudging their data, which was recently revealed by the emails hacked from East Anglia research center. And don't give me the "bad apple" bit. Just like Obama's cabinet that takes one report that shows them in favor before checking out the facts, the science community has done the same.

Is there a problem with Human produced pollution? Of course there is. Are humans the cause of the Earth turning upside down? Well, we'll soon find out in 2010 with the next episodes of FlashForwards.

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Posted in: Should the Japanese government stick to the 2006 agreement over the realignment of U.S. forces in Japan, which the previous government and the U.S. agreed upon? See in context

What the new government needs to do is to do what is right for Japan. If the previous government made a decision that the new one disagrees with, in such a manner that it feels the agreement is detrimental to Japan, then it should renege the agreement and renegotiate. It has to do what is best for its country, its people. That, on the one hand, may be to keep the current contract.

Now - if Japan does this ever time there is a change in government, those who deal with Japan may become upset and be more careful in making contracts with Japan... BUT, countries will continue to do business with Japan... How do I know this to be a fact; just look at China and where it is today.

You know, it wasn't long ago when China simply closed is stock-market. Yup, done, closed, no more service, your money, GONE, belongs to CHina now. COntract? Yup, I see it - well doesn't mean anything because the Stock Exchange is gone. so, contract not valid anymore. Thank you, Come again. (or is this India? well, them too!)

Really, countries such as China and India do this and yet the big 8 continue to do business with them...

So - Yes, there will be a whiplash if Japan rips the contract up - but it will survive and the US will continue to do business there.

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