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Posted in: K-pop stars big in Japan bridge diplomatic divide See in context

I LOVE KPOP! I am watching the KPOP season 3 now and find it interesting the final two are from the USA!

I love the judges also. I do not watch the American Idol as I find it boring and the judges are all about thebmoney they can get for juding. I also watch KDRAMA and find them more interesting them American drama.

I watched a Chinese music show like this and ended up feeing sad for the contestants in the end.

Is the JPOP televised?

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Posted in: Foreign correspondents 'blindly swallowing' anti-Japanese propaganda, writer alleges See in context

I am an American and I love Japan and South Korea for the respect you show elders such as parents ect..; I also love your belief systems towards foregners. My country is going down the drain real fast and my goverment has alot to do with it. Please understand alot of this chaos is orchestrated to breed hatred and anger and divide the countries! I see it here in the states everyday! Do not feed into this and help cultivate their dreams. We can all get along with little goverment intervention not goverment takeovers!

Both of your countries have so much to give the world and I love you for it!

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy falls to his death from 13th floor See in context

Kids don't have it as good as we who were children years ago as real estate has spread into the rual areas nd taken play areas with them! So sad for the family even if they couldn't watch him 24/7 which is impossible. God love him and his family

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Posted in: U.S. leaders running out of options to deal with multiple economic crises See in context

There were bank problems in the 80,s and it was worse then this. The biggest problem is the crooked mortgage companies that gave anyone loans knowing full well the appraisal the mortgage company gave was a a fake inflated amount. They told the people that in 2 years their adjustable rate mortgage could be refinanced to a fixed rate. They lied and the people couldn't afford the large payments anymore. As soon as the crooked mortgage companies get the boot the better.

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Posted in: Helping women get back into the workplace See in context

If a woman wants to have kids then take care of them, even if you do have skads of money to hire it out. Our children are our most precious resource and to have strangers raising them and teaching them habits that may not be your habits is scary. It is I,m sure most mothers de=ream to have it all so they say, but when you have it all something else suffers.

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